Should you require a law firm, look no further than Thomson Rogers, they are the best.

Providing a service with a true belief in their clients best interests. We could not be happier, the results that were obtained by Aleks Mladenovic of this law firm were all we wished for & more. We could not be more pleased. Thank you Aleks.


Mr. Aleks Mladenovic is my hero! He was retained by my lawyer on a very difficult malpractice case that took us all the way to the Court of Appeals and never gave up fighting for me! It wasn’t easy and the odds were against me winning, but I knew I was right, and with Aleks by my side, we won and I was finally able to have peace of mind.

There is no better feeling than getting justice and compensation, even though it cannot take away years of pain and suffering, I am grateful to know that those who have wronged me were made accountable for their actions. That was all thanks to Aleks being part of the team. So glad I met him!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, sleepless nights, and for reassuring me when I needed support!


We were referred to Aleks Mladenovic of Thomson Rogers Lawyers by a friend about 5 years ago. We are grateful that we retained him.

Aleks, we would like to thank you for the guidance and support that you accorded us during a difficult time. Losing our child was one of the most devastating life-changing experiences. Aleks, you walked and worked with us during this journey.

Thank you for your knowledge and for being attentive to our concerns/questions/ suggestions. We appreciated the way you conveyed information to enable us during the decision making processes.

We also thank the team that worked with you at your firm.

We would highly recommend Thomson Rogers-specifically Aleks Mladenovic for medical malpractice litigation. He is smart, caring and realistic.

Aleks, you are a great lawyer and we wish you and your team the best in all that you do.

Daniel & Faith of Bowmanville, Ontario

Dear Aleks,

I am writing to you with a particular honour and respect to express my huge gratitude and most sincere contentment for having been a client of Thomson Rogers and for having chosen you to be my lawyer.

I want to thank you endlessly for helping me in the tough days when I was losing my husband and my 3-year-old daughter her father. Those were the hardest and the saddest years for the two of us.

Thank you cordially for confirming my judgements and reflections and for believing in me.

Ever since our first encounter, I knew that the Law firm of Thomson Rogers was the right choice. You were a great listener, you had a huge understanding, and the devotion and manner of your approach to the problem attracted me at once.

One rarely meets a person who loves his job and whose personality befits his work.

You are a terrific lawyer who possesses a sharp mind and a practical spirit which comes not only from knowledge and experience but also culture and an innate sense of justice.

I want to thank you and your team for enabling me to defend one human life from a great distance, a life is lost, but you supported me to carry on.

I thank Phyllis Bruno for all the information and patience. To me, you and your team are the best.

Thomson Rogers are the best personal injury lawyers and thank you for your guidance during a difficult part of my life.