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By sharing your story, it’s our sincere hope that others will be comforted and inspired by what they read.

Inspiring Stories Are Everywhere

Whether you are a past or present client or a health care worker, we would ask you to tell us your story about how you have coped with an injury or loss of a loved one; the difficult and sometimes treacherous path of recovery; or importantly someone special who inspired or provided you with comfort, love and understanding to allow you to deal with adversity.  Everybody has a story about an everyday hero or an extraordinary act of caring. We want to provide you with a place to tell these stories and share them with others.

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"At the age of 43, Danny McCoy was rendered a paraplegic after he was involved in an unfortunate car accident. Prior to the accident, he was an avid sailor. After the accident, Danny became one of the top ranked competitive sailors in the world."

- Craig Brown
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