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Thomson Rogers has been noted as one of the best personal injury law firms in Canada by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. We strongly agree with this statement - Stacey Stevens & this law firm has gone above & beyond our expectations!

My son was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident which left him with a serious traumatic brain injury & other complications which is life-changing for my son & our family - my son will never be able to work again.

We had a personal injury lawyer, but after dealing with him for over five years we came to realize that in our opinion he was not working toward my son's best interest & we felt we were being pushed to the back of his agenda. Waiting over five years is simply much too long without any results & little contact with him.

Stacey Stevens was highly recommended to us by a resource person who was assisting Colin during his recovery in aiding him back into independent living.

The quality & service Stacey & her team provided to me and my son was way beyond our expectation. Stacey was able to get more results from the Insurance company in less than 6 months than the other lawyer did in over 5 years! Wow - it was awesome!

Satisfaction is the result - my son is in Ontario and I am in Manitoba. Stacey took the time to continually contact me & keep me up-to-date on everything. She even answered my email when it was noted she was out of the office & she would take the time out of her weekend if she felt it was important - she always felt it was important!

Stacey has helped my son get a very fine financial settlement with the insurance company that will last him for the rest of his life.

Something that was totally unexpected for me is that Stacey also provided me with a very satisfactory financial reimbursement amount. I am a senior living on a pension & I had used my savings on travel to Ontario, hotels, meals, car rental, etc. There were also other financial issues regarding my son that I need not go into but the result was that it cost me my savings - this was just gone & I had accepted that & not asked for or expected anything - but Stacey again went above & beyond to take care of me too, I was so surprised when she told me I would recoup my savings

We very highly recommend Stacey Stevens & the law firm, Thomson Rogers!!!!