Accident Benefit Reporter | Volume 20, Issue 2 | Fall 2018

stacey stevens personal injury lawyer and partner at thomson rogers How often have you lent your car to a family member, friend or colleague without giving it a second thought? Perhaps it’s time you did. Recently, I was consulted by “Lisa”; a very distraught woman who had lent her car to her daughter, Susan, so she could take her friends to the movies. Unfortunately, what … Continued


Accident Benefit Reporter | Volume 20, Issue 2 | Fall 2018

Robert Ben, personal injury lawyer If you are a health care professional who works with injured motor vehicle accident victims under Ontario’s statutory accident benefits system, you will no doubt have experienced an insurer’s denial of funding for a proposed treatment plan. Often, the insurer’s reason is that the proposed treatment is not “reasonable and necessary,” which is the governing … Continued

Cyclist Killed. Cyclist Killed. Cyclist Injured. Cyclist Killed.

It seems like these could be the headlines of any Toronto newspaper on any given day this summer. According to this article in the Toronto Star, there have already been more cyclist/pedestrian deaths this year in Toronto than in any other year in the past decade. And, there is a lot of cycling season left … Continued

Event: Peterborough Seminar 2018: Working Together to Help Survivors of Catastrophic Brain Injury

Event Date: November 9, 2018
save the date Join us on November 9, 2018, for a Half-Day Seminar in Peterborough – Working Together to Identify, Gain Funding For and Help Survivors of Catastrophic Brain Injury. Sponsored by Thomson, Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers with all proceeds to benefit the Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region. Brain injury survivors from car accidents may not be obtaining the … Continued

Hollywood Says Driving Stoned is Cool, Bad Right?

driver and passenger smoking marijuana in car In The Big Lebowski, the Dude gets paranoid while smoking a joint and driving. He thinks that another car is following him, tries to flick his joint out a closed window, and ends up crashing his car. Compared to most Hollywood movies, it’s pretty low-key and maybe even realistic. In Super Troopers, cops are surprisingly … Continued