Yonge St. Van Attack Lawsuits Face Hurdles with Insurance Claims

Posted December 7, 2018
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If a drunk driver veered onto a sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring 16, his auto insurance policy would typically pay damages awarded to the injured parties in a lawsuit.

But if the driver was found to have driven into the pedestrians intentionally — as Alek Minassian is alleged to have done with a rented van in April 2018 — the insurance providers could argue that no payout is required. Alternatively, they might offer a reduced payout of as little as $200,000 — the statutory minimum for coverage — no matter how much the driver was insured for, and that amount would be shared among the many victims.

“While insurance policies cover most vehicular conduct, if you intentionally injure someone with your car it does not provide coverage because insurance is not intended to cover intentional criminal wrongdoing,” said personal injury lawyer Darcy Merkur.

Merkur has filed a $6-million dollar lawsuit against Minassian and the rental van company on behalf of Amir Kiumarsi, who was severely and permanently injured in the incident.

police work at the scene on yonge st near finch ave after a van plowed into pedestrians on april 23, 2018 killing 10 people and injuring another 16
Police work at the scene on Yonge St. at near Finch Ave. after a van plowed into pedestrians on April 23, killing 10 people and injuring another 16. (COLE BURSTON / GETTY IMAGES)

Read the full article by Alyshah Hasham as it appeared in The Star on December 3, 2018:  Yonge St. van attack lawsuits face hurdles with insurance claims

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