TTC Zeroes in on location of Scarborough Subway Extension

Extension to be constructed along the McCowan Corridor

Scarborough Subway Extension thumbnail The City of Toronto and the TTC recently completed an Environmental Project Report (“Report”) for the Scarborough Subway Extension, which will continue the Bloor-Danforth Subway line from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Town Centre. Proposed Route  The proposed extension runs along Eglinton Avenue East to Danforth Road and then north along Danforth / McCowan Road to … Continued

After their mother’s death, siblings make a last-ditch effort to buy back her home

Toronto Star | by Victoria Gibson, Stephen D'Agostino quoted | July 31st 2017 thumbnail When Joyce Anna Scott died in May, she died a tenant of a home she’d spent half her life trying to buy back from the government. Now, her kids are making a last-ditch effort to keep the four-hectare farm they grew up on. Despite living there since 1958, the house hasn’t belonged to their parents … Continued

Condo owners fear expropriation by city because of library redevelopment | by Mark McAllister, Stephen D'Agostino quoted | April 21, 2016

Global News Thumbnail The redevelopment of the Dawes Road Library has condo owners who live above the facility angry. They have been given notice from city officials to move in order to accommodate the redevelopment. Thomson Rogers’ Stephen D’Agostino and Denitza Koev, expropriation lawyers, represent the condo owners. They are not in favor of this. They much prefer … Continued

Metrolinx expropriates Toronto family’s Eglinton Ave. property

CBC News | Stephen D'Agostino comments | June 2, 2015

Stephen D'Agostino, municipal lawyer “In a situation where you’re dealing with a piece of land, for example, where the owner has moved away, where there’s been neglect of the property, that sort of thing you might expect a newspaper notice,” D’Agostino said. “But not when there’s an active business on the property.” View source article.    For more information … Continued

Frank Meyers’ expropriated farm hosts rally third day in a row | By Erika Tucker, Stephen D'Agostino comments | January 14, 2014

Stephen D'Agostino, municipal lawyer TORONTO – Supporters have gathered for a third consecutive day, demanding 85-year-old Ontario farmer Frank Meyers be able to keep farmland expropriated by the Canadian government. The “Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm” Facebook group was updated Tuesday by creator Lisa Gibson, who posted the farm’s address early in the morning in the hopes of … Continued