Darcy Merkur, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the hard work in pulling this all together! Thank you for your patience. This situation was really exhausting and hard for me to go through. There were many times that I wanted to just make it all go away and give up!! It’s unbelievable what the insurance companies put people through, I could not have done this without you. It is a blessing that my daughter's friend referred me to you. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I will recommend you to anyone out there that is looking for security, trust, and understanding from a lawyer or firm like Thomson Rogers!!! Again, thank you so very much for your time. You should be proud of what you do to help others!!! I’ve been blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen B.

I thank God for leading me to Darcy Merkur. After my accident, I was in constant pain and worried about paying for months of physiotherapy. Everyday tasks became almost impossible, and it all became overwhelming quite quickly. Darcy and his amazing team were my lifeline out of the maze. Darcy managed to calm my anxiety, not only was he direct and honest, but also very patient. He provided my family and me with constant updates and clear direction throughout the legal process and delivered more than we had hoped for. Although my injury left me with life-altering consequences, I will be eternally grateful for the legal expertise provided. I would not hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for sound and expert advice.

Dorita S.

Over many years, we received not only outstanding professional support but also emotional understanding from the entire team of Thomson Rogers, especially Mr. Darcy Merkur and Mr. Leonard Kunka. We will always be thankful for the help they gave us during such a difficult time in our lives.

Ihor B.

In 2015, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while cycling. I was referred to Thomson Rogers. I don't know where to start. Darcy Merkur, there is so much I want to say, but all the paper in the world is not enough for what I want to write. Thank you for believing in me and taking my case. Thank you for always being there for me and answering my emails and calls. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for never giving up and always giving 150% of your time in everything you did for me and my family. Thank you for fighting for me and thank you for securing financially my life so that I am okay for medical treatments and bills. I owe so much to you and will never forget you. I highly recommend Thomson Rogers and Darcy Merkur and his team.

Sonia B.G.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2014 and that was when I first met Darcy Merkur. Without his guidance, wisdom and perseverance I would not have been able to reach the resolution that was obtained. His knowledge was second to none and I would highly recommend his expertise to everyone. Thanks again Darcy.

J. Mason

A car accident where the at fault driver of the accident fled the scene, left my spouse with severe injuries. Thomson Rogers, more specifically Darcy Merkur who was highly recommended (after fighting for 5 years with no results with another firm) finally got us acceptable results. He was so professional and kind. We were able to do most of the communication through emails and phone calls as we lived an hour away. I have referred him since and would call him first time this time, should I ever need help again.

M. Crompton

In my opinion Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers is the best lawyer in Ontario if not Canada. He always responded to my questions in a timely and truthful manner and was easy to get a hold of. He really helped to turn my case around. I look at Mr. Merkur as a pitbull of a lawyer in the personal injury world. So do you want a pitbull on your side or a chihuahua?

Jay A.

On December 1, 2009 I was in a near fatal car accident that changed my life. Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers came to visit me in the hospital shortly after the accident. Darcy assured me that he would represent me, and he also assured me that I would receive the best care possible. He phoned me several times while I was in rehabilitation, and also had his law clerk document all of my injuries. Thanks to Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers I received the best care and a fair settlement. I hold the outmost respect for this gentleman and I would not hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers to any victim involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Frank M.

Darcy Merkur, I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the family for taking care of not just Gary, but all of us during this past year. From day one you made us feel comfortable with not only the legal aspect of Gary's case, but you were extremely helpful in your knowledge of brain injuries and what we could expect from Gary through his trauma and recovery. I felt it was exceptional that you were able to provide with me a previous client that had gone through a similar situation, and when talking to him, I was comforted by his recovery and with how you handled his claim. Thank you for the quick settlement allowing Gary to focus on recovery instead of his financial requirements taking that stress away from the entire family. Please add me to your list of people that your future clients can call upon as I would like to offer my experience to help them deal with the issues that families deal with in times like these, and please also extend my thanks to your support team and firm as we have received exceptional care from all of you.

Pam D. and C. Family

I don't know where to start. Darcy Merkur, there is so much I want to say, but all the paper in the world is not enough for what I want to write. Thank you for believing in me and taking my case. Thank you for always being there for me and answering my emails and calls. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for never giving up and always giving 150% of your time in everything you did for me and my family. Thank you for fighting for me and thank you for securing financially my life so that I am okay for medical treatments and bills. I owe so much to you and will never forget you.


