Winter Sports and Signing Waivers Require Caution

By Stacey Stevens

Winter Sports and Signing Waivers Require Caution Do you know that when you sign a waiver you are giving up your right to sue for you and/or your family‘s damages in the event you are injured while participating in a sport regardless of who is at fault? In certain circumstances, fairness prevents the Waiver from being relied on. Our Courts have set … Continued

Dangers of Daylight Saving Time

Dangers of Daylight Saving Time On Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, clocks will fall back one hour. As much as we enjoy the extra hour of sleep, statistics show that when the clocks go back in the fall, pedestrians are more than three times as likely to be struck and killed in the hours after 6 p.m. Why? Because drivers are … Continued

How to Prepare and Try Negligence Cases

Presented at the University of Ottawa's Law School | March 5, 2018

personal injury law thumbnails Personal Injury cases succeed only if the plaintiff establishes his or her injuries occurred through the fault or negligence of another. David MacDonald’s presentation, Negligence in Action: Preparing and Trying Negligence Cases, addresses the following: Elements of Negligence, How to prepare a negligence case, Case examples showing how different kinds of negligence cases were prepared, The … Continued

Handling Bad Behaviour and Difficult Personalities at Mediation

Presented at Osgoode Professional Development Program | Successful Advocacy in Tort and Personal Injury Mediations | February 15-16, 2017

Wendy Moore Mandel, personal injury lawyer in Toronto Lawyers have a long-established reputation for being difficult and behaving badly.  Some might say that lawyers are inherently difficult and often behave badly because it is expected (even required) of them in order to effectively advocate for their clients. The poor reputation of lawyers is undeserved, and good lawyers recognize that effective advocacy is never … Continued