I got in touch with Deanna Gilbert after three very long years of stress and anxiety from dealing with my previous lawyer. I was involved in an accident which I thought should have been an easy case to resolve. I was a pedestrian crossing the street at a crosswalk and I was hit by a car. I suffered several injuries and my life was altered forever. When I explained my situation to Deanna she happily agreed to take over my case and I immediately felt my stress and anxiety melt away. Hiring her was the best decision I could have ever made. She saved me from several more years of having to deal with my previous lawyer.

The amazing effort and amount of work she put into my case was evident from the start. She knew more about my case during our first meeting than I even knew myself. Her incredible work continued throughout the entire process. I had so many questions and Deanna was there every time. I never felt rushed during our conversations and she took the time to make sure that I really understood everything every step of the way. I never felt like my case was being “put on the back burner” and forgotten about. She always referred me to the best doctors and specialists for my injuries and always made sure all documents and paperwork were completed properly and on time.

Even during a global pandemic I always felt like Deanna had my best interests in mind. I did not have to chase her down for anything, not even once. In fact, she is the one who made sure I stayed on top of everything at all times. When I felt unmotivated and hopeless, Deanna was always there to make sure I stayed on track and did not lose hope.

I used to worry so much about my future after the accident, but now that my case has settled I don't have to worry anymore. Deanna is truly an amazing person and my life is infinitely better thanks to her.

Reza Nayeb-Yazdi

A big thank you to Darcy Merkur and to his team at Thomson Rogers Lawyers. In 2015 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while cycling. I was referred to Darcy. Your service has exceeded my expectations. Your high standards show in your hard work and dedication. You love to take challenges and I really appreciate you for showing this kind of attitude in my case. You are also exceptional in leading your team. Everyone on your team worked hard right till the end. I am so blessed to have had you on my side fighting for me and financially securing my future. You believed in me and fought for me and my family and we are forever grateful to you for helping us through this tough time. Thank you Darcy. We will never forget you.

Sonia B.D.

Without Thomson Rogers, I'm not sure what my future would hold. Without the professional and courteous help from the likes of Leonard Kunka, Alex, and Michael, it would be tedious trudging. In 2012, I lost both legs, below the knee, and had all 10 fingers, to the first knuckle, amputated. Pure and utter pain. Without their help, positive reinforcement, and supreme communication skills, my future would be bleak. The road ahead would have been an uphill battle, a real tough climb too, so I'm eternally grateful for the help, and so glad they were on my side. With Thomson Rogers, you see, my future is not daunting at all, it's financially secure. Its so bright, I gotta wear shades. And, I can't thank the entire team enough. Thank-you for everything.

Derrick O.D.

My Lawyers; David MacDonald, Stephen Birman and Lucy Jacksonn, along with Senior Law Clerk Christina Chimonides, are an absolute, amazing legal team. My late brother, also a lawyer, was very impressed with them. I am very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, quick responses, genuine compassion, and no-nonsense attitude in dealing with defendants in my case. I am very happy with the work done so far on my case. I highly recommend this legal team!!


Stephen Birman was very helpful and professional. He always made himself available to me whenever I needed to ask a question or discuss an issue with him. He was very good at resolving our case in a timely and efficient manner. He explained things very clearly when we didn’t understand and made us feel valued.

Hal G.

When our son was involved in an accident and sustained a catastrophic brain injury, Sloan Mandel handled any issues we had with our accident benefit insurer and our tort case. We can't thank him enough for taking that burden from us and successfully assuring our sons future.

Mary-Louise B.

On Dec. 6th, 2011, my wife's car was T–Boned by an over-speeding SUV. The Impact was so bad that paramedics had to pull her out unconscious. She suffered many medical complications including loss of hearing and broken collar bone, etc. The professional skilled surgeon at Toronto Western General Hospital Dr. Ramprasad had to insert metal plate and screws to hold her collar bone. Thomson Rogers was highly recommended by very close professional contacts and we are very happy we hired them. From the beginning, Ian Furlong, a very skilled professional, confident and responsive lawyer and his team handled the case with patience and truthfulness until the end. They had to fight off the bully insurance company whose only task was to delay settlement and waste money on tests that were not justified nor needed. Ian Furlong and his team made sure I received the best possible outcome despite the insurance company throwing unnecessary hurdles. Also, Ian Furlong’s analytical, mediation and judgement were very excellent to deal with. We would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Lawyers and Ian Furlong for any Injuries as they are the best of the best. Nobody can beat them from our personal experience.

Alnoor K.

In this society of wham bang, thank you man, it's easy to be forgotten after the dust settles. But, obviously not at Thomson Rogers. Ms. Fernandes expressed in her letter, "We deeply value our clients," thank you for that, this gesture is much appreciated. What Darcy Merkur did for me and my family can never be repaid. Darcy will always have a spot in our hearts for his tenacity, his support, and his guidance. Thank you, Ruth, thank you Thomson Rogers, and as always, thank you Darcy.

Rick B.

An extremely professional and knowledgeable lawyer. We are so thankful we had Mr. Sloan Mandel representing us. He has a hardworking team who are also professional. They were also there for us to answer questions and help us. Sloan was there for us all the way through this most difficult time. A dedicated lawyer we could count on that provides the very best services. Thank you.


Thomson Rogers Lawyers helped me in more ways then I could try to sum up in this post, so I'll try to make it brief. What I experienced was top tier outstanding professionalism in EVERY aspect regardless the duration of time that had past during my case. My lawyer Sloan Mandel and his team were their every step of the way to answer questions, guide and give me the best legal options and opinions that helped ME, the client, achieve the best results possible. I am truly thankful I had switched from my previous lawfirm...that firm that was going to charge me OUTRAGIOUS eye popping percentages on my settlement and offer me less then a quarter of the skill, reputation or professional value that Thomson Rogers brings. 10/10 on every level nothing more I can say! Thank you for being David in my corner against the Goliath!


My family and I are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication Denitza Koev from Thomson Rogers demonstrated while representing us. Throughout the long four year process of expropriation she has been an incredible advocate, educator and strong team player. There was never a time I was left wondering what was happening with the case. We are extremely happy with the final results and could not have had a better outcome thanks to Denitza Koev.

T.L. W.

Leonard Kunka and his team of professionals provided our family with help during a tough time from the beginning to end. They provided us with professional advice and legal services along with emotional support. Their lawsuit achieved results that were beyond my expectations. We were very fortunate to have had their support, guidance, and assistance for our case and situation.

Janet G.

I got into a motorcycle accident in 2016, and ever since I found Thomson Rogers they permanently changed my life. My lawyer was Carr Hatch, he was absolutely so patient with me dealing with my constant neediness and made sure my mind was at ease every step of the way. I can't emphasize the amount of gratitude that I owe to the Thomson Rogers team, especially to Carr. Highly recommend. Hopefully I never have to see you guys again, but if something ever were to happen again, I know exactly where to go. Thanks again Guys!!

Kiana S.

