Class Action Claim against Ottawa based Chiropodist, Dr. Pierre Dupont

Thomson Rogers has now issued a class action lawsuit against Dr. Dupont, his clinic the Ottawa Foot Practice Inc. and the College of Chiropodists.

The claim seeks compensation on behalf of all patients of Dr. Dupont that allegedly received an unapproved stent inserted by Dr. Dupont.

Recently, the CBC reported on Dr. Dupont and these allegations: Banned Quebec Dentist Pierre Dupont working as Chiropodist in Ottawa

If you believe you are a claimant please register for the class action by filling in the information requested in the consultation form.

Please monitor our website for more information.

Zhang v Dupont et al Statement of Claim (issued May 4, 2016)

Zhang v Dupont et al Amended Statement of Claim (issued August 24, 2016)

Dupont Class Action UPDATES:

UPDATE (November 1, 2019):

We are pleased to announce that pursuant to the Order of Justice Belobaba, the settlement of this class action was approved on October 30, 2019. For more information on the settlement and important dates, please see the Notice of Settlement.

Please also find the following documents:

1. Order, dated October 30, 2019 certifying the class proceeding and approving the settlement
2. Settlement Administration Guideline
3. Primary Class Member Questionnaire
4. Secondary Class Compensation Request Form
5. Opt Out Form
6. Appeal Process Framework
7. Claim File Request Form
8. Appeal Form

The deadline to submit a claim (by submitting either a Primary Class Member Questionnaire or a Secondary Class Compensation Request Form) under the settlement is December 11, 2019. Class Members should contact Lucy Jackson or Stephen Birman if they have any questions regarding this matter.

UPDATE (September 11, 2019):

We are pleased to announce that, subject to Court approval, a settlement has been reached in this case. A motion for certification of the class and approval of the settlement has been set for October 30, 2019. For more details, please see the Notice.

UPDATE (July 20, 2017):

The Discipline Committee of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario has released its decision dated July 20, 2017, finding that Mr. Dupont engaged in professional misconduct, which was viewed by members of the profession as disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional. The unprofessional conduct involved the misuse of medical devices and failure to obtain informed consent.

The Discipline Committee ordered the lifetime revocation of Mr. Dupont’s certificate of registration with the College and ordered that Mr. Dupont pay costs associated with the disciplinary proceeding.

In its Oral Reprimand to Mr. Dupont, the Discipline Committee stated that, ‘the only way we can adequately ensure that the public is safe is to make sure you do not practice chiropody in Ontario ever again.

Click here to read the full discipline for Mr. Dupont.

UPDATE (May 4, 2017):

The Plaintiff and College have agreed to a dismissal of the claims against the College on a without costs basis. This agreement is subject to approval by the Court.

We anticipate that the next major step, in this case, will be a certification motion.

We will notify the proposed class once we have a date for that motion.

UPDATE (April 13, 2017):

Presently, we are responding to a Motion by the College of Chiropodists which is scheduled to be heard by the Court on May 12th. The College has brought this Motion seeking to have the claims against it struck. We will update the Class on the outcome and next steps after that date.

UPDATE (September 12, 2016):

The parties attended a Case Conference with The Honourable Mr. Justice Belobaba on August 31, 2016. At that time, a timetable for this litigation was discussed. We remain in the process of addressing the timetable with defence counsel and hope to report further in the coming weeks about the anticipated schedule for the litigation. A letter will follow to all of those that have registered for the Class action. We invite anyone who hasn’t registered to register so that they can receive future update letters.

UPDATE (July 12, 2016):

A preliminary case conference with the Judge overseeing this case has been scheduled to take place on August 31st. A further update will be posted to the website shortly thereafter.


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