For more than 40 years, Thomson Rogers has provided owners and expropriating authorities with practical solutions to complex expropriation problems. Our lawyers have a deep appreciation of both the owner’s and the expropriating authority’s perspective. That experience drives our insight into the issues facing our clients, allowing us to develop better strategies for the successful resolution of their concerns.

We understand the pressure and frustration that land owners, business owners, tenants and their families experience throughout the expropriation process. We also know how challenging it can be for expropriating authorities to keep a construction project on track and within budget when there is the prospect of expropriation. Our services are tailored to minimize the stress of an expropriation and to obtain a fair result that meets our clients’ needs.

“To take all or part of a person’s property constitutes a severe loss and a very significant interference with a citizen’s private property rights.”
– Dell Holdings Ltd v Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority, [1997] 1 SCR 32.

At Thomson Rogers, we deliver exceptional services throughout the expropriation process. From the most basic land acquisition to the highly complex and litigious expropriation, our lawyers provide strategic advice that is specifically fashioned with our clients’ priorities in mind. Benefiting from our years of experience, the members of our group excel at the negotiation table and before the former Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), where our lawyers have achieved significant results in some of the most challenging expropriation cases in the country.

Our expertise in municipal and planning law enables us to devise creative solutions to expropriation problems that would otherwise remain unresolved. Acting on behalf of landowners, we have successfully prevented the expropriation of homes by providing unique alternative solutions. Our innovative approach to dispute resolution has resulted in multi-million dollar savings for our expropriating authority clients.

No task is too daunting for our team. We are here to help, every step of the way.


We provide comprehensive services for owners facing expropriation or the prospect of expropriation, including challenging an expropriating authority’s decision to expropriate, negotiating with the expropriating authority, and all aspects of the litigation process dealing with the determination of compensation.

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Our services encompass all facets of an expropriation; even before it begins. From advising staff concerning strategy and preparing the appropriate documents, to appearing before approving authorities, the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT), and the Courts, we assist our expropriating authority clients in meeting their planning and budgetary objectives.

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