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When I was injured in a very serious and traumatic accident, Stephen Birman helped me make sure I would get the compensation I needed. I am grateful for his professionalism and dedication to aid and guide me through the entire litigation process.

Although I was anxious for my future, Mr. Birman and his whole team truly supported me during our time together. I always had an open line of communication with the team and him, with continuous updates on my case. No matter what the question was, the firm would answer it sincerely. Consultants hired by Mr. Birman gave me various recommendations to improve my health and recovery. I was put at ease knowing my case was in such capable and caring hands. With my stress levels down I was able to focus more on my health. In the end, my case was wrapped up relatively quickly with a fair settlement.

Overall, I thank Stephen Birman and his team, and would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Law Firm.