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2 1/2 years of exceptional 'customer service' from the moment David MacDonald at Thomson Rogers took over my case. I was not 'just a file or a number', I was very much a 'person', being taken care of and helped along my rehabilitation journey after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury in a motorcycle accident. Whatever and whoever I needed to get better was promptly put in place, up and running with incredible service providers. Diane Bregg was amazing! My TBI caused incredible anxiety and she was patient yet thorough, explaining everything to me along the way, clarifying any questions I had. Robert Ben provided incredible support during my Examination for Discovery. Thomson Rogers provided me the BEST legal team led by David MacDonald. I will forever be grateful as a year and half later I can afford the people I need as I continue my recovery journey. David, Diane and Robert worked WITH me as opposed to for me and I couldn't have asked for a better team!