Replies to “My Story and Video

Dopamine agonists and compulsive behavior
Submitted by Paula

I have Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Movement Disorder. I too suffered these side effects, and many more. I lost everything, my marriage, home, relationships, my career, health, dignity and self respect.
I was a medical professional and I still see doubt in medical professionals that these side effects are real and NOT a multitude of other diagnoses. I complained about these effects for years. I was told “That is not possible.” and a miriad of other excuses. I had attempted suicide several times. I could no longer stand the person I had become and was unable to tolerate the pain my behavior was causing me, and everyone around me.
On April 24, 2010 I was watching W5 and there I saw my experiences being described by others. My heart was hurt when I heard your stories because I know the pain.
All of you who have shared your stories publicly have literally saved my life! You gave me HOPE, something I did not have for many years. It will be a long road to my recovery and cleaning up the destruction in my life, but I am again determined, hopeful and full of gratitude to all of you and Thomson Rogers. My messege to all families who suffered with loved ones and were destroyed by these medications, please know that your courage to share your pain with the world saved at least one life, mine.