Oh boy, where to start. First of all, it was a nurse at my local hospital who suggested contacting a lawyer after my serious pedestrian vs. car accident. Having never experienced anything like this before I didn’t see the need to have legal support going ahead. Thomson Rogers was mentioned and I looked them up and came across the name of Darcy Merkur. Darcy drove out to meet me at the hospital very soon afterward (an hour + away). From day one, he was very helpful, clearly very knowledgeable in the field and was always readily available to me personally. Having heard that he was a top lawyer in Toronto, I certainly didn’t expect to have a legal representative so willing to patiently listen and explain the legal process to me, even when (as a result of also suffering mild brain damage) I tended to ask the same question multiple times. I had never been a fan of the act of suing for wrongdoings, but I soon could see that I would need the funds for the lifelong rehabilitation I would require, and without the financial help, I would never have the opportunity for that. I cannot imagine how this process would have turned out without the valuable support from Darcy and his team at Thomson Rogers. EVERY PENNY they earn from a case is worth it. Because of them, I can say that out of something so devastating has come great blessings! I will always advocate for the necessity of a legal team after a devastating event and my number one recommendation will be Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers!


An amazing lawyer who was there when I needed someone to listen. I was in a motorcycle accident with no tort and charged with careless driving. I was laying in a hospital bed with a fractured neck, two broken wrists, a broken ankle which later developed into CRPS. And Darcy was there. Since there was no tort, Darcy put me in contact with an AMAZING occupational therapist, Susan Frazer. To make a 3yr and 9-month story short, Darcy maintained a record of my injuries, without pay and regularly kept in contact with me. Susan was with me every step of the way. I received a Catastrophic Designation and Darcy was there with my file. I’m not able to work now, but because of this Amazing, generous lawyer, I received a settlement that ensures a full life.

Thank you, Darcy, you are the Best and thank you for being there.

R. Brown

My husband was hit by a car and suffered very serious injuries. A family member who had Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers represent them advised that I contact Darcy for advice. From the moment Carmen and I met him at the Rehab Hospital, I knew that we were dealing with a caring and extremely skilled professional. Darcy gave us a clear understanding of the process and assured us that we would deal directly with him and his staff and he would make sure that my husband had the services he needed for his recovery. This gave me a great sense of relief.

Throughout the first year when so many decisions were required I knew that I could count on Darcy to immediately respond to my questions and direct the excellent staff so that my husband received the appropriate equipment and care. Everyone we dealt with provided excellent service including the staff at Thomson Rogers, the Occupational Therapist, the Physio Therapists and my husband's care provider Sam Dean. We really believe that the support that Darcy ensured my husband received made a significant difference in his recovery.

As our case progressed Darcy advised us with realistic advice, expertise and compassion. Our case was completed in a reasonable time frame and although my husband will always have to deal with the impact of his injuries on his health and lifestyle, the care and compensation for future care have helped us move on.

(Note: Prior to reaching out to Darcy I had another very aggressive lawyer from another firm approach me. That lawyer who not only made me feel uncomfortable was going to charge an unreasonable fee. I am so glad that we contacted Darcy and that he agreed to represent us.)

Carole S.


When Chris was struck by a distracted driver, all he could think about was his wife and kids. With a broken neck, he went from being the kind of dad who never missed a hockey practice to a man too ashamed to let people see him struggle. But, when his wife contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyer Darcy Merkur, things got better. Darcy put together a medical team to help Chris recover, and made sure his financial future was taken care of. Now he’s back at hockey practice with his kids.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Darcy Merkur at 416-868-3176 for a free consultation.

Thomson Rogers

I would like to thank John Paul and Darcy. From day one, we knew that we were in the right hands. They are highly professional and honest. They never ever asked me to exaggerate any pains or fake anything like many other lawyers. They asked me to be as honest as possible. We are very happy with our settlement. We would highly recommend them.

Mamta J.

Thank you so much, Darcy! Me, my family and our many close friends became very disillusioned with lawyers and the legal system after our experience with our previous lawyer but your professionalism, passion for the law and integrity showed us right from the beginning that there are good lawyers and you are one of the best!

Mary Ann C.

After suffering significant physical and cognitive injuries and impairments in a motorcycling accident in 2015 and securing a local lawyer I was delivered some disappointing news that I had maximized my non-Catastrophic Benefits and my medical/rehabilitation services would be ending. He further suggested that I would have to wait until the 2-year mark for consideration of my Catastrophic Designation despite being told by professionals and doctors that I would certainly qualify. This information did not sit well with me and I began researching other firms to assist me with my case.

