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Don Spruce remembers the sense of panic he felt when someone came to his door and told him that his young son, Levi, had been injured. Levi had fallen off some playground equipment while holding a piece of metal rod, which ended up driven into his head. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Levi had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Today, Levi is doing much better. Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers Stacey Stevens and Craig Brown helped Don and Levi launch litigation to secure Levi’s future. Though it took eight years to conclude, Stacey and Craig stood by Levi and his case because it’s always worth fighting for a child’s future.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Stacey Stevens (416-868-3186) or Craig Brown (416-868-3163) for a free consultation.