2 1/2 years of exceptional 'customer service' from the moment David MacDonald at Thomson Rogers took over my case. I was not 'just a file or a number', I was very much a 'person', being taken care of and helped along my rehabilitation journey after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury in a motorcycle accident. Whatever and whoever I needed to get better was promptly put in place, up and running with incredible service providers. Diane Bregg was amazing! My TBI caused incredible anxiety and she was patient yet thorough, explaining everything to me along the way, clarifying any questions I had. Robert Ben provided incredible support during my Examination for Discovery. Thomson Rogers provided me the BEST legal team led by David MacDonald. I will forever be grateful as a year and half later I can afford the people I need as I continue my recovery journey. David, Diane and Robert worked WITH me as opposed to for me and I couldn't have asked for a better team!

Kassie G.

This is an excellent company! Darcy Merkur is our lawyer after my wife got a car accident. Since that Darcy and his team help us a lot and they did a very great job! We appreciate their help! We highly recommend Darcy and this law firm!

Patrick L.

I would like to thank Stacey Stevens and her team at Thomson Rogers for all their help. Stacey is kind, caring and dedicated to her clients. I found Stacey at a difficult time in my recovery from a MVA, and I felt like I could focus on healing while she helped take care of the legal side. I knew I was in good hands. I was happy with the settlement she got me as it was more than we were both expecting. I would not hesitate to recommend Stacey Stevens and Thomson Rogers to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer. Thank you Stacey, from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your hard work.

Mel H.

Settled with my insurance using Thomson Rogers (David MacDonald). Super attentive and responsive to any questions asked in person and via email during settlement and even years after. I'm very happy with the results. As a client with a brain injury, they made things very easily understandable for me.

Melanie T.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Darcy Merkur and his team at Thomson Rogers Lawyers. My daughter Zoe, who was 4 years old, was involved in an accident in 2010 whereby she lost her left leg. We were in a state of deep despair and darkness. We feel so lucky and extremely grateful to have met Darcy. He guided us through the legal process and was very clear on what we should and should not expect. He was very empathetic and understanding of our horrible situation. We felt confident with Darcy during the process and knew that we were in very capable hands with his guidance and expertise. We are happy to say that we recently settled favourably for Zoe and we are very relieved. Throughout the entire process Darcy never once deviated from being highly professional and responsive to our needs. I strongly suggest to anybody with a personal injury complaint to directly contact Darcy Merkur. We would also like to thank Darcy's other team at Thomson Rogers Lawyers, Merna Daoud and Stacy John, who assisted Darcy throughout our entire file and are so pleasant. Thomson Rogers Lawyers are market leaders, and their success rates are high. We would not hesitate to recommend them. They are the best to deal with during the worst of times. We now feel like we have some closure, and we can move ahead for our Daughter. Thank you.

Denise R.

It has been just over 5 years since my accident. David MacDonald and his team that included Robert Ben, Diane Bregg and the rest of Thomson Rogers assistants are beyond competent. They are a compassionate team that fight tooth and nail against the insurance companies to get you the best possible settlement without deepening their pockets and taking from yours. I can honestly say that I made the best decision one year after my accident to dismiss my original lawyer and hire David Macdonald. I was so unhappy with my previous lawyer due to the fact that she was making me feel unjust in my needs and increased my level of depression and lack of purpose. My neuropsychologist suggested that I might want to consider changing lawyers based on the unneeded mental anguish that my previous lawyer was adding to my life especially when the accident wasn’t my fault. When I interviewed three lawyers, my comfort and decision was made in choosing David MacDonald at Thomson Rogers. He has won several awards for civil litigations because he knows what he is doing and is extremely good at what he does. David, Robert or Diane would call me within hours to at most a day to answer any of my questions. They would help clarify and repeat information in layman’s terms for me to understand. I can’t say enough about David Macdonald and Robert Ben. It has been a long and hard road to get to a settlement but I can assure you that you are in very good hands. I highly recommend this team if you need legal counsel for a civil litigation case.

Patti L.

Thanks to Darcy (Merkur) and team for taking care of the case and being so nice and professional all the time and putting more than required effort.

Karan S.

Darcy (Merkur) and his team are the nicest people I have met in my life. They handled our case very well.

Neeraj D.

My first meeting with Stephen Birman was on Friday May 17, 2013 at the 390 Bay Street offices of Thomson Rogers. Though in pain after a motor car accident, I was wowed by his courteous listening and tone reflected in his responses. His attitude and behaviour turned out to be therapeutic by the way he empathized and solved problems. Throughout our interactions, which went on till October 2016, Stephen was highly professional. He came across - borne out by results he obtained - as very competent, confident, and experienced in handling accident benefit and tort claims. He provided invaluable advice, set the right expectations and delivered beyond the set expectations. Stephen Birman is an excellent communicator. In being so, he allayed my fears, my anxieties and lowered my stress levels. The masterful way in which he orchestrated/coordinated referrals to/with various therapists went a very long way in providing me with the healing I needed. Stephen Birman is a natural, born into his profession. I was lucky to have met Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers upon whom I cast all my accident benefit and tort claims cares. I could not have had any better!

Jeremiah A.

Darcy Merkur your professionalism, friendly attitude and willingness to help with any of my inquiries and or concerns were tremendously impactful in my life. I never imagined that working with a lawyer would be such a pleasant experience and working with you has set the bar extremely high. You always made yourself available for me to answer any questions and kept me calm when things were really stressful for me and my family. I couldn't imagine anyone else getting me the results you provided. I am grateful for all that you have done for me and my family and we will forever consider you as a friend. I would recommend you anytime to anyone who's suffered a car accident or any type of personal injury!

Anish A.

Thomson Rogers is hands down the best Law Firm in all of Ontario. David MacDonald was extremely thorough, thoughtful and patient throughout our legal proceedings. Every employee I dealt with was very kind and friendly as well. At the end of the day Thomson Rogers and David MacDonald are a 10 out of 10 in my books.

Stephanie L.

I am pleased to be able to review Thompson Rogers Law Firm with the highest rating possible. I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, which caused the amputation of my leg at the accident scene. David MacDonald and Sloan Mandel were professional and thorough. An attribute that cannot be overlooked is how compassionate they were as well. I am grateful that they looked after my case.

Client Testimonial From wmckiern

In April 2014 I was involved in a traffic accident on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. I was hit from behind while at a dead stop by another driver travelling at roughly 90 Kms/hour. As a result of the accident I was left with head, neck, shoulder and back injuries. A good friend recommended that I speak with Thomson Rogers and specifically with Stephen Birman one of the Partners of the firm. Stephen took the time to meet with me to discuss the details of my accident and together with a diary that I kept from the day of the accident, he took copious notes of the event and laid out the approach that he would take to represent me. Due to the nature of my injuries, I regularly met with doctors and specialists to address my medical condition over a period of more than 2 years and I met with Stephen on a regular basis to discuss my medical condition and to obtain updates on the status of the work being done by the Firm to as part of the preparation of the Statement of Claim that was being prepared on my behalf. The attention to detail, the communication and the approach used by Stephen was first class and exceeded my expectations. Over a period of more than 2 years, Stephen represented me and my Statement of Claim eventually resulted in mediation taking place in late 2016. Stephen fully briefed me before the mediation and he outlined the process and what I should expect to take place on the day of the mediation. The result, an acceptable settlement was reached in late 2016. If you are looking for a first class firm to represent you in the event you are in an accident, I recommend that you contact Thomson Rogers and Stephen Birman. Many thanks to the firm for representing me during this difficult time in my life.

