Curtis Couvillon

I pondered many times as to what I could say and I decided for Curtis and myself you folks also should be mentioned.

You were instrumental in keeping Curtis’ dignity intact while working on his case.

You kept him in the loop on the progress of his case to the degree that he could understand, never once talking as though he wasn’t in the room.

Curtis was always a real person with feelings to you folks.

You always put things in layman’s terms for us and were by our side every inch of the way. I was a legal secretary myself and I have never seen a law firm like yours with so much compassion for your clients. Your lawyers are brilliant negotiations and outstanding in your empathy for others.


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At the age of 43, Danny McCoy was rendered a paraplegic after he was involved in an unfortunate car accident. Prior to the accident, he was an avid sailor. After the accident, Danny became one of the top ranked competitive sailors in the world.

- Craig Brown
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