CPP not “a policy of insurance” per OPCF-44R

Posted June 8, 2017

Deanna Gilbert The Supreme Court of Canada has concluded that CPP disability benefits are not “a policy of insurance” for purposes of deductibility in family protection endorsements. In automobile insurance, there are a number of forms of payments and benefits that injured victims may receive as a result of their injuries. In some cases, those payments or … Continued

Beware Car Insurance Benefit Cuts

Toronto Sun | by Darcy Merkur, Guest Columnist | October 22, 2016

Toronto Sun thumbnail A recent news report highlighted the disastrous consequences for an innocent motorist, following a collision just hours after the Ontario government’s mandated June 1, 2016, automobile insurance cuts. According to the CBC, Adam Bari, a 34-year-old father of twins, suffered serious brain trauma and a host of significant orthopedic injuries after his motorcycle was struck … Continued

Liberals abandon mandate of protecting motorists

Toronto Sun | by Darcy Merkur | May 31, 2016

Toronto Sun thumbnail Ontario drivers thinking they have enough automobile insurance coverage to protect them against a major accident are sadly mistaken in light of the government’s automobile insurance changes, which kick in June 1. Mandatory automobile insurance coverage was designed to protect you in two ways: • By covering your expenses if you were badly hurt in … Continued