John W.

Stacey Stevens and the team at Thomson Rogers Lawyer (the firm) are amazing people to have representing you. Their attention to detail and communication provides comfort and peace of mind. Stacey is very passionate and cares very much about her clients, she goes above and beyond for you not only as a client but as an individual to ensure you receive the best possible outcome despite all of the hurdles. I would recommend Stacey Stevens and the law firm of Thomson Rogers to represent you. Thank you Stacey!!!!!!!

Ashraf I.

I was compelled put down a few words about my experience with my lawyer David MacDonald, his team and Thomson Rogers in general, because of the tremendous impact they had in my life after my accident. I was riding through a Burlington intersection (on my green light), on this fateful day. I was struck by a truck making a left turn. I ended up in a coma. I spent 3 days in a coma and 5 months in the hospital. I had a fractured skull and other injuries. I later found out I also had a condition called Post Traumatic Strabismus (or Double vision) due to my brain injury. When I was in the hospital, and I was in the hospital a lot, for one reason or another, many of my material possessions were taken away. I mentioned this because not only did David help me by litigating my personal injury case, he also helped me put all the other pieces of my life back together again. He treated me like family in the most vulnerable time of my life and this means the world to me. David and Thomson Rogers go way above and beyond the expectations you may have in a lawyer and a law firm, they help with the most seemingly unrelated things to the case. This for me also shows the ability that they have to truly connect with their clients and make a tremendous impact in their clients lives. They go much further than fighting your case for you; they help you put your life back together again, piece by piece. With this being said, I cannot fully encapsulate in a paragraph, or even a short statement what David and Thomson Rogers did for me and my well being or even what they gave back to me. They gave me back piece of mind and the ability to live my life to the fullest, which is what I do now every single day. They helped me achieve my health goals and my personal goals. Without Thomson Rogers I don't know where I'd be. Thomson Rogers is the only law firm that should be considered if ever, anyone you know needs a law firm.

Louis A.

Mr. David MacDonald is a hard working caring and sincere lawyer. I highly recommend David to anyone who has car accident or personal injury.

Ash H.

Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers was amazing to work with. He was knowledgable, professional, courteous, empathic and listened to my story, resulting in a favorable outcome. He definitely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for an injury Lawyer.

Sandra P.

I had an accident 2 years ago and Sloan Mandel at Thomson Rogers lawyers helped me out in this difficult situation where no one else could handle this case. Whole of the team at Thomson Rogers was very professional, amazing and kept me updated on my case. I am eternally grateful to everyone at Thomson Rogers Lawyers. Thank you so much!

Jashan K.

After my motor vehicle accident I needed a lawyer to help me navigate and access my car insurance benefits. I contacted Thomson Rogers and was lucky enough to meet with David MacDonald and his team. They did a wonderful job. I was involved with every decision and felt respected and listened to. They helped tremendously and I was able to maximize my benefits and have a settlement that supported my future needs.

Sue W.

Many years back, like 9 to be exact, I experienced an accident that almost took my life, but I survived. I spent months in a hospital bed and when I got out, I found it very difficult to get support and help in my recovery. I even tried what I thought was a good lawyer to help me. A bad choice. Then one day a driver taking me to an appointment, suggested I call David MacDonald at Thomson Rogers. That call changed my life for ever. Thomson Rogers took my case on and spent almost 2 years supporting my needs, fighting for my physical and mental support needs, as well as fighting for my future. Without David and the team, I would have been still relying on the ambulance chaser, who did nothing for me. Thank you very much to David MacDonald and the whole family at Thomson Rogers Lawyers.

Roger C.

My experience with David MacDonald and Thomson Rogers lawyers was better than expected in terms of professionalism and receiving updates. Also they understand the personal side/stress as a result of the situation. The outcome was what they and I hoped for, so I couldn't have been happier. And the road to get there was a lot less stressful than I expected, thanks to their straight-forward communication throughout the process. Absolutely recommend Thompson Rogers lawyers.

Gary R.

When you engage Thomson Roger's you can be assured you are in excellent hands. Special thanks to Stephen M. Birman who handled my case.

Don T.

Many lawyers try to make the legal process appear complex, adversarial and highly strategic. They try to impress upon you how much you need them. Darcy Merkur does the opposite. He knows how to make things simple. He treats the insurance companies with respect and they treat him with the same. He’s very experienced- he can’t be played by anyone and he doesn’t play either. The bureaucratic processes in the insurance industry take a little time, but if you have been injured and are looking for a fair settlement, Darcy will get you what you are entitled to with complete transparency and very little drama. He’s the kind of guy you will keep in touch with after your case is settled. A highly skilled gentleman.

Bryan D.

I was in a car accident a few years ago and David MacDonald at Thomson Rogers was my lawyer. David and his team (Ian, Diane and Elaine) all did an excellent job! They were always quick to get back to me whenever I called and pleasant to deal with. David was very diligent and went above and beyond in handling my case. David's knowledge of the law and the written material he prepared (for example, a mediation memorandum) were outstanding and very persuasive. His analytical skills and judgment were very good as well. I recommend David highly.

Ms. Murray

We were very fortunate to be referred to Stephen Birman at Thomson Rogers 6 years ago. Mr. Birman is professional, responsive and a man of his words. He worked on our case tirelessly over 5 years and was our champion to ensure an equitable outcome. We appreciate the excellent service he and and his associates at Thomson Rogers provided.

P. Chew

Thomson Rogers gave me back my son when the medical community felt they had gone as far as they could. David MacDonald, our lawyer, supported us all the way, advising, listening, supporting and fighting for my son's future. Due to David MacDonald and all the good people at Thomson Rogers my son has a full and comfortable life in spite of his disabilities. Twenty-seven years later David still keeps in touch!

Wendy T.

In 2012 my two sons and ex-wife were involved in a MVA. They were pedestrians crossing the road at a crosswalk when all three were hit by a car at approximately 50 km/h. At the time my two sons were quite young with my oldest being three-and-a-half and my youngest being only one-and-a-half. While my ex-wife and youngest son obtained minor injuries, my oldest son was unfortunately not quite as fortunate and suffered significant brain damage that I later learned was classified as “catastrophic.” I met Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers a few days after the accident at McMaster Children's Hospital where my oldest son was in the ICU. One of the first things Darcy said to me was “we help a lot of kids.” I know that quoting Darcy out of context may strike one as a bit odd, but this statement was something that resonated with me at a time I needed it and over the next few years I would see it proven time and time again. My son needed a lot of help and Darcy made sure he got it. I can say with certainty that there wasn’t a single avenue in my son's recovery that wasn’t explored. Today, and despite my son being a miracle, he still needs a lot of help and due to Darcy's work he has the funds to get the help he needs. To this day Darcy is a good friend and one of the best people I know. Both the lives of my son and my entire family would be vastly different today had Darcy Merkur not been the person I met in the hospital eight years ago. Myself, my sons and my family will forever be grateful to him. Should you find yourself reading this in an unfortunate situation akin to my own, I could not make a more strong recommendation to hire Darcy to represent your loved one.

