Thomson Rogers Client Featured In The Globe And Mail

Posted March 22, 2021
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Thomson Rogers partner Sloan Mandel’s client John Ruffolo is featured in a Globe and Mail article by Josh O’Kane and Sean Silcoff titled “A truck nearly killed him, but venture capitalist John Ruffolo has kept moving forward

“He landed face down on the asphalt about 20 feet away, knocked unconscious by the impact. At least one of his lungs collapsed. His chest cavity began to fill with blood and air, surrounded by fractured ribs, as the blood supply to his right kidney was cut off. His pelvis was cracked open, and his lower spine shattered – both a vertebra and a disc where the rib cage meets the lower back and the spinal cord gives way to the nerves that control the legs.”

Read more about this story at The Globe and Mail here.

Download a PDF version here.

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