Diving & Swimming Accidents

Diving and swimming accidents, whether a child has suffered a head injury, spinal cord injury or other bodily harm during a swimming pool accident, Thomson Rogers’ personal injury lawyers represent the interests of parents and their children when these accidents occur.

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries:

  1. Improper supervision: Whether the adults in charge were not paying enough attention or were not being mindful of each child’s swimming ability, improper supervision has led to numerous swimming pool injuries every year.
  2. Improper safety procedures: Often parents, lifeguards, and others do not insist that children follow all necessary safety procedures, including using floaters or not running around a pool. Improper safety procedures can also stem from poor maintenance, such as not keeping the area surrounding a pool dry, and clear of debris.
  3. Failure to stop roughhousing: Children are not the best at judging when their playful actions cross the line, potentially causing injury or even death.

In addition to handling claims stemming from swimming pool accidents, Thomson Rogers also represents injured children and their parents in swimming accidents that occur in natural bodies of water.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a diving or swimming accident, please contact us for a free consultation at 416-868-3100 or 1-888-223-0448.

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