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I was on my way to work at 7:00 am, when suddenly I was t-boned on the highway. Instantly, I lost feeling in my feet. I was taken to a trauma center and had suffered multiple low-back spinal fractures, causing a disc impingement. Through a referral of a friend, we reached out to Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers. Stephen and his team of experts supported my need for physical and occupational rehabilitation, and counsel during the course of my recovery. They navigated the extremely rough waters encountered with insurance filings, correspondence and income loss, which was indeed a true gift! However, I did not begin to understand the magnitude of finding Thomson Rogers until I found myself not improving from the fractures. I was not getting stronger, my balance and gait was bad, and I had new and worsening pain, numbness and tingling, and my extremities were being affected. The symptoms felt familiar, as I had already been paralyzed once before in my teens with a rare disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I had fully recovered from GBS, but after more than 35 years, that disease had now returned in a different form. Stephen and his team were there, throughout the process and diagnosis. They work with professionalism and dedication to my case, to the assurance of a positive long term outcome for me and my family. Thank you Stephen for your assistance, it truly meant the world.