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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomson Roger Law Firm for taking on my case when nobody else would.

The main person being Stacey L. Stevens.

I had a very bad injury to my right hand resulting in a bad fall back in Dec. 2013. At this time my husband researched online for an injury lawyer, Stacey L. Stevens was the one and only person who responded and took me on as a client.

Stacey flew to North Bay, Ontario to meet with me in January of 2014.

I want to say thank you for being in my corner and going to bat for me when nobody else would. Stacey fights for her clients and never gives up.

I would like to also thank Jennifer McIntyre and Wendy Murray who also work with Stacey.

I highly recommend this Law Firm to anybody who doesn’t think that there is nobody out there to help you, because there is, her name is Stacey L. Stevens…

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.