Hit-and-run, am I covered?

hit-and-run, am i covered Victims of hit-and-run accidents are covered in Ontario, with some exceptions, whether they are a pedestrian, cyclist, or a motorist pursuant to the unidentified motorist provisions found in the Insurance Act and O.A.P. Standard Automobile Policy. Generally speaking, a victim can claim Statutory Accident Benefits (“SABs”) and pursue a tort claim to recover damages for … Continued

Can Distracted Walking Hurt Your Case?

By Lucy Jackson

Can Distracted Walking Hurt Your Case Lucy Jackson Final Can “distracted walking” hurt your case? We have all experienced walking on the sidewalk and being stuck behind a “slow walker” or unexpectedly being bumped into by someone with their head down and eyes glued to their phone screen. Although this can be a mere inconvenience for some pedestrians, what does it mean for pedestrian … Continued

Don’t Start Crossing When the Pedestrian Countdown Has Commenced!

pedestrian countdown Did you know that it is illegal to start crossing an intersection once the pedestrian countdown has started? I bet you didn’t. Many of us consider the pedestrian countdown or the associated flashing “don’t walk” pedestrian hand signal as an alert to cross quickly or to speed up as the light is about to change. … Continued