Positive TBI Findings and GOSE

Presented at Hamilton Health Sciences | February 5, 2018

David MacDonald, best personal injury lawyer in Toronto On February 5, 2018, David MacDonald presented at Hamilton Health Sciences. View presentation:  Positive TBI Findings and GOSE Here is a brief overview: More ABI survivors can be CAT Review SABS definition Look at new technology re Dx TBI Look at the GOSE test re AC Hospital evaluations of “Independence” What is happening with the … Continued

Tips for Plaintiffs When Pursuing Pre-judgment Interest Claims in Settlement Negotiations and Beyond

Ontario Bar Association | The Essentials on Costs and Prejudgment Interest - Insurance Law | November 29, 2017

Stephen Birman, best personal injury lawyer Lawyers often incorrectly calculate, or even worse, fail to include pre-judgment interest claims in settlement negotiations. Below are some helpful tips for avoiding common pitfalls when addressing these claims. Identify the type of claim and rate that applies The Pre-Judgment Interest (“PJI”) rate differs depending on the nature of the claim and the damages sought. … Continued

CAT Turbocharger – Here Take the Keys: Getting TBI Survivors to CAT Quickly

Acquired Brain Injury Provincial Conference | by David F. MacDonald | November 3, 2017

The focus of this presentation, “CAT Turbocharger – Here take the keys: Getting TBI Survivors to CAT quickly using MRBDT positive findings from insurer funded qEEG, fMRI and GOSE assessments”,  is to provide help in recognizing and gaining entitlement for MVA TBI survivors to CAT designation and funding for treatment. Based upon the new provisions in the June … Continued

Brain Diagnosis Tech Tools Publications

Publications: “Medically Recognized Brain Diagnostic Technologies”: The rapid development of high speed, resolution and precision in fMRI by David A. Feinberg, Essa Yacoub MR imaging findings in mild traumatic brain injury with persistent neurological impairment by Gabriela Trifan; Ramtilak Gattu; Ewart mark Haacke; Zhifeng Kou; Randall R. Benson An fMRI Based Neurologic Signature of Physical Pain by … Continued

Damages Under the Family Law Act: An Updater

Posted October 30, 2017

Deanna Gilbert In 2014, my Partner, Sloan H. Mandel, and I co-authored a paper entitled “Advancing Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Claims under the Family Law Act” (the “original paper”). The purpose of this paper is to provide personal injury lawyers with an update on some statutory changes and case law affecting Family Law Act [1] claims. A BRIEF REFRESHER … Continued