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On Dec. 6th, 2011, my wife's car was T–Boned by an over-speeding SUV. The Impact was so bad that paramedics had to pull her out unconscious. She suffered many medical complications including loss of hearing and broken collar bone, etc. The professional skilled surgeon at Toronto Western General Hospital Dr. Ramprasad had to insert metal plate and screws to hold her collar bone. Thomson Rogers was highly recommended by very close professional contacts and we are very happy we hired them. From the beginning, Ian Furlong, a very skilled professional, confident and responsive lawyer and his team handled the case with patience and truthfulness until the end. They had to fight off the bully insurance company whose only task was to delay settlement and waste money on tests that were not justified nor needed. Ian Furlong and his team made sure I received the best possible outcome despite the insurance company throwing unnecessary hurdles. Also, Ian Furlong’s analytical, mediation and judgement were very excellent to deal with. We would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Lawyers and Ian Furlong for any Injuries as they are the best of the best. Nobody can beat them from our personal experience.