Damages Under The Family Law Act: A Brief Primer & Updater

Thomson Rogers partner Deanna S. Gilbert provides a brief primer and updater on damages under The Family Law Act. As part of any personal injury action, the immediate family members (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and siblings) of the injured person may “piggy back” onto the injured Plaintiff’s action by advancing their own claims pursuant … Continued

Expropriations: The Taking Of Land

Jeff Wilker, municipal lawyer Municipalities often require the acquisition of private property in order to construct public works. Examples of these acquisitions include road widenings and sites for municipal wells and landfills. At times it is necessary for the municipality to acquire the land without the consent of the property owner through an expropriation. When there is such an … Continued

Quantum and Duration of Child Support

Support Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law (2018) | Published by Thomson Reuters Canada Limited

Damages Under the Family Law Act: An Updater

Posted October 30, 2017

Deanna Gilbert In 2014, my Partner, Sloan H. Mandel, and I co-authored a paper entitled “Advancing Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Claims under the Family Law Act” (the “original paper”). The purpose of this paper is to provide personal injury lawyers with an update on some statutory changes and case law affecting Family Law Act [1] claims. A BRIEF REFRESHER … Continued