Wayne and Darlene – Our Story

As a teenager Wayne use to sing the Sailcat song “Motorcycle Mama” the lyrics included “we’ll see the world from my Harley”. He held onto that dream for 40 years while we lead separate lives. Finally, in our fifties, destiny brought us together and Wayne found his perfect Harley Davidson full dresser, I called it electric blue. It was truly a thing of beauty, until of course we were t-boned by an eighteen year old girl who with two friends made an unsafe turn off Highway 21 at Turnbull’s Grove Road. It was such a beautiful day, the ride of a lifetime but nothing would ever be the same. We were “airlifted to Victoria Hospital in London with serious injuries” (to quote the newspaper). Wayne lost his left leg just below the knee; I was in ICU unconscious for five days both of us nearly died. Thank God for all of those who came to our rescue! A $250 fine is so unfair when you consider what we, every one of us, lived through on that day in May.

To our families, friends, London Health Sciences Centre staff, OPP officer CF, our post-accident team Paula – Karen – Gila Karp – Genevieve Kutterer – Emily – our daily blessing Cynthia and Sloan Mandel from Thomson Rogers heartfelt appreciation for all your support on May 19th 2013 and all the days, months and now years following that life altering collision.

Each day is a celebration of life, of how much our body can endure and survive. Wayne is still not walking independently but after numerous surgeries, the most recent August 2015, he is doing much better.

We are fine, “where there is life there is hope”, we are living our new normal.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle called Electric Blue  Photo of Wayne and Darlene submitted to Inspirational Stories

We are most thankful to Sloan Mandel and Thomson Rogers Lawyers for knowing how best to handle our claim therefore ensuring Wayne has his best possible future. Mr. Mandel’s actions on our behalf were executed flawlessly with precision resulting in our optimal outcome. We are eternally grateful for his expertise.


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