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In 2012 my two sons and ex-wife were involved in a MVA. They were pedestrians crossing the road at a crosswalk when all three were hit by a car at approximately 50 km/h. At the time my two sons were quite young with my oldest being three-and-a-half and my youngest being only one-and-a-half. While my ex-wife and youngest son obtained minor injuries, my oldest son was unfortunately not quite as fortunate and suffered significant brain damage that I later learned was classified as “catastrophic.” I met Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers a few days after the accident at McMaster Children's Hospital where my oldest son was in the ICU. One of the first things Darcy said to me was “we help a lot of kids.” I know that quoting Darcy out of context may strike one as a bit odd, but this statement was something that resonated with me at a time I needed it and over the next few years I would see it proven time and time again. My son needed a lot of help and Darcy made sure he got it. I can say with certainty that there wasn’t a single avenue in my son's recovery that wasn’t explored. Today, and despite my son being a miracle, he still needs a lot of help and due to Darcy's work he has the funds to get the help he needs. To this day Darcy is a good friend and one of the best people I know. Both the lives of my son and my entire family would be vastly different today had Darcy Merkur not been the person I met in the hospital eight years ago. Myself, my sons and my family will forever be grateful to him. Should you find yourself reading this in an unfortunate situation akin to my own, I could not make a more strong recommendation to hire Darcy to represent your loved one.