Ryan S.

Craig Brown, I am so grateful to you, and your entire team for the fabulous support and caring I received throughout! You are remarkable and everyone is exemplary. With much affection.

D. Duprey

Darcy Merkur of Thompson Rogers was absolutely fantastic to work with! He kept me informed with updates regarding my case and was always cordial and friendly. He fought hard for my case and always kept my best interests in mind throughout the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent lawyer!

Meggie H.

I had an accident in 2015, and when I was looking for a lawyer, I found Thomson Rogers at the hardest time of my life. I'm thrilled that I found them because I got to work with Deanna Gilbert. She is an incredible lawyer. Deanna and her team kept me informed of what was happening with my case, I found her to be thoughtful and kind and compassionate. If it wasn't for her I would have not received the help I did and my rehabilitation outcome would have been different. Because of her and her team I was able to focus on healing and getting better. I'm so grateful to Deanna for taking such good care of me and getting the best possible outcome for my case. She has made a world of a difference in my life and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who has had a personal injury. She will fight for you until the end.

Bozena D.

Can't speak highly enough of our experience working with the team at Thomson Rogers. Going through a crisis, to have lawyers who genuinely cared about our well-being, the team worked tirelessly on our behalf. The result was a successful settlement. I would highly recommend Thomson Rogers to anyone requiring personal injury services in the future (and in particular our lead Stephen Birman).

Mark C.

Stephen Birman went beyond the call of duty in assisting my relative who suffered a traumatic head injury due to an accident. In less than a year, Stephen successfully negotiated an excellent settlement for him and ensured that he received the best of care and equipment from the very first month. He was extremely knowledgeable and well-connected to community and treatment resources. Therefore, my relative was expertly assessed and treated throughout his recovery. Stephen also guided us to excellent financial guidance for the settlement funds. I do not think anyone else could have done a better job for us than Stephen did.

Louise A.

My only regret in hiring Darcy Merkur was that I didn’t do it sooner; unfortunately, coming from a province with public insurance, I had no idea what I was in for when I got into a severe car accident in Ottawa and handled my case on my own for the first year. Since I was unrepresented, both insurance companies took advantage of me and left me without attendant care or home supports despite being bedridden in braces for months and having to attend a rigorous rehab program all alone. My insurance adjuster didn’t process my income benefits for months and didn’t pay my medical bills, which left me with $200 to my name, my utilities cut off in the winter, and bill collectors calling me until I left a frantic message with her supervisor and then magically things were ready within a day. It wasn’t until the words “permanent injuries” started floating around from my treatment providers, and the reactions from the insurance adjusters, that I realized I NEEDED a lawyer. 9 months into my rehab, we decided to move back to Saskatchewan since I was unable to access the care I needed in Ottawa and couldn’t get a family doctor. I have a genetic condition that affects every system in my body, and significantly complicates treatment, healing, and increases the level of injury. My insurance adjuster knew about our move for 5 months, and then was “shocked” when it happened and used it as an excuse to halt my claim. The minute Darcy and his team were on my case, things flipped on their head. I had medications covered, income replacement on time, every time. Attendant care assessments, psych and neuro vocational assessments, OT reviews, everything I should have had from the very start of my claim. He took the insurance company to task for everything I should have been entitled to but was denied. Even being half a country away, Darcy was fantastic to work with, and made sure that forms and assessments were completed according to Ontario standards and norms—which are totally different from Saskatchewan. On top of that, Darcy is an expert at managing “Thin Skull” cases, where pre-existing conditions significantly affect injury claims. In such cases, counsel needs to effectively advocate for the actual level of injury sustained and justify it with medical research on the condition, but also prevent the case crossing over from “Thin Skull” into “Crumbling Skull” territory—where the opposing party can argue that the victim would have eventually suffered such physical limitations regardless of the accident. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition, you NEED Darcy on your side. Darcy doesn’t stand for games, he doesn’t put up with bullying tactics, he can smell a trap or a ploy from the insurance company a mile away, and he will do whatever it takes to represent his clients’ best interests, no matter what.

Ambrosia V.

I was injured in a car accident that left me in need of a lot of rehabilitation. Stephen Birman was instrumental in ensuring I received funding for medical treatments. He also made invaluable recommendations for a supportive allied health team around me, which he helped to coordinate. During the whole process, I felt very supported. Stephen Birman is very personable and professional and his level of expertise is evident. I'm so glad to have had him on my case and I can't thank him and his team enough for the resolution and closure that I received.

Marissa D.

Working with Darcy Merkur was great. He was very knowledgeable and informative. I had never been in a situation like this and he helped guide me throughout the process always looking out for my well-being first and foremost.

Jah-Marc S.

Darcy Merkur is an amazing lawyer who was there when I needed someone to listen. I was in a motorcycle accident with no tort and charged with careless driving. I was laying in a hospital bed with a fractured neck, two broken wrists, a broken ankle, which later developed into CRPS. After a visit from the insurance company occupational therapist to assess my injuries, I knew I needed help in a big way! I was scared, pain so bad from nerve damage and my thoughts were so mixed up from pain killers and emotional stress. I couldn't help or explain myself. I come from a small town north of Toronto. Because of the seriousness of my injuries I was put in a geriatric ward. I called Darcy and Darcy was there! That is when everything changed! I'm not saying it was easy, I was on that ward for eleven weeks, being transferred to larger hospitals for CRT's, MRI's, surgeons who had to re-break my fractures because they originally set wrong and specialist after specialist. Since there was no tort, Darcy put me in contact with an AMAZING Occupational Therapist who coordinated my recovery. To make a 3yr and 9-month story short, Darcy maintained a record of my injuries, without pay, and regularly kept in contact with me. My OC was with me every step of the way. I received a Catastrophic Designation and Darcy was there with all my records. I’m not able to work now, but because of this amazing, generous lawyer, I received a settlement that ensures a full life. THANK YOU Darcy, you are the best and thank you for being there!

Rick B.

I am eternally grateful for Darcy Merkur representing me. His research, diligence and professionalism makes him an exceptional lawyer. Darcy was the first lawyer I consulted with and I never bothered to consider meeting with any other firm. He was hired at our first meeting and that says a lot about his passion, dedication and ability to "argue his case". Very accomplished Lawyer!

Angela S.

In 2016 when my husband suffered a severe brain injury, it was a family nightmare. However, Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers made the difficult journey for me and my family so easy with his professionalism, empathy and awesome services. He was always a phone call away. His team worked with us very efficiently throughout the process which was prompt and satisfactory. We thank Mr. Merkur and would more than highly recommend his service.

Crystalita Design

My lawyer with Thomson Rogers, Darcy Merkur, was always very professional and quick to respond to me personally. It made me feel like I could have been his only client at the time. I felt that with this company and what they were doing for me, that I was in the best of hands.

Dawna A.

