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My first meeting with Stephen Birman was on Friday May 17, 2013 at the 390 Bay Street offices of Thomson Rogers. Though in pain after a motor car accident, I was wowed by his courteous listening and tone reflected in his responses. His attitude and behaviour turned out to be therapeutic by the way he empathized and solved problems. Throughout our interactions, which went on till October 2016, Stephen was highly professional. He came across - borne out by results he obtained - as very competent, confident, and experienced in handling accident benefit and tort claims. He provided invaluable advice, set the right expectations and delivered beyond the set expectations. Stephen Birman is an excellent communicator. In being so, he allayed my fears, my anxieties and lowered my stress levels. The masterful way in which he orchestrated/coordinated referrals to/with various therapists went a very long way in providing me with the healing I needed. Stephen Birman is a natural, born into his profession. I was lucky to have met Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers upon whom I cast all my accident benefit and tort claims cares. I could not have had any better!