Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities: What Rights Do Family Members Have?

Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities: What Rights Do Family Members Have? There have been a concerning number of motor vehicle fatalities in Ontario recently. The number of pedestrians and motorists who have been killed in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario has increased gradually over the years. In 2019, 543 persons (drivers, passengers and pedestrians) were tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario. Family members … Continued

ABR Updater: America The Beautiful – Auto Insurance for Ontarians

ABR Updater | Issue 39 | by Carr Hatch | August 2017

ABR Updater, Issue 39 by Carr Hatch, personal injury lawyer Instead of staying put all year in the great white north I, like many Ontarians, regularly visit the beautiful American cities of Buffalo and Detroit. Though most Ontarians sail through these border towns and are pleased when they see them in their rear view mirrors, en route to friendlier, sunnier, and greener destinations, New York State and Michigan are … Continued

Enough For The Journey Ahead?

The Lawyers Weekly - Recovery Personal Injury Magazine | by Kim Arnott, Wendy Moore Mandel quoted | November 2016

The Lawyers Weekly Recovery Personal Injury Magazine Vol. 3, No. 2 2016 Latest revisions to auto insurance system in Ontario seen as meaning less for more people who are injured. Few people expect to walk away from a car crash unscathed. But when it comes to the most severe financial and medical impacts, most assume their automobile insurance will cushion the blows. For Ontario drivers, that protection is … Continued

Ontario’s benefit cuts profoundly affect car accident victims

The Globe and Mail | by Leonard Kunka | July 10, 2016

The Globe and Mail thumbnail Many Ontarians missed the fact that on June 1 their provincial government cut in half the accident benefits (“no-fault”) coverage available for people suffering a catastrophic injury in a car accident. This change has a profound impact on everyone in Ontario, including 8.5 million drivers, injured people and their families, the insurance industry and the … Continued

Liberals abandon mandate of protecting motorists

Toronto Sun | by Darcy Merkur | May 31, 2016

Toronto Sun thumbnail Ontario drivers thinking they have enough automobile insurance coverage to protect them against a major accident are sadly mistaken in light of the government’s automobile insurance changes, which kick in June 1. Mandatory automobile insurance coverage was designed to protect you in two ways: • By covering your expenses if you were badly hurt in … Continued