I met Darcy Merkur at the recommendation of my daughter – she is also a lawyer - following an automobile accident that resulted in serious long-term injuries. He provided meaningful advice and made pragmatic suggestions on the best approach to arriving at a prompt and fair settlement for my injuries. In my experience, he is an excellent advocate for his clients and well respected by his peers.

Scot D.

I'm grateful for the excellent service following my life changing injuries resulting from a major car accident. Lawyer Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers effectively help lift the challenging and complex load at a time of great vulnerability. Engaging Darcy ensured expert help at every step of the way to a good resolution. I highly recommend him!

Denys B.

I was in a severe car accident with a catastrophic brain injury. While I was at the hospital I happened to be informed about Thomson Rogers. When my family member contacted them, Darcy Merkur arrived and immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. Following my transition home I was met with great people who helped me recover to the best of my abilities. They made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed every meeting we had. Darcy helped me with every aspect and I have nothing but gratitude for him and the entire staff.

Sasan B.

Darcy Merkur is a one of a kind lawyer, so compassionate and caring. He follows through with you the entire way and fights for your rights against tough insurance companies. People, when injured, should look no further if they are injured. Darcy is a one of a kind gem and WILL succeed on your behalf. Let's just say Darcy "is a Pitbull" once he grabs you to help you. He does not stop until his job is done and he has gotten everything possible to see you heal well and have the support and financial support that will see you through. Toronto's number one lawyer! Don't hesitate to contact him if you are injured. Riley.

Riley C.

Thomson Rogers handled my experience with genuine care. Stephen Birman and his team were clear and concise with me every step of the way. They ensured that communication was always timely and always responded to any concern or question that I may have had with my personal injury case. Thank you Stephen Birman.

Dimitra H.

Darcy Merkur is kind, compassionate, professional and enormously knowledgeable about the practice of law...a winning combination for his clients. I was in a pedestrian accident, hit by a vehicle rushing for a parking lot space. I was injured physically and sustained comparable emotional trauma. Lucky for me I was referred to Darcy by a friend. He took charge of my case, informing me of my rights, guiding me through the legal process, keeping me informed, and advising me at each step. It was a lengthy process but he was calm, patient and persistent throughout until we achieved a successful outcome. I have recommended Darcy and Thomson Rogers to others requiring legal representation and will continue to do so. He made a challenging, stressful situation as manageable as it could have been and I will always be grateful for his help through a very difficult time.

Roberta H.

I was very impressed with Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers! He is knowledgeable about the law, and he will advocate for you to ensure that you receive what is rightfully entitled to you. I highly recommend Darcy!

Frank M.

Following my MVA (motor vehicle accident), Sloan Mandel and staff from Thompson Rogers handled my case wonderfully. I was able to ease my mind and focus on rehabilitation thanks to the diligence of the firm.

H. Jafar

When I was recovering at home from severe injuries resulting from a multi vehicle accident, I talked to a neighbour. He was a lawyer who worked at Thomson Rogers and was familiar with the work and reputation of Sloan Mandel. During our first meeting, I was convinced that my case would be in good hands with Sloan. His professionalism, knowledge and client support were crucial in bringing a very complicated case to a reasonably negotiated settlement.

P. Savolainen

Deanna Gilbert of Thomson Rogers was our lawyer after our MVA. Her and her team were always attentive and responsive with every request, concern and situation that arose. I strongly recommend her. Thank you Deanna and Laurie!


My husband obtained Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers for me. I suffered a very serious accident with multiple fractures. Stephen visited me at Sunnybrook hospital in 2017. I was very impressed with the focus of the medical team he put in place for me. The care that I received during my treatment and recovery was incredible. Stephen was also very responsive and supportive to my emails and with my insurance company handling and negotiating my settlement with them. He kept me informed of everything. Day, night, weekends it didn’t matter. Thompson Rogers and Stephen handled my case with priority. Even his legal assistants kept me in the loop when Stephen was busy. I was very impressed with the settlement I received and very satisfied. I would highly recommend Stephen and Thompson Rogers to handle their personal injury claims. Thank you Stephen and Thompson Rogers.

Denise KL

Hi Sloan Mandel, I just wanted to send one final email thanking you for the amazing job you did on my case and on the stable support you provided my family the last four years. Whenever my anxieties about the case were high, I was reminded to 'trust my lawyer' and I am very lucky that that lawyer was you. If you ever need a reference for potential clients, I would be more than happy to share my experience with your firm. Hopefully, if our paths cross again in the future, it will be for better reasons! All the best.

D. Itzikowitz

We hired Stephen Birman at Thomson Rogers to represent our mother, after she suffered a serious accident. We had interviewed personal injury lawyers at various firms before choosing Stephen. One of the things that first impressed us with Thomson Rogers was their focus on the team of medical services partners that they worked with, and would introduce us to, to ensure that our mother received all the care she needed during her recovery. We were not disappointed. The care givers Stephen recommended to us to were all top notch. Stephen himself was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. Often I would send an email to him in the evening, not expecting a response until the next day, only to have the answer in my inbox at 10:30 or 11:00 pm that same day! Thomson Rogers and Stephen handled all the legal complexities, and got us to a settlement that we were very satisfied with. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen and Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for a legal team to handle their injury claims.

Steve B.

I can't speak highly enough about Stacey Stevens and all that she has done for my young family after my motor vehicle accident. Stacey went above and beyond to help me and even came to my home, and if I have to describe Stacey in one word it will be an ANGEL. Stacey had an amazing team that takes care of everything and they truly care about their clients and their well-being. Stacey helped me more than just a car accident and I am very thankful and grateful for Stacey. Accidents can happen to anyone, and dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, but Stacey and her team took care of everything, and my situation was as complicated as it gets. But Stacey never quit and worked hard and her main goal was and still is to make sure that I am OK and that is just amazing to see. I would recommend Stacey Stevens to anyone who had been an accident or needs a lawyer NO MATTER what their situation is and know that you will have an ANGEL in your corner that will fight for you and care about you and will never stop fighting for you. From my 3 young boys Zain, Zakaria, Zia and me, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU Stacey Stevens and God bless you.

Ziad H.

I would like to thank Thomson Rogers and Stephen Birman and his assistants in particular for the amazing services they have provided to my mom and myself. It took many years until my mom's case was resolved (due to specifics of her case), and during all this time Stephen was very supportive, professional and quick in responding and dealing with the insurance company and other parties. I can definitely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking for legal support. Thank you!

Yulia P.

My experiences with Thompson Rogers has been wonderful. Thanks to Stephen Birman, he has helped me with the entire process! His advice was sound from the beginning and I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks Stephen.

Ebyan H.

Darcy Merkur, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the hard work in pulling this all together! Thank you for your patience. This situation was really exhausting and hard for me to go through. There were many times that I wanted to just make it all go away and give up!! It’s unbelievable what the insurance companies put people through, I could not have done this without you. It is a blessing that my daughter's friend referred me to you. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I will recommend you to anyone out there that is looking for security, trust, and understanding from a lawyer or firm like Thomson Rogers!!! Again, thank you so very much for your time. You should be proud of what you do to help others!!! I’ve been blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen B.

