Can I Sue If I Was Hit By A Car While Jay-Walking

Can I Sue If I Was Hit By Car While Jay-Walking Can I sue if I was hit by a car while jay-walking? Yes, you absolutely can. And if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian who has been hit by a car then you should seriously consider doing so. Just because you were walking (or biking) outside of a designated crossing area, does not give cars … Continued

Hit-and-run, am I covered?

hit-and-run, am i covered Victims of hit-and-run accidents are covered in Ontario, with some exceptions, whether they are a pedestrian, cyclist, or a motorist pursuant to the unidentified motorist provisions found in the Insurance Act and O.A.P. Standard Automobile Policy. Generally speaking, a victim can claim Statutory Accident Benefits (“SABs”) and pursue a tort claim to recover damages for … Continued

Cyclist Killed. Cyclist Killed. Cyclist Injured. Cyclist Killed.

Bike rack It seems like these could be the headlines of any Toronto newspaper on any given day this summer. According to this article in the Toronto Star, there have already been more cyclist/pedestrian deaths this year in Toronto than in any other year in the past decade. And, there is a lot of cycling season left … Continued

Pedestrian Accidents in Scarborough: A Disturbing Trend

pedestrians walking across the street Recently, a study commissioned by the City of Toronto identified numerous reasons for this increase in traffic casualties across the city. Boulevards have deteriorated to such a degree that they require full reconstruction. There is a lack of pedestrian crossings and medians to allow safe passage across roadways, and dedicated cycling lanes are fraught with … Continued

Six Reasons Why More Pedestrians Are Being Killed on Toronto Streets

caution sign for pedestrian crossing Police Dept. keeps records of all pedestrian collisions with motorists. The Ontario Highway Traffic Act makes it mandatory that any motorist who is involved in an accident with a pedestrian must call the police. When the police attend the accident scene they prepare an accident report. The particulars are categorized and certain conclusions are reached. … Continued