Thomson Rogers Webinar Series – The Interplay Between Tort and AB Claims

Posted March 1, 2021
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Thomson Rogers Webinar Series: The Interplay Between Tort and AB Claims

Thank you to everyone who attended our Thomson Rogers Webinar Series: “The Interplay Between Tort and AB Claims” conducted by Stacey Stevens, Michael Bennett and Sarah Naiman.

In this interactive session the top ten questions asked by Health Care Providers were answered including:

    1. What is a tort claim and what is the limitation period for issuing a tort claim?
    2. Who can be in the tort claim?
    3. What is a litigation guardian?
    4. What is an examination for discovery?
    5. What is mediation and when does it happen?
    6. How long does it take to resolve a tort claim?
    7. Can an accident benefit claim settle before tort claim?
    8. If a non cat client runs out of funds should they continue treatment?
    9. What should a treatment provider consider when being asked to work under a protected account?
    10. What is a structure?

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