I thank God for leading me to Darcy Merkur. After my accident, I was in constant pain and worried about paying for months of physiotherapy. Everyday tasks became almost impossible, and it all became overwhelming quite quickly. Darcy and his amazing team were my lifeline out of the maze. Darcy managed to calm my anxiety, not only was he direct and honest, but also very patient. He provided my family and me with constant updates and clear direction throughout the legal process and delivered more than we had hoped for. Although my injury left me with life-altering consequences, I will be eternally grateful for the legal expertise provided. I would not hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for sound and expert advice.

Dorita S.

Dear Sloan Mandel,

I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for all the hard work that you and your staff have put in to this claim. As a representative of your firm you should be proud of your work that you do. Professionalism and compassion are not likely bedfellows. I am very happy to have found the right firm to handle this matter. If it is OK with you, I would highly recommend your firm for anyone in a similar situation that I have faced. And so I say again, thank you very much for your services and for also being a caring human being.

Shawn, Chantal and Simon

I sympathise with all the people involved in accidents and who unfortunately are left with consequences for life as a result. An unfortunate accident not only changed my life but also that of my family. Initially, I retained a different law firm to represent me where I was left alone to worry about my physical and psychological recovery to deal with the unfair treatment of the auto insurance, Allstate. During this time, I found and retained Mr. Stephen Birman who is a lawyer at the law firm of Thomson Rogers. He provided great support and companionship during this difficult process. I know that nothing can compensate for losing ones' health, but it is absolutely necessary to rely on good legal support. I thank Mr. Birman for his commitment to my case, for being understanding and very professional during a difficult process. I am grateful for all his efforts. I am happy to give my testimony and recommendation for Mr. Birman and Thomson Rogers. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Alejandro O.

I am writing on behalf of my fiancee and our experience with Thomson Rogers. On November 2018, in a blink of an eye, our lives were changed with my fiancee being involved in a motorcycle accident leaving him a quadriplegic. Within 4 days I had secured Thomson Rogers to represent him and I am so glad we did. Our lawyer Stacey Stevens was assigned to the case and she was amazing every step of the way. We have already settled the case in record time and we are pleased. We will highly recommend this firm in the future.


I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, and was working with a different lawyer that was in my area to help me get fairly compensated. Met before mediation with him to find that he had so many facts wrong about the case. My mother heard about Stacey Stevens at Thompson Rogers, and I contacted her in a panic. She was able to take the case from the lawyer who bungled it, and I couldn’t believe how different it was. I went from trying to swim upstream hopelessly against the insurance companies, to feeling like I was in a solid boat with Stacey guiding the way. Her wisdom, empathy and advice during the years we fought for my fair compensation were invaluable. Thank you again, Stacey! I highly recommend Thompson Rogers to anyone who needs someone on their side.

Aubrey H.

The most PROFESSIONAL & CARING law firm. Stephen Birman will go to the end of the Earth to help his clients out. Very thorough and attentive in his work. Never have I seen a lawyer/firm show so much compassion and conduct business in a way that makes their clients feel like they are truly looking out for their best interests. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ramze T.

Over many years, we received not only outstanding professional support but also emotional understanding from the entire team of Thomson Rogers, especially Mr. Darcy Merkur and Mr. Leonard Kunka. We will always be thankful for the help they gave us during such a difficult time in our lives.

Ihor B.

In 2015, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while cycling. I was referred to Thomson Rogers. I don't know where to start. Darcy Merkur, there is so much I want to say, but all the paper in the world is not enough for what I want to write. Thank you for believing in me and taking my case. Thank you for always being there for me and answering my emails and calls. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for never giving up and always giving 150% of your time in everything you did for me and my family. Thank you for fighting for me and thank you for securing financially my life so that I am okay for medical treatments and bills. I owe so much to you and will never forget you. I highly recommend Thomson Rogers and Darcy Merkur and his team.

Sonia B.G.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2014 and that was when I first met Darcy Merkur. Without his guidance, wisdom and perseverance I would not have been able to reach the resolution that was obtained. His knowledge was second to none and I would highly recommend his expertise to everyone. Thanks again Darcy.

J. Mason

I am in the healthcare sector in the Barrie area and have worked closely with Carr Hatch on several case files over the years. I also have a family member who was in a bad accident and sent her to retain his legal services. He is the consummate legal professional who puts his client needs first. He is attentive, detailed, reassuring and will go to all lengths to help his clients achieve the results that are warranted and deserved. My aunt can't thank him enough and I recommend him highly.

M. Smith

A car accident where the at fault driver of the accident fled the scene, left my spouse with severe injuries. Thomson Rogers, more specifically Darcy Merkur who was highly recommended (after fighting for 5 years with no results with another firm) finally got us acceptable results. He was so professional and kind. We were able to do most of the communication through emails and phone calls as we lived an hour away. I have referred him since and would call him first time this time, should I ever need help again.

M. Crompton

In my opinion Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers is the best lawyer in Ontario if not Canada. He always responded to my questions in a timely and truthful manner and was easy to get a hold of. He really helped to turn my case around. I look at Mr. Merkur as a pitbull of a lawyer in the personal injury world. So do you want a pitbull on your side or a chihuahua?

Jay A.

On December 1, 2009 I was in a near fatal car accident that changed my life. Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers came to visit me in the hospital shortly after the accident. Darcy assured me that he would represent me, and he also assured me that I would receive the best care possible. He phoned me several times while I was in rehabilitation, and also had his law clerk document all of my injuries. Thanks to Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers I received the best care and a fair settlement. I hold the outmost respect for this gentleman and I would not hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers to any victim involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Frank M.

I was on my way to work at 7:00 am, when suddenly I was t-boned on the highway. Instantly, I lost feeling in my feet. I was taken to a trauma center and had suffered multiple low-back spinal fractures, causing a disc impingement. Through a referral of a friend, we reached out to Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers. Stephen and his team of experts supported my need for physical and occupational rehabilitation, and counsel during the course of my recovery. They navigated the extremely rough waters encountered with insurance filings, correspondence and income loss, which was indeed a true gift! However, I did not begin to understand the magnitude of finding Thomson Rogers until I found myself not improving from the fractures. I was not getting stronger, my balance and gait was bad, and I had new and worsening pain, numbness and tingling, and my extremities were being affected. The symptoms felt familiar, as I had already been paralyzed once before in my teens with a rare disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I had fully recovered from GBS, but after more than 35 years, that disease had now returned in a different form. Stephen and his team were there, throughout the process and diagnosis. They work with professionalism and dedication to my case, to the assurance of a positive long term outcome for me and my family. Thank you Stephen for your assistance, it truly meant the world.

Jill W.

In the event that you should ever need a personal injury lawyer, I would highly recommend Deanna Gilbert. She is realistic in the expectations she sets before you. She is compassionate and caring. She takes the time to explain and answer questions and is totally transparent. The time line may be long, but she is diligent about keeping the client in the loop providing direction and hope. She will fight for you.


