Pedestrian Accident

In 2017 in Ontario, 27 pedestrians were killed, and a far more significant number were injured in accidents. While city councils, experts, and advocates argue over the causes, one thing is clear: when a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a car, it’s usually the pedestrian who suffers most.

As a Pedestrian, You Are Entitled to Accident Benefits

Many people are not aware that if they are injured as a pedestrian in an accident involving a vehicle, they can claim Statutory Accident Benefits, as set out by law in Ontario. Who is at fault doesn’t make a difference, even if you somehow contributed to the accident. Accident Benefits provide compensation if you, as a pedestrian, are injured or killed in a car accident and can help replace lost income as well as cover the costs of medical and rehabilitation treatment. As accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles can be catastrophic, these accident benefits can play a significant role in your recovery.

The process of applying for Accident Benefits can be complicated, time-consuming and especially stressful if you are dealing with injuries. Thomson Rogers can help with this process. For more on what you should do in the immediate aftermath of a pedestrian accident, get our downloadable Personal Injury Information Kit.

You May Be Entitled to Make a Tort Claim

A pedestrian involved in an accident with a vehicle may also be able to sue the driver of the car for the injuries and other losses they have suffered. This is called a ‘tort’ claim, and these claims can be made for pain and suffering; medical and rehabilitation treatment costs; care costs; income due to missed work; housekeeping costs; and more.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice – Let Thomson Rogers Help

Pedestrian accidents can become very complicated cases. You should recover as much compensation as you are entitled to, especially if you have suffered catastrophic injuries. Moreover, you should get your health back with the support of the best trauma professionals in Ontario.

For over 80 years, Thomson Rogers has been helping people in Ontario who have been injured in Pedestrian accidents. Our vast experience working with many types of pedestrian accidents means we know how to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your injuries, assess the factors that determine liability and get you exactly the compensation you deserve. During your initial consultation with Thomson Rogers we will help you fill out the accident benefits application, at no charge. Contact us for a free consultation at 416-868-3100 or 1-888-223-0448.

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