To Lend or Not To Lend Your Car

Accident Benefit Reporter | Volume 20, Issue 2 | Fall 2018

TR ABR REPORTER Vol 20 How often have you lent your car to a family member, friend or colleague without giving it a second thought? Perhaps it’s time you did. Recently, I was consulted by “Lisa”; a very distraught woman who had lent her car to her daughter, Susan, so she could take her friends to the movies. Unfortunately, what … Continued

Catastrophic Impairment, New Directions

David MacDonald, best personal injury lawyer in Toronto David MacDonald, Personal Injury Lawyer at Thomson Rogers, discussed how to determine if your client is catastrophically impaired following a motor vehicle accident. This presentation took place at the Navigating the New SABS: Practical Solutions conference with Thomson Rogers and the Toronto ABI Network on March 31, 2010 in Toronto.