I am extremely grateful for the hard work Carr Hatch put into my case. Unfortunately for the first half of my case (with another lawyer) I wasn't being properly represented. Everything was extremely sloppy and there was absolutely no progression whatsoever. I needed to focus on recovery and recovery ONLY. Which is why I decided to switch over to Thomson Rogers after doing some research. Being rated one of the top law firms in Canada, it was a no brainer for me. As soon as I was assigned to Mr. Hatch, my case starting going into the right direction shortly after. I have settled my case and I honestly could not be any happier with the results! That's from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Mr. Hatch and your lovely team for being so patient, sympathetic and understanding with me through one of the hardest times in my life. Without a doubt I would recommend Thomson Rogers and Carr Hatch to all my family and friends.


Trauma Lawyer Darcy Merkur - Making a Difference

Tammy's life changed in an instant when she was hit by a dump truck on her way to work one day. The accident caused her to bounce off the truck's front grill and her driver's side door leaving her with nearly zero brain activity. After awakening from a coma, it was evident the damage to her brain was severe and she would need extensive therapy to get back to being a fraction of the person she was before the horrible accident.

That's when Tammy found trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers. He became her ally, ensuring recovery went smoothly, and helped Tammy settle her case in just two years.


Personal Injury Lawyers Stacey Stevens and L. Craig Brown - Making a Difference

Sara was on the back of an ATV with her friend who was driving. The last thing Sara remembers is asking her friend to be careful and slow down because she was driving too fast.

Sara woke up in the hospital to find out there was an accident in which her friend was thrown from the vehicle. Unfortunately for Sara, she was stuck on the ATV and it had landed on her chest. It was explained to Sara that she had acquired a brain injury but she didn't quite understand what that meant. Sara was terrified.

Sara and her mother did not realize they had a case against the owner and driver of the ATV, but that all changed because of the work of Thomson Rogers' personal injury lawyers Stacey Stevens and L. Craig Brown.


Personal Injury Lawyer Ian W.K. Furlong - Making a Difference

While on a motorcycle ride to Bobcaygeon, Mark was struck by a truck which had pulled out and turned on to the road at the last second. After seven operations Mark realized he had been involved in a life-changing accident leading him to seek out representation. He found Thomson Rogers' personal injury lawyer Ian W. K. Furlong. Ian helped Mark navigate his way through all the complications arising from his severe accident and allowed him to focus on recovery.


Trauma Lawyer Darcy Merkur - Making a Difference

Nick was just a typical 20-year-old on his way to a hockey game the evening of the accident. He remembers the conditions were icy and that he had slid off the side of the road, hopped the curb and collided with a light pole. After that, his memory is foggy.

Immediately following the accident, Nick and his family knew little about the severity of his brain injury as doctors were mainly concerned with keeping him alive, but they knew there would be a large mountain to climb. That's when they contacted Thomson Rogers' trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur who helped Nick concentrate on his extraordinary recovery.


We want to thank Len Kunka, our excellent lawyer, who did a superb job and skillfully assisted us through each process to finally bring our case to a close recently with very good results. There are not enough words that would describe how appreciative we are. As well we want to thank Mike Holden, our Paralegal, he was so helpful and always being available to us. We would recommend this team to anyone that would require their services.

Allen Baines and Maryan McMaster

Deanna Gilbert, I am so grateful to have you represent me. I don't easily trust others but I have always had such trust in you, and the quality of your work. I am so grateful for you.


Darcy Merkur, I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the family for taking care of not just Gary, but all of us during this past year. From day one you made us feel comfortable with not only the legal aspect of Gary's case, but you were extremely helpful in your knowledge of brain injuries and what we could expect from Gary through his trauma and recovery. I felt it was exceptional that you were able to provide with me a previous client that had gone through a similar situation, and when talking to him, I was comforted by his recovery and with how you handled his claim. Thank you for the quick settlement allowing Gary to focus on recovery instead of his financial requirements taking that stress away from the entire family. Please add me to your list of people that your future clients can call upon as I would like to offer my experience to help them deal with the issues that families deal with in times like these, and please also extend my thanks to your support team and firm as we have received exceptional care from all of you.

Pam D. and C. Family

In 2018 I was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian. As a result, I was left with head and spinal injuries. At that time I was referred by a friend of mine whose profession was an Accident Benefits Adjuster to a choice of the top three Ontario law firms. After my own research and due diligence of these firms, I decided to go with Thomson Rogers. I was then hooked up with Stacey Stevens and Craig Brown from Thomson Rogers to see my claim through. Stacey and Craig have a very experienced team of assistants and clerks that kept my claim current, up-to-date and kept constant pressure on the opposing insurance companies and their lawyers. Most importantly, during the duration of my claim up until it was settled, my weekly Accident Benefits was always paid in a timely fashion due to the excellent work done by Stacey, Craig and the team that works closely with them. At times I was able to observe for myself and witness at mediations, arbitrations, and settlement talks with opposing lawyers present the high quality of work done by Stacey, Craig and their team and the successful outcomes they were able to secure for myself. I would highly recommend Stacey Stevens, Craig Brown, and Thomson Rogers to go to battle for anyone involved in serious motor vehicle accidents as I personally believe that it's very rare that you find lawyers and law firms that maintain high productivity standards while conducting themselves in a compassionate manner.

F. Ali

Hi Deanna Gilbert, I wanted to say thank you for all your help over the past 4 years. From the time of my accident until we settled you were always looking out for my best interests and extremely helpful during such a difficult time for me. I can't express my gratitude for all the time and work you put into my case to have the best outcome. I was extremely happy to have settled and move past this part of my life. Thank you again!


I don't know where to start. Darcy Merkur, there is so much I want to say, but all the paper in the world is not enough for what I want to write. Thank you for believing in me and taking my case. Thank you for always being there for me and answering my emails and calls. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for never giving up and always giving 150% of your time in everything you did for me and my family. Thank you for fighting for me and thank you for securing financially my life so that I am okay for medical treatments and bills. I owe so much to you and will never forget you.


Oh boy, where to start. First of all, it was a nurse at my local hospital who suggested contacting a lawyer after my serious pedestrian vs. car accident. Having never experienced anything like this before I didn’t see the need to have legal support going ahead. Thomson Rogers was mentioned and I looked them up and came across the name of Darcy Merkur. Darcy drove out to meet me at the hospital very soon afterward (an hour + away). From day one, he was very helpful, clearly very knowledgeable in the field and was always readily available to me personally. Having heard that he was a top lawyer in Toronto, I certainly didn’t expect to have a legal representative so willing to patiently listen and explain the legal process to me, even when (as a result of also suffering mild brain damage) I tended to ask the same question multiple times. I had never been a fan of the act of suing for wrongdoings, but I soon could see that I would need the funds for the lifelong rehabilitation I would require, and without the financial help, I would never have the opportunity for that. I cannot imagine how this process would have turned out without the valuable support from Darcy and his team at Thomson Rogers. EVERY PENNY they earn from a case is worth it. Because of them, I can say that out of something so devastating has come great blessings! I will always advocate for the necessity of a legal team after a devastating event and my number one recommendation will be Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers!