I found Thomson Rogers online and Darcy Merkur was of interest because he had videos demonstrating his passion and commitment to people in my situation. These videos revealed that he is an expert in the field. He was educating his peers and professionals about all the legislation changes and on ways to navigate the system to provide the best care and service to the victim.

I contacted Darcy Merkur and reviewed my situation. He agreed that there were many options for me that should be explored regarding my case and provided me with some advice on how to communicate this with my lawyer.

Although I knew I was ready to hire Darcy Merkur right there and then, Darcy convinced me to try to work things out with my current legal representative and if in two weeks I was still not getting the attention and detail I needed to contact him and he would be pleased to represent me.

I took Darcy’s advice and made several attempts to meet with my lawyer, however, things did not improve and his position about my case did not change; therefore I did hire Darcy Merkur to represent me.

Darcy Merkur and his team worked tirelessly with my existing rehabilitation team and together they negotiated an extension of my non-CAT benefits so that I would not lose any of the gains I had made in my rehabilitation. From there things only got better; Darcy explored all options; he assured that my Catastrophic Designation would be pushed forward and within a few months I had the necessary assessments and documentation to secure the Catastrophic Designation.

Working with Darcy Merkur provided me with a timely, and more-than-fair structured settlement that has allowed me to move forward and live my life.

I am extremely pleased with the handling and outcome of my case by Thomson Rogers and specifically Darcy Merkur.

They were respectful of my time and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend this firm.

Jean B.

My daughter Julia fell from the 4th floor window and sustained multiple severe injuries. My lawyer Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers came to our home and was very caring and easy to understand when he explained how the entire process works.

Darcy and his team are true professionals, they worked tirelessly on the case until the settlement was reached out of court. The settlement will provide financial security for my daughter for years to come.

Darcy's care, compassion and experience made all the difference.


Roman D. (Father)

Thank you Darcy and company for all your assistance to our family during this time. We would have been lost without you and we appreciate everything that you have done.

You provided a service to our family at a stressful time. I shudder to think of what could have been the result had we not called you.


R. Madill and T. Barton

I am writing this letter to express our sincere gratitude to Thomson Rogers and especially Mr. Darcy Merkur for representing our cases arising from injuries from a car accident.

My wife sustained a very complicated brain injury from the accident. The whole journey after the accident was difficult for us and sometimes was extremely painful, both physically and mentally. We changed to Mr. Merkur after the insurance company concluded that my wife's impairment was 0 percent from the car accident, even though different experts assessed her as catastrophically injured, and our previous lawyer tried to persuade us to compromise our claim for a quick ending. Fighting the legal battle with his expertise and wise manoeuvring, Mr. Merkur successfully resolved the cases and forced the insurance companies to settle the cases with the catastrophic-level compensation.

The settlements can't compensate all our losses and suffering we have been experienced, but knowing it is the best results we can possibly achieve without waiting for a lengthy legal process, we are very grateful that we have chosen Thomson Rogers and Mr. Darcy Merkur. It is unfortunate that the car accident happened to us but on the other side we feel really lucky that someone like Mr Merkur stands behind us and protects us from any harm when we went through the prolonged litigation process. He has become the most trusted person for the past few years in our life and addressed a lot of our worries.

We can't find enough words to thank Mr. Merkur and the staff in Thomson Rogers for the excellent work done for us. You give us a new future!

Warmest regards,

Nick and Jun

I do not remember the exact date that Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers came into our lives. I believe it was in June 2010 . . . We interviewed three different lawyers representing three different firms in Toronto. We felt very comfortable and also comforted by Darcy. He was a dad too. His children were one year younger and one year older than our Zoe. He showed care and compassion. We felt that he truly cared about our family and was the right lawyer to represent our daughter for all the right reasons. Ridiculously smart too, but please do not tell him I said that!

This would be another long, tedious, emotional roller coaster. It will take 'years' to go through this legal battle he stated . . . he was very precise on instructions and how difficult this would be for my entire family.

Read Denise's inspirational story about daughter Zoe Gottwald who was only four years old when she lost her left leg in a lawnmower accident


Honestly, I do not know how I could have gotten through this ordeal if chance had not brought me to great people and great professionals, Mr. Leonard Kunka and Mr. Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers. St. Michael's Hospital had given me a list of law firms specializing in personal injury and warned me that they are not allowed to recommend any particular firm and so I randomly chose for myself. As it turns out, I made the best choice possible. During the next eight years that Thomson Rogers was helping us, our family never for an instant doubted that we made the right choice by working with this company.

