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I was compelled put down a few words about my experience with my lawyer David MacDonald, his team and Thomson Rogers in general, because of the tremendous impact they had in my life after my accident. I was riding through a Burlington intersection (on my green light), on this fateful day. I was struck by a truck making a left turn. I ended up in a coma. I spent 3 days in a coma and 5 months in the hospital. I had a fractured skull and other injuries. I later found out I also had a condition called Post Traumatic Strabismus (or Double vision) due to my brain injury. When I was in the hospital, and I was in the hospital a lot, for one reason or another, many of my material possessions were taken away. I mentioned this because not only did David help me by litigating my personal injury case, he also helped me put all the other pieces of my life back together again. He treated me like family in the most vulnerable time of my life and this means the world to me. David and Thomson Rogers go way above and beyond the expectations you may have in a lawyer and a law firm, they help with the most seemingly unrelated things to the case. This for me also shows the ability that they have to truly connect with their clients and make a tremendous impact in their clients lives. They go much further than fighting your case for you; they help you put your life back together again, piece by piece. With this being said, I cannot fully encapsulate in a paragraph, or even a short statement what David and Thomson Rogers did for me and my well being or even what they gave back to me. They gave me back piece of mind and the ability to live my life to the fullest, which is what I do now every single day. They helped me achieve my health goals and my personal goals. Without Thomson Rogers I don't know where I'd be. Thomson Rogers is the only law firm that should be considered if ever, anyone you know needs a law firm.