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Mr. MacDonald,

You have truly changed my life in an amazing way by leading an excellent team to help with my recovery from a terrible accident (Nov. 22, 2014) that nearly ended my life . . . I'm very blessed and fortunate to still be living and consciously able to take care of my responsibilities, my home, my children, my medication and my continued integration into society.

My injuries are still bothering me but my children, family and support from those who care still give me the determination to not give up.

From the first day we met you, you have not let me down. Our first meeting in the boardroom at Thomson Rogers and our 2nd meeting at Toronto Western Hospital, both days you took time out of your busy schedule and from those two moments until now, I knew you cared about my future, thank you.

The Very Honorable Mr. David MacDonald, I feel so privileged to be represented by the greatest personal injury lawyer in the world.

Thanks for always helping.