From the beginning, Thomson Rogers provided many useful services to us as their clients. First, Thomson Rogers fought for our financial rights, successfully working to ensure payments of all our bills by the insurance company as well as representing our interests in legal actions which finished in our favor with two structured annuity settlements.

Second, and perhaps more importantly in our situation, with Thomson Rogers' initiative and their help, a special support group was created for my daughter and the whole family. This group, at the center of which was Knorr & Associates Inc., coordinated the whole rehabilitation process.

Today, almost ten years after the tragedy, my daughter, my son, and I all want to thank the excellent team of professionals at Thomson Rogers for all they have done for us.

Tragedy hit this family one day in Niagara-on-the-Lake, read their inspirational story > > >


I truly believe I had the best rehab team out there. Starting with Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers. Having Darcy lead my rehab team, he made it possible for me to actually concentrate on rehab being my full time job. He put together the rehab team I worked with for seven years and together we worked day in and day out, on my best interests. This is more than just a pay cheque to Thomson Rogers and the therapists that they work with. They have a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives. Without a doubt, they have all made a difference in mine. I will forever be indebted to my entire rehab team. Even to this day, we keep in contact and they continue to help me reach my goals.

Read Julianna's inspiration story: "Everything did not go as planned and this is okay"


After my car accident in 2008, and spending 6 months in different hospitals for intensive rehabilitation . . . I had to have a lawyer, and one was referred to us in the second hospital. This legal representative met myself, and my brother. He answered what questions we had at the time. After a year, we found that this legal representative was not a good fit for me. It was suggested that we contact Thomson Rogers and speak to one of their lawyers. I filled out the online contact request form we found on their website, and Darcy Merkur got in contact with me. We set a date to meet and interview Darcy. He was so knowledgeable, and I felt comfortable hiring him. The relief we had, knowing that Thomson Rogers was looking after my case, was immeasurable. My recovery was as important to Darcy & Thomson Rogers as it was to me.

Read Tammy's inspirational story: "Never take your life for granted, things can change in an instant"


Dear Darcy,

There are no words to adequately describe the truly outstanding result that Darcy was able to achieve in the litigation of my 2013 motor vehicle accident. My case was exceedingly complex and required much "brain power" and "laser like focus". My medical situation was wrought with a myriad of sinister etiologies that led medical specialists and legal professionals to decline my case. They seemed to have an appetite for "simpler" cases that require less work and more profits for the service provider "skimming the cream so to speak". This spoke to poor integrity and a lack of chops.

To find the right lawyer for our case we checked the local Legal Industry (GTA to Hamilton) by contacting and speaking to people that know what's going on "where the rubber hits the road". (Example: Occupational Therapists (O.T.) that understand which lawyers and organizations had the most "Street Cred"). Paradoxically it was an O.T. from our opponent that gave me Darcy recommendation that helped seal the deal. Also, we spoke to medical and EMT workers representing nightmare stories from very ill patients being abused - misrepresented and they want to tell their stories. It makes for great emergency room filler. The good news is that Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers had the best reputation. Ironically, we had never heard of you until we really started to listen.

Darcy, your reputation stood out compared to all others and you did not disappoint. Throughout the entire process it was you that navigated a tremendously tedious, detailed file (that had more medical paper that any 10 cases combined) to a resolution that was acceptable to all involved. From a timeline perspective, you exceeded the expectations of all involved. Thank you for all you brought. You made it happen . . . Consider us your most ardent admirers, the kind of forever clients that will be your lifelong advocates in all legal conversations, I am certain our paths will cross again.

Since we met you and your team (like Merna Daoud and Stacy John), we have always been really proud and keen to advise all that we speak with, that we are being represented by the fastidiously competent Darcy Merkur and he is supported by the prestigious law firm: Thomson Rogers.

Thank you - Darcy and Team. Thank you all - most sincerely.

