Garth Holding – Many Life Challenges, One Great Team

In March of 2004 Garth Holding and his wife, Joanne, were driving along highway 10 north of Orangeville, Ontario when their SUV that Garth was driving was struck head-on by a vehicle driving in the opposite direction.

In the collision, Garth’s vehicle was T-boned at the speed of around 100 km per hour, with Garth suffering the majority of life-threatening injuries. Joanne was okay other than the extensive problems of having witnessed the trauma of events that day and the Holding’s dog “Barclay” died in the crash later adding to the psychological problems to overcome following the accident for both Garth and Joanne.

Garth suffered extensive trauma to his entire body and needed to be extricated from his vehicle, which nearly took two hours as he was fused with the bent metal and collapsed at the front end of their SUV.

When Garth was removed from his vehicle, he needed to be Air Lifted from the scene by Ornge air ambulance to Sunnybrook Trauma Centre in Toronto. A team of medical professionals assessed Garth and found that he had suffered many life-threatening Injuries as a result of his accident and needed immediate surgery to repair the extensive catastrophic damage caused by the accident.

Garth spent nearly six months in the hospital between Sunnybrook Trauma Centre and Westpark Rehab Hospital in Toronto. Extensive medical treatments, surgeries and time sensitive care needed to be completed to get Garth back to just of fraction of his normal self again.

The journey for Garth and his wife Joanne has been long with many obstacles to overcome in both health and legal in dealing with a unique case like Garth’s where he suffered so many life threatening long term trauma injuries and being physically challenged.

Garth say’s from the start when he was in a drug-induced coma at Sunnybrook, his team of professionals from medical to legal took great care of me.

My lawyer Leonard Kunka and his legal team at Thomson Rogers took control of my case from the beginning and assisted us through the entire process of building, recording and detailing every aspect with great detail and added professional case testimonies and opinions offered by a wide variety of healthcare and legal professionals.

In March 2010, six years after our accident and 23 surgeries later, our complicated legal case was settled and the monies we received in our settlement help me every day to continue the process of rebuilding my body, my mind, and our life.

Looking back now at our journey in 2016, and twelve years since the accident it’s amazing how many tests, treatments and medical professionals from Sunnybrook and other health treating facilities I still deal with and require on a regular bases.

It’s amazing no one really prepares you following an accident and especially after suffering extensive trauma, you seem to think at some point this will all end but the reality is, that it doesn’t end and in most cases like mine it just gets harder in some ways with more challenges to overcome in the present and future, especially as you age.

This is why it’s so important to have a good team representing your legal needs following an accident like we had with Thomson Rogers. The professional ability to look beyond the present day and to deliver the right decision based on your individual case needs is so important.

When I look back now 12 years later, I am amazed at where I came from, what I overcame just to be here, alive each day, yet with many challenges that still exist and I need to overcome. I realize that the decisions we made through our legal team at Thomson Rogers, gave us the proper compensation that we needed and in a plan we receive through monthly pensions and registered annuities that keep us going so that I can continue my journey of dealing with these injuries and current health needs.

While going through my journey I encountered a difficult time in dealing with daily chronic pain that I had in my joints, muscles and nerves. In 2013, after trying a variety of highly addictive medications, creams and equipment for treating pain, I decided to invent and create an electronic sound frequency device called the Q Wave Pulse TM for assisting people like myself who suffer with daily pain. The product is fully patented in the US and trade marked, FDA approved.

I am proud to say that we have just completed our second round of testing and have been approved by the government of Canada through The Scientific Research Development Grant. We hope to have this new technology available to assist people dealing with chronic pain by the fall of 2016 or early 2017.

My journey now enters a new chapter in my life as I move from patient to inventor and developer of a device that offers the potential to help many people who suffer from the same daily pain that I do and can treat this with a simple, cost-effective approach to pain management. My dream is to continue on my road to living each day with less pain and overcoming my injuries to leading a somewhat normal life again.


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At the age of 43, Danny McCoy was rendered a paraplegic after he was involved in an unfortunate car accident. Prior to the accident, he was an avid sailor. After the accident, Danny became one of the top ranked competitive sailors in the world.

- Craig Brown
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