Replies to “The Different Faces of Brian Injury”

The Different Faces of Brain Injury
Submitted by Joanne
I am very sorry to read about your experience. I worked with you for a few years at Keating. I often think of those days and remember what fun it was, in fact, the most fun I’ve had at any job to this day.

You were a real pleasure to work with as you brought a unique energy and a love for life. Most people get wrapped up in day to day stresses but you always seemed to put things in perspective knowing something more exciting and liberating was in your future. I always admired that quality in you.

As you have proved, life is full of opportunity and I know that you will find the right fit for you soon. Congratulations on your progress and
best wishes for a bright and happy future. I will be thinking of you.

In the same boat and your story touched me
Submitted by Vicki
I am also a professional who had an accident – and I love your term monkey brain. I am no longer able to work at this time – and have the same issues you described – I have even developed a stutter which I never had before. I can’t get words out – I can’t think fast or process information fast. Like you, I am in a profession that requires quick judgement – fast reactions and on call. In addition my shoulder injury has left me unable to drive for 11 months now. I am not sure where my life will go but I do know that I can relate to everything you said. Thank you and some day when I am feeling better and have this behind me perhaps I can share my story too.