- Chris & Debbie

p.s. In January 2016, we were experiencing a legal issue that could cause us some financial peril. We contacted Darcy and was so impressed with Mr. Merkur's intelligence and prompt action. He drafted a genius, strategic letter that compelled the "other" company to capitulate. They agreed to full re-payment to us of "every single penny", as Darcy put it and it will be paid to us within the next two weeks. WOW, in the legal business, that is beyond impressive - that's "Heroic", like a modern day Robin Hood. Your words are your arrows - precise and true. The eloquence of your strategies are so fluent that they are just undeniable. Well done fine sir.

Chris & Debbie

Hi Darcy,

I received the settlement last week and wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done for me and my family. There is not the slightest doubt that without you, both my future and the future of my boys would be drastically different. you were incredible despite the fact that at many points along the way I'm sure you had to deal with more than your fair share.

On the first day I met you, you said "we help a lot of kids." Never has a truer statement been said. Alex's future looks much different today than it did then and I could neither be more proud, or more grateful.

Thank you again Darcy for everything.


Darcy, I just want to take this opportunity and thank you on a job well done by both you and your associates. It's trying times when a loved one becomes injured in an accident. You and your associates were both professional and compassionate. I know it can't be easy when you're dealing with a client and a parent. Thanks for all your hard work. I would recommend your firm to anyone.

Rick J.

Darcy Merkur is not just good, he is amazing.

He is well diversified. He surrounds himself with the right network of people that look at his clients as a "whole", and he delegates each one of those people to reach optimum comfort for his clients. Everything is done in a timely manner, and there are never any unforeseen surprises, at least not in my case.

He is down to earth, speaks with his clients with a normal tone and an understanding that not all of us have gone through law school.

Darcy is amazing, he fights for what he thinks is right.

Maria P.

Hey Darcy,

This is S. Rajapakse whose motorcycle accident case you recently settled. I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your work in this case. I was more than happy with the outcome and am glad to put the matter behind me. I am also pleased at how smoothly everything went...

S. Rajapakse

Dear Mr. Merkur,

I am very much pleased with the speed and result of the settlement and I thank you all for the support.

R. Geroche

Dear Len and Darcy,

We want you both to know how fortunate we are to have such a fine team representing us.

The accident certainly changed my lifestyle in a hurry! However it was so much easier to deal with knowing that your firm was so involved in looking after our interests.

We thank you for
- your professional and common sense approach
- your knowledgeable and sound advice
- your excellent communication
- achieving a fair and just settlement

Thanks again for doing such a fine job and caring so much.

E. Chatten and R. Chatten

Mr. Merkur,

Thank you for the excellent service that you provided in handling my case against the insurance company. We want you to know that before we were referred to you, we had seen 3 other lawyers that also specialized in car accidents and they all said that I would receive a very minimum amount in settlement. You, however, were able to settle for 6 TIMES the amount that the other lawyers were predicting.

C. Perruccio

Dear Darcy,

Thank you for all the help you provided me with during my recovery from my motorcycle accident. If it were not for you and your staff I would have been no wiser as to my legal rights and consequently financial support.

You and your staff handled my requests expeditiously and for that I'm very grateful. You were always available for informative help.

Thanks for obtaining me a final settlement with the insurance company which was far beyond what I expected.

G. Yates

Dear Mr. Merkur,

I am very happy with the settlement you recieved for me. My daughters also thank you for the contribution they received as part of the settlement. I am following up with you, to let you know how pleased I am at the outcome. I really am grateful and hope that you know how happy I am to be telling you so!

E. Messier

Dear Darcy,

Thank you for the job well done!! It was very much appreciated.

You guys are the best, God bless you.

P. Metatawabin

Dear Mr. Merkur,

Your letter arrived this week, a few days after we had received two cheques, each for 50% of our investments, from KPMG, and we both wanted to thank you so very much for all the help given to us by you.

Without the feeling of trust we had in you we would, perhaps, not have been courageous enough to have participated in the class action suit, and thereby lost a large sum of money.

Our best wishes for your continued success in the future.

Yours very truly,

J. & O. Sears

Dear Darcy R. Merkur,

It is with the greatest appreciation that I write this.

The monies we invested with FMFS were extremely important to our future. We cannot thank you enough for your exemplary work in conducting your investigation and litigation.

We won't hesitate to recommend you and your firm, should we hear of someone that can use your assistance.

C. & G. Richardson

Dear Darcy,

Doug and I would like to express our thanks to you for the work you did on our behalf to compensate us for our loss through Factor Corp. This has made a huge difference in our lives since we were at retirement age when this took place. You can imagine our concern at the thought of losing everything we had put into this plan and now we can rest a little easier, thanks to your abilities.

