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My only regret in hiring Darcy Merkur was that I didn’t do it sooner; unfortunately, coming from a province with public insurance, I had no idea what I was in for when I got into a severe car accident in Ottawa and handled my case on my own for the first year. Since I was unrepresented, both insurance companies took advantage of me and left me without attendant care or home supports despite being bedridden in braces for months and having to attend a rigorous rehab program all alone. My insurance adjuster didn’t process my income benefits for months and didn’t pay my medical bills, which left me with $200 to my name, my utilities cut off in the winter, and bill collectors calling me until I left a frantic message with her supervisor and then magically things were ready within a day. It wasn’t until the words “permanent injuries” started floating around from my treatment providers, and the reactions from the insurance adjusters, that I realized I NEEDED a lawyer. 9 months into my rehab, we decided to move back to Saskatchewan since I was unable to access the care I needed in Ottawa and couldn’t get a family doctor. I have a genetic condition that affects every system in my body, and significantly complicates treatment, healing, and increases the level of injury. My insurance adjuster knew about our move for 5 months, and then was “shocked” when it happened and used it as an excuse to halt my claim. The minute Darcy and his team were on my case, things flipped on their head. I had medications covered, income replacement on time, every time. Attendant care assessments, psych and neuro vocational assessments, OT reviews, everything I should have had from the very start of my claim. He took the insurance company to task for everything I should have been entitled to but was denied. Even being half a country away, Darcy was fantastic to work with, and made sure that forms and assessments were completed according to Ontario standards and norms—which are totally different from Saskatchewan. On top of that, Darcy is an expert at managing “Thin Skull” cases, where pre-existing conditions significantly affect injury claims. In such cases, counsel needs to effectively advocate for the actual level of injury sustained and justify it with medical research on the condition, but also prevent the case crossing over from “Thin Skull” into “Crumbling Skull” territory—where the opposing party can argue that the victim would have eventually suffered such physical limitations regardless of the accident. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition, you NEED Darcy on your side. Darcy doesn’t stand for games, he doesn’t put up with bullying tactics, he can smell a trap or a ploy from the insurance company a mile away, and he will do whatever it takes to represent his clients’ best interests, no matter what.