Thomson Rogers on Municipal Liability

Chapter 2

Wireless Telecommunications

Stephen D'Agostino, municipal lawyer Thomson Rogers has acted on behalf of wireless telecommunications carriers since the mid-90s. Our involvement has focused on providing guidance on municipal issues including compliance with the municipal consultation requirements of Industry Canada’s CPC-2-0-03. Understanding the technology as well as the law is important for land-use authorities and the public involved in consultations related to … Continued

Expropriation Process Overview

Jeff Wilker, municipal lawyer Municipalities often require the acquisition of private property in order to construct public works. Examples of these acquisitions include road widenings and sites for municipal wells and landfills. At times it is necessary for the municipality to acquire the land without the consent of the property owner through an expropriation. When there is such an … Continued

OCA recognizes widespread municipal practice of servicing allocation | February 12, 2015

David Germain, municipal lawyer Municipal Allocations – Ontario municipal lawyer David Germain says a recent Court of Appeal decision is important for both municipalities and developers as it provides some much needed judicial interpretation of s. 86(1) of the Municipal Act. The appeal court’s decision in 1298417 Ontario Ltd. v. Lakeshore (Town), 2014 ONCA 802 (CanLII) is also significant … Continued

Notice, Limitation & Pleading Issues in Road Authority Cases

Published in The Litigator: Road Authorities | April 2014

Robert Ben, best personal injury lawyer Toronto Municipal and provincial road authorities have a general duty of care to maintain their road systems in good repair so as to protect ordinary users of the highways, exercising reasonable care for their safety, from unreasonable risks of harm, including personal injury. The duty and standard of care of municipal and provincial road authorities is codified … Continued