Your expertise has made a difference in our lives and we want you to know how much we appreciate this. We don’t have the abilities that you have to enter into a legal discussion of this nature – and yes, we will definitely call you should the need arise, heaven forbid!

P. & D. Wettlaufer

Dear Darcy,

I would like to thank you for your professionalism and support! I couldn’t even dream to resolve my case so fast!

I appreciate your help and am very glad that I have chosen you to represent my case!

With great appreciation,

Ksenia O.

Switching lawyers to Darcy Merkur was one of the best decisions I have taken in the past 3 years!

Ksenia O. thanking her referring treatment provider.

Dear Darcy,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the incredible assistance you and your team gave me and my family. The accident altered our lives, and you helped make the alterations bearable.

It was so comforting having a knowledgeable professional like you on my team.

You always made me feel safe and confident in my legal journey. I am able to look forward to my revised life positively.

I would also like to thank the staff of Thomson Rogers. They were extremely supportive.

Thank You Darcy!

Tammy K.

Dear Darcy,

I am writing to thank you and Thomson Rogers for all you did for my sister and I, in the speedy resolution of Tammy’s case.

I don’t think anyone can prepare for the overwhelming situation that arises following an accident. I spent months trying to read and comprehend everything.

Then we called Thomson Rogers and you came to help. You explained everything clearly. Any questions we had, you quickly handled. Everyone at Thomson Rogers was courteous and understanding and made us feel like we were important.

So, on behalf of my family, my sister, and myself, I thank you Darcy and your firm for a great job! I wish only the best for you all.

M. F. Derochie


A sincere "Thank-you" for putting quick closure on a most difficult time in my life. Throughout the process you’ve been diligent, trustworthy & ethical.

You listened to my urgency for prompt resolution & as a result you pleasantly surprised me with a settlement that was beyond anything I was expecting.

I "thank you" for your hard work and decent nature.

With grateful regards,

Marge P.

In the fall of 2009, I was hit by a car while crossing the street in my wheelchair. My chair was thrown about 25 feet and made about 3 rotations. After hitting the ground it was unfixable to say the least, and my body did not fair any better.

Two weeks after the accident I was having major difficulties talking, sleeping and generally a great amount of pain everywhere in my body. My doctor told me to sue the driver, which I had not even considered. My problem was finding a law firm which I could trust in my state of mind, or rather, lack of mind. Wheels kept spinning and I still did not know where to go.

A friend told me about a law firm that had helped out many in similar circumstances. The firm was Thomson Rogers, and I was lucky enough to get Darcy Merkur as my lawyer. This guy actually cared about his clients and after grueling questions by him he agreed to take me on as a client. Luckiest day of my life.

Darcy has turned out to be not just a great lawyer, but a caring man as well. Who has ever heard of a lawyer who comes to the hospital to visit you and see how you are doing? Mine did on several occasions. His law clerk Elena has also turned out to be a gem that I can count on anytime. Between Darcy and Elena I feel confident that no matter how this suit finally turns out, I know that it will be the best that anyone could expect.

Thank you all for taking care of me and making me always feel comfortable that you are always acting in my best interest.

Gratefully yours,

Robin S.

Following our accident we sought advice from a lawyer referred to us by a lawyer friend of ours. After more than a year our medical doctor mentioned that he had never been contacted by our lawyer and he found that quite surprising. That was when we knew we had an issue with our first lawyer and that we needed help.

Darcy, in a week, took us further than the 1st lawyer had in more than a year. The end result/settlement was greater than we had anticipated; particularly after the process had been delayed. Darcy communicated effectively; he provided ongoing counsel and never created any false expectations. We did go to discovery and Darcy's coaching was helpful during that stressful time. We are very happy we went to Thomson Rogers and to Darcy in particular.

Jane and Paul Beck

Dear Darcy,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My son now has the possibility for a future, thanks to your endless work on my behalf.

On the day of mediation I was very worried that I was going to get very little money from the stingy folks at our favourite insurance company.

You may not have noticed but I was far from my best that day, I should have been in hospital. You picked up my slack and “held my hand” during this very stressful procedure.

I thought that I would take anything that the insurance company offered, but you wouldn’t let me. You kept maneuvering around those guys like they were puppets, there to do your bidding. After five grueling hours I had a settlement that was larger than my wildest dreams. I don’t hand out compliments very often, but the dedication, hard work and patience on your part came through. I saw my files at one point and could not believe what you and Elena had put together on my behalf. Elena answered my never ending questions for well over a year, and was always kind, efficient and honest.

