During the winter and summer months, outdoor enthusiasts are invited to take part in several recreational activities such as riding snowmobiles and other all-terrain vehicles. Unfortunately, very few people are skilled drivers, and this inexperience can sometimes lead to catastrophic injuries for both the driver and any passenger they might have with them.

It is important to note that every snowmobile and ATV needs to be insured prior to being used in any way or capacity. When insured, they are treated in the same manner as any other motorized vehicle on the highway for the purposes of insurance claims. For example, the typical snowmobile insurance policy is a standard automobile policy.

When snowmobiles accidents and ATV accidents occur, occupants are usually vulnerable to all types of personal injuries. Snowmobile trails used both in the summer and the winter are typically lined with trees; and as the trails weave in and out of forested areas, any mistake by the driver can lead to sudden contact with a tree or rock. Many trails continue across bodies of water, which can create numerous risks, and could cause an ejection from the vehicle. This scenario can, unfortunately, lead to significant personal injuries.

If you are involved in a snowmobile accident or ATV accident, it is very important that you understand what your rights and remedies are. Over the years, Thomson, Rogers personal injury lawyers have dealt with numerous snowmobile and ATV accidents. Don’t be a victim twice – make sure you give us a call at 416-868-3100.

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