Anne Marie Gariepy – My Story

My daughter and I were in a serious car accident in Dufferin County on November 26, 2006

My daughter was not hurt but I have no idea to this day what she witnessed as I was unconscious.

What ever she witnessed and psychologically suffered is a mystery forever for me her mother.

With all the support and care for my daughter from Len Kunka and his team at Thomson Rogers my daughter has now graduated on The Deans Honour Roll in Dental Hygiene.

Today I am surrounded by my family and friends who worked together with all the therapy specialist who taught me to walk, talk, cook, clean, personal hygiene and transition me back into society.

The biggest goal of all that was achieved by the incredible support of one of Thomson Rogers Neuro Therapists was my dream of crossing the finish line of a full Ironman race.

Anne Marie Gariepy running in the Iron Man Race

After I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury what has left me with a serious seizure disorder that has taken my career and drivers license away for life, Thomson Rogers taught me dreams can come true.

My health is poor as I age but I have 2 beautiful daughters and a loving husband who will always be buy my side due to all the kind support, respect and therapy my family was able to receive.


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