I got more money then you promised and I truly believe what I told you in the settlement process during a break. I was blessed the day that I found you for my lawyer, and grateful for being treated like a human being.

You may not feel the same way but you and Elena feel more like friends than someone who I was lucky enough to hire.

Liam and I thank you both from the bottom of our hearts, and you will always be remembered as the lawyer with a heart and soul, who truly stands behind their clients.

Thanks again.

R. Saunders and son Liam

I would like to personally thank you for the professionalism and respect that was shared between you and I as well as the entire team during the handling of this claim to ensure that our mutual goal of helping D and his family was accomplished. Your trust and our mutual respect allowed me to interact and develop a working relationship between D and his family as well as all his health care practitioners, that was not only appreciated, but in my opinion, was another reason for the successful handling and result of D’s claim. It was a complete and utter pleasure to work with you and the team and I look forward to working with you and/or Thomson Rogers again.

Letter from senior accident benefit insurance adjuster upon the successful resolution of a child’s catastrophic impairment accident benefit claim (May, 2012)

Just want to say again, how grateful I am for the work you did in pursuing my claim for my accident this May.

Thomson and Rogers came highly recommended but I didn't expect the level of service I received.

I truly felt like you took a personal interest in my case and were always courteous, thorough and attentive. I always received an immediate response to all my queries. I also appreciated that you took the time to explain each step in the process to me.

Most of I am impressed with the amount I was awarded, which speaks to your ability as a negotiator.

I would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

With much gratitude.

Barbara B.

Hello Darcy, you’ve never met me but I’m Ryan’s mother. I just want to let you know that I got a text from my son with a picture of a cheque that came to him today and boy is he happy and so excited. You have done an amazing job for him and I love my boy with all my heart and my daughter. I just wanted to tell you that to see his life made a little more bearable is really really special and you have enabled that to happen. It’s terrible what happened to my daughter this year concerning their children and our whole family has been up and down on a roller coaster ride non-stop and it’s so nice to know that there are people in the world like you that really help when it’s needed. All I can say Darcy is that I hope to meet you some day and I’ll make you a great home-made lemon pound cake from scratch with lemon drizzle on top and you’ll love it, as a thank you from Ryan’s mother. You’ve done an awesome job.
Thank you so much Darcy.

Mother of Ryan S.

In 2006 my mom was involved in a collision, resulting in a permanent injury to her knees and back. For a few years following the incident, life became terrible for her as well as us, her family. Multiple surgeries, countless painkillers, hours of therapy, a relationship breakdown, and the loss of her ability to work did more damage to her mind and heart than the collision itself did. We could never get her the right support she needed to heal properly without fear for her future.

After a difficult experience with another firm, she received a referral for Thomson Rogers. After a little research, it became clear that Thomson Rogers would be the best place for a situation like hers, given the depth of their experience with personal injury cases.

I remember mom being nervous about the first meeting. As we sat in the lobby, she stared at the floor, barely holding herself together. She worried what she would do if nobody took her on. When Stacey and Darcy sat down with her, I think that hopelessness came through as she told them about her case. We later drove home with the same relief that comes when you pass something heavy to someone else to hold when your arms are about to give out.

Over the following months, information and discussions with the other parties flew back and forth. We never knew exactly what was happening day to day, but it was clear that things were moving forward. Some days I would come home from work and mom would be on the phone with Stacey, who had called to see how she was doing. Some clients need to have frequent contact and Stacey recognized that.

Less than two years after that first meeting, a resolution was reached with a better-than-expected outcome. This end was fair and final, which is all mom wanted from the beginning.

If she had not asked Stacey and Darcy for help, there is no telling where she would be now. I don’t even want to think about that. Rather, I’m thankful I get to see her new reality where she no longer worries about getting by, her spirit is restored, and her body in a manageable state. I am grateful that I get to see her get married next year and have the life she always wanted for herself. Thanks to Stacey, Darcy and the team at Thomson Rogers, I get to see that happy endings really do exist.

Holly C.

In September 2011 our world changed. Our 19 year old son, fresh into college, was walking home from a friends a few blocks from our home when he was struck down by a car. He was alone, there were no witnesses and the driver left the scene where he lay unconscious on the road. The driver was never identified.

