Hosting a party? Read this first!

social host liability With the holiday party season in full swing, the Ontario Court of Appeal has released a decision which revisits social host liability. A “social host” could be an employer hosting a holiday party for staff or individual planning an event for family and friends. Either way, as a host, you have a responsibility to ensure … Continued

Social Host Liability Case Must Go To Trial

Law Times | by Alex Robinson, commentary by Leonard Kunka | March 20, 2017

Law Times logo Lawyers say a recent Ontario Superior Court decision leaves the door open for a possible finding of social host liability in certain circumstances. In Wardak v. Froom, the defendants, Stephen and Carol Froom, held a party for their son, Graeme, celebrating his 19th birthday in 2011. The plaintiff, Dean Wardak, who was 18 at the time, … Continued

Social Host Liability

Strictly Legal | Aired December 13, 2007

business new network Thomson Rogers’ personal injury lawyer Stacey Stevens discusses Social Host Liability on Strictly Legal. Learn the risks of hosting a party and who will be responsible if a guest is injured in an accident. Part one: Part two: Part three: Related Resources for Social Host Liability: Social Host Liability Case Must Go To Trial