J. Monahan – My Story

Right from the very start I have always struggled with a different type of life and was just making it through with counseling.

Photos of car accident

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car accident photo 3

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The day of my accident changed every piece of me, in every way.

From mood changes and negative thoughts to fear that nothing will ever get better. Felt like a true meaning of a monster.

Five years of memories always stuck on repeat from insurance companies, doctors’ appointments and assessments, with thousands of questions building up inside me along with rage, hurt and worry.

Not knowing how to control these feelings, saying mean things that were beyond being me, and punching holes through walls and doors.

In the beginning, after a couple years of rehab went by, the first couple workers I started working with just weren’t a right fit. This made me feel unproductive and hopeless.

My lawyers, Stacey Stevens and Craig Brown together with my case manager, Kim Doogan then set me up with the best workers you could ever ask for Colin (O.T.) and Everett (RSW). Bringing patience and a positive attitude that provided a huge turnaround for me.

Before I met my rehab team I had problems with the law, using drugs, abusing medication, rage, cursing and anxiety to leave my apartment and be around other people. I wasn’t social and felt I had no real skills or goals to achieve as I was stuck on disability.

Rehab gave me away to work on some of my interests.

Stacey and Craig helped to set up my rehab team and answer many of my questions. Other members of my rehab team, Colin Newman OT, Everett RSW, Julie Manley Physio, Dr. Hamilton, and Kim Doogan all worked together and pushed me hard to try and stay strong and begin working on things like my future goals, keeping positive attitude, developing work skills and interests, and social skills and budgeting all to leading back to a normal life.

Through rehab, I developed many skills and since then have built some furniture, bed frames, shelves, and tables. I’ve learned to plan and budget, use technology and get stronger physically and mentally. I’ve learned to take my time and to accept learning new things and I’m able to work a couple days a week now. Last year Craig and Stacey were able to get a great settlement of my case. The settlement gives me financial security and peace of mind. Craig, Stacey and their team at Thomson Rogers worked really hard to bring me to where I am today.

I’m getting married to a lady who helped me to see the world differently.

I’m very grateful for the help of my rehab team and lawyers who made me feel important. After their help, I finally got to live a normal fulfilled life, learned how to control my emotions and figure out any problems without anger, own my own home and I can look after my family.


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