Meet George Karahotzitis – Family Lawyer

    Watch this short biography video and get to know family lawyer George Karahotzitis, a partner at the Toronto law firm of Thomson Rogers. Learn about the person behind the lawyer – why he chose law and what he is passionate about. George’s practice is devoted to litigation with an emphasis on matrimonial litigation and matters … Continued

    Family Law Pleadings

      Proper pleadings are essential in all litigation, including family law litigation. Pleadings define the matters in issue and the scope of disclosure and questioning under the Family Law Rules.  The pleading is one of the most important documents that will be prepared yet the art of a carefully and properly drafted pleading is becoming a … Continued

      Family Law Group

        It’s essential to know your rights and obligations in marriage, cohabitation, separation and divorce and how to proceed to enforce those rights, meet the obligations and protect your future. Family law probably impacts more Canadians than all other areas of law combined. As an example, divorce affects nearly half of Canadian marriages, and can be … Continued

        Property Issues in Family Law

          Many claim that Kerr v. Baranow invented a new claim and established the “joint family venture” as a way of proving unjust enrichment. There is nothing new about the notion of a joint family venture in which both parties contribute to their overall accumulation of wealth. View PDF of presentation.

          Divorce (Family Law) and Accident Benefits

            By Joanna Harris How is property divided between married spouses? Upon divorce in Ontario, the Family Law Act operates to equalize certain property between married spouses. Many people believe that in Ontario the property is shared 50/50 between divorcing spouses. This is not accurate. The Ontario Family Law Act provides for an “equalization of net … Continued