Mohammed Miah – Gift from God – Mr. Kunka

A Gift from God!

On January 31, 2001, on my way home from work, I became the victim of a fatal car accident. This was only a year after I came to Canada with my family. As an immigrant, I had started a new job while my family and I were trying to adjust to the lifestyle of Canada. Only I spoke English and this accident meant my wife and two children – one 11-years-old and one 8-years-old at that time — did not have a breadwinner or any social or community support. Many tried to help in undignified ways that made my family feel small.

Within the first few days, the doctors told my family that I might not live through the week. Those years were some of the hardest years of our lives. With the help of great doctors from St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Rehab, and the social workers and personal support workers, we grew strong and found a way to survive despite the struggles.

With the help of a kind social worker from St. Michael’s Hospital and a family friend, my wife came in contact with a lawyer named Leonard H. Kunka. They gave a binder that talked about this law firm and Mr. Kunka. My wife took a leap of faith and decided to choose Mr. Kunka without understanding a word in that folder. My family needed support; they needed advice, a way to move forward. With no knowledge of this city, its services, the people, or the language, my family had found a gift from God.

Mr. Kunka became that much-needed support for my family. He treated my family with respect and showed them that he cared. Mr. Kunka visited me in the hospital and listened to my family’s concerns. He stood up for us in every step of the way until we reached a settlement agreement with the insurance company. It took about a decade and Mr. Kunka did not give up. He gave us the courage to continue the fight and helped us turn our lives around so we could have a new beginning.

After coming to Canada, we struggled through a lot of hardship and faced many difficult times. We were blessed with some of the wonderful people including Mr. Kunka who fought for us and became a friend during these struggles. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Kunka for what he has done for us.


Mr. Miah was represented by personal injury lawyers Leonard Kunka and Darcy Merkur, both partners at the firm of Thomson Rogers.


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