Weeks later when he left the trauma unit to enter rehab, it was suggested we find a lawyer. We were provided with information on a number of firms. It was then we met Darcy Merkur with Thomson and Rogers. We met someone who was supportive, professional and committed. Up to this point we had little knowledge of our rights or the supports available to us. We felt rescued and hopeful.

Darcy worked with us for the next two and a half years. The case was complex and working with my son was challenging because of how the catastrophic brain injury affected his personality. It was a very difficult time. Darcy was persistent and creatively found ways to work with him.

My son will need support for the rest of his life. His life goals have completely shifted and although his dreams may not have changed, the challenges he faces to make them come true are mountainous.

Darcy Merkur was successful. Not only because of his diligence and determination to contend with the details of the case and close with an appreciative settlement, Darcy was able to establish a solid, trusting relationship with our son which was the most important quality of all.

Pat C.

Here I sit, the afternoon of Christmas Eve, feeling ever so grateful to be alive and well, our lives once more on a forward course. A little over two years ago, my husband and I were visiting family in Ottawa. We were getting a little tour of Lars from Rodney's aunt Jean when she pulled onto a highway, having not seen the car coming down towards us at highway speed. The car was T-boned, Aunt Jean was killed, and Rodney, in the passenger seat, and I, right behind him were taken to the Ottawa General. I had a cracked sternum and severe bruising across my chest, where the seat belt had held me in, and bruising on my knee, which is fading, oh so slowly. Rodney sustained a much more direct impact - but his injuries were slower to be detected and develop.

Back in Nova Scotia, it was clear that Rodney would not be able to return to work, due to injuries to his back. We talked to Rodney's cousin, a lawyer who practices in Nova Scotia, who advised us to find a lawyer in Ontario, and proceed from there. She recommended Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers, in Toronto. We felt we were in good hands from the first phone call forward. He and his clerk were professional, understanding and clear in their advice. They were available any time we tried to reach them and supportive as we made our way through the unfamiliar steps of seeking compensation.

The case was settled painlessly and very much to our satisfaction. We are able to put this accident behind us and resume our lives. We know we were most fortunate to have injuries we recovered from, though Rodney will always have to watch his back, so to speak! We certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur to anyone who is looking for a lawyer specializing in personal injury.

Janet R.

Na- Me- Res would like to say CHI-MIIGWETCH! - (Thank you in Ojibway)

To Thomson Rogers:

(Alan Farrer, Craig Brown, Darcy Merkur, Marcia Schmitt)

Through your generous donation at this time of year, Na- Me- Res is able to provide much needed items to over 222 clients we serve through our Programs and Services offered at our Men’s shelter—14 Vaughan Road; our Youth Shelter- 26 Vaughan Road, as well as the clients in our Outreach Services Department assisted on the streets. Your donation goes along way in providing Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.

Glad Tidings and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!!!!!

Na- Me- Res


I went down on Sept 20th, 2007, and applied for my residential school compensation for common experience for the five years I spent in the St Philips Residential School in Keeseekoose Saskatchewan.

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work yourself, Darcy Merkur, Alan Farrer and others in your firm put into ending one of Canada's most tragic legacies. I truly believe, (as a person who was on hand to see the day to day dealing with the federal government), that without your firm's relentless pursuit to end this legal and often painful experience, that it may not have been settled. You and your firm should take a bow and pat yourselves on the back for a great job well done.

So again, I want to thank you and your firm for all you have done on behalf of us survivors. Many don't realize the work your company put into settling this issue.

B. J. Quewezance
Residential School Survivor 1965-1969 St Philips Residential School

I wish to congratulate you and your staff for your diligent efforts in finally achieving closure regarding the Farm Mutual Financial Services Inc. claim. I am very grateful for your involvement, it could not have come at a more opportune time for me. Cudos to you all.

I most certainly will keep your name on file should I ever be faced with a similar situation.

E. J. Eaton

Having had the misfortune of suffering personal injuries for reasons beyond my control on two separate occasions over the last few years, I had the good fortune of retaining the law firm Thomson Rogers to look after my interests.

The gentlemen who handled my cases, Mr. Darcy Merkur in the first instance, Mr. Stephen Birman in the second, were exemplary in their support and professionalism, and obtained results beyond my expectations. I could not have been in better hands!

H.H. Bremer, PhD

Hi Darcy,

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you, Len, and the entire team for the exemplary services you have provided me. Your services are very commendable and are sincerely appreciated.

V. Cayabyab