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Darcy Merkur is an amazing lawyer who was there when I needed someone to listen. I was in a motorcycle accident with no tort and charged with careless driving. I was laying in a hospital bed with a fractured neck, two broken wrists, a broken ankle, which later developed into CRPS. After a visit from the insurance company occupational therapist to assess my injuries, I knew I needed help in a big way! I was scared, pain so bad from nerve damage and my thoughts were so mixed up from pain killers and emotional stress. I couldn't help or explain myself. I come from a small town north of Toronto. Because of the seriousness of my injuries I was put in a geriatric ward. I called Darcy and Darcy was there! That is when everything changed! I'm not saying it was easy, I was on that ward for eleven weeks, being transferred to larger hospitals for CRT's, MRI's, surgeons who had to re-break my fractures because they originally set wrong and specialist after specialist. Since there was no tort, Darcy put me in contact with an AMAZING Occupational Therapist who coordinated my recovery. To make a 3yr and 9-month story short, Darcy maintained a record of my injuries, without pay, and regularly kept in contact with me. My OC was with me every step of the way. I received a Catastrophic Designation and Darcy was there with all my records. I’m not able to work now, but because of this amazing, generous lawyer, I received a settlement that ensures a full life. THANK YOU Darcy, you are the best and thank you for being there!