• Profiles in Courage Matt

    Profiles in Courage – Matt

    Before his motorcycle accident, Matt would go hunting, fishing, and ATVing with his friends. Afterwards, Matt had to undergo a lower leg amputation and he wondered what kind of life he could have.

  • Profiles in Courage Levi

    Profiles in Courage – Levi

    Don Spruce remembers the sense of panic he felt when someone came to his door and told him that his young son, Levi, had been injured. Levi had fallen off some playground equipment while holding a piece of metal rod, which ended up driven into his head. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Levi had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

  • Profiles in Courage Cesare

    Profiles in Courage – Cesare

    When Ceasare lost both his legs and his eyesight in an accident, he and his wife knew that he would need a lot of special care and equipment to live the quality of life he deserved.

  • Profiles in Courage Chris

    Profiles in Courage – Chris

    When Chris was struck by a distracted driver, all he could think about was his wife and kids. With a broken neck, he went from being the kind of dad who never missed a hockey practice to a man too ashamed to let people see him struggle.

  • Profiles in Courage Fere

    Profiles in Courage – Fere

    Fere Kamkar is the very definition of courage. When she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, she and her husband found a prosthetic leg called the X3 that would allow Fere to have the best quality of life possible. But when the insurance company told her she wouldn’t qualify for it, Fere’s husband contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers.