SPECT Scan Medically Recognized For Revealing Positive Findings Of Traumatic Brain Injury To Help Brain Injury Survivors Gain Catastrophic Status And Rehabilitation Funding

SPECT Scan Medically Recognized For Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment In a major development for brain injury survivors across Canada, the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM) has adopted, ratified and endorsed Guidelines for Brain Perfusion Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). Simply, the SPECT scan is now medically recognized for the diagnosis and prognosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The SPECT test shows in … Continued

David MacDonald Featured In Law Times “Mapping ‘Invisible Injury’ Of The Brain”

David MacDonald in Law Times | May 13, 2021

David MacDonald Featured In Law Times Mapping ‘Invisible Injury’ Of The Brain On May 13, 2021 Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer David MacDonald discussed how SPECT scans change the game for mild-to-moderate brain injuries in an article titled “Mapping ‘Invisible Injury’ Of The Brain”” in Law Times. “If six months after their accident, or later, brain injury survivors need daily cuing, prompting and reminding to help them, … Continued