The trauma of having sustained an injury through no fault of your own can be an overwhelming burden on daily life. It is with great fortune that I was referred to Ian Furlong of Thomson Rogers, Personal Injury Lawyers, whom I retained for representation. Mr. Furlong has successfully navigated my claim against the responsible parties for my injury that has resulted in a substantial and rewarding settlement. I couldn’t be happier with the prompt, conscientious, and professional manner in which Ian and his office staff have conducted their efforts in representing my claim. Not only did Mr. Furlong meet the challenges of such a claim, he was able to inject levity with his “personal humour,” empathy for my predicament, and most importantly, respect for all parties to the case. I would highly recommend Ian to any and all victims of innocent personal injury and would expect no other outcome than success. Thank you, Ian!

D. Young

I would like to begin by saying thank you to Sloan Mandel and his team for everything they have done for my case. The personal attention, professionalism and compassion always made me feel like I was their only client. My questions were always responded too quickly, with complete transparency, and I was always informed of things I didn't know I needed to know. I don't think you will find a lot of legal teams that will take the time to do that. I wish you great success in all your endeavours and we will definitely recommend you and Thomson Rogers. Once again, thank you for all your efforts. The world is a better place because of you. Keep doing what you do!

J. Cardoso

An amazing lawyer who was there when I needed someone to listen. I was in a motorcycle accident with no tort and charged with careless driving. I was laying in a hospital bed with a fractured neck, two broken wrists, a broken ankle which later developed into CRPS. And Darcy was there. Since there was no tort, Darcy put me in contact with an AMAZING occupational therapist, Susan Frazer. To make a 3yr and 9-month story short, Darcy maintained a record of my injuries, without pay and regularly kept in contact with me. Susan was with me every step of the way. I received a Catastrophic Designation and Darcy was there with my file. I’m not able to work now, but because of this Amazing, generous lawyer, I received a settlement that ensures a full life.

Thank you, Darcy, you are the Best and thank you for being there.

R. Brown

We, unfortunately, needed the services of a personal injury lawyer. My wife was seriously injured in an accident and it has changed our lives forever. This is what brought us to Ian Furlong, David MacDonald and all the wonderful people at Thomson Rogers. Personal injury cases are challenging things to have to go through. Sure, it can be easy and over quickly if you go with what I call "back of the bus lawyers", but you will not get the outcome you deserve. You need a trial lawyer to fight for you and the team at Thomson Rogers did that for us. I'm sorry if you find yourself looking for a personal injury lawyer, but we couldn't be happier with the care and people at Thomson Rogers.

Den Lebeau

Should you require a law firm, look no further than Thomson Rogers, they are the best.

Providing a service with a true belief in their clients best interests. We could not be happier, the results that were obtained by Aleks Mladenovic of this law firm were all we wished for & more. We could not be more pleased. Thank you Aleks.


In 2014, my family experienced a very traumatic and unfortunate set of circumstances; two of my children were involved in a serious auto collision, which caused critical injuries. This was nothing we could have ever anticipated or prepared for. We are so lucky to have found Stephen Birman. Attaining his representation was the best decision I made. He and his team controlled our file with the utmost professionalism and care. He dedicated himself to us and assigned us a very experienced support worker who was always on top of appointments and treatment plans. These visits resulted in a full turn around for my son and improvement of his critical injuries. This process took years, but this team continued to support us with all of their efforts and resources. The results were an amazing and true reflection of their hard work over the course of our file. In the most difficult and vulnerable time in our lives, Stephen Birman was there to guide me and provide his expertise to ensure we ended up with a full recovery and astonishing results, which were nothing less than fair. I will continue to be grateful for the work this team conducted and highly recommend their services to anyone who may find themselves in similar tragic circumstances.

A. Bugulova

My husband was hit by a car and suffered very serious injuries. A family member who had Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers represent them advised that I contact Darcy for advice. From the moment Carmen and I met him at the Rehab Hospital, I knew that we were dealing with a caring and extremely skilled professional. Darcy gave us a clear understanding of the process and assured us that we would deal directly with him and his staff and he would make sure that my husband had the services he needed for his recovery. This gave me a great sense of relief.

Throughout the first year when so many decisions were required I knew that I could count on Darcy to immediately respond to my questions and direct the excellent staff so that my husband received the appropriate equipment and care. Everyone we dealt with provided excellent service including the staff at Thomson Rogers, the Occupational Therapist, the Physio Therapists and my husband's care provider Sam Dean. We really believe that the support that Darcy ensured my husband received made a significant difference in his recovery.

As our case progressed Darcy advised us with realistic advice, expertise and compassion. Our case was completed in a reasonable time frame and although my husband will always have to deal with the impact of his injuries on his health and lifestyle, the care and compensation for future care have helped us move on.

(Note: Prior to reaching out to Darcy I had another very aggressive lawyer from another firm approach me. That lawyer who not only made me feel uncomfortable was going to charge an unreasonable fee. I am so glad that we contacted Darcy and that he agreed to represent us.)

Carole S.

With the loss of our daughter, Alyssa, we needed help, guidance and emotional support. We received all of this from Sloan. He always answered our calls or emails and was never too busy to hear our questions. The process was long and we wouldn’t have made it through without Sloan’s patience, strength, perseverance and wisdom. Our family thanks you for all that you have done.

Richardson/Roberto Family

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomson Roger Law Firm for taking on my case when nobody else would.

The main person being Stacey L. Stevens.

I had a very bad injury to my right hand resulting in a bad fall back in Dec. 2013. At this time my husband researched online for an injury lawyer, Stacey L. Stevens was the one and only person who responded and took me on as a client.

Stacey flew to North Bay, Ontario to meet with me in January of 2014.

I want to say thank you for being in my corner and going to bat for me when nobody else would. Stacey fights for her clients and never gives up.

I would like to also thank Jennifer McIntyre and Wendy Murray who also work with Stacey.

I highly recommend this Law Firm to anybody who doesn’t think that there is nobody out there to help you, because there is, her name is Stacey L. Stevens…

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

Carol H.

I highly recommend Leonard Kunka at Thomson Rogers and his staff. When I originally contacted Thomson Rogers for legal advice regarding my accident, I was put in contact with Mr. Kunka. He was professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He took the time to drive from Toronto to meet my husband and I at our home in Waterloo, Ontario. He clearly articulated our options for my situation.

Throughout the three and a half years following the accident, we dealt with Mr. Kunka and his law clerks. Everyone was attentive and so kind and thorough in any interaction we had with them. Numerous times my husband and I had additional questions and Mr. Kunka always made himself available to speak with us and answered our questions with clarity and he made sure we understood the process and next steps including our different options. His guidance throughout our case was superior and we never felt pressured. He was very patient with each question and every process along the way.

I am extremely pleased with the services of Mr. Kunka and his team at Thomson Rogers. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Pat and Chris G.

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of your support and efforts in working on my case. I was so fortunate to have been introduced to you and I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me.

I am honoured to have had someone like you represent me - someone, who is passionate about his job, hard-working, determined while providing a high level of respect to his clients. you always made me feel reassured and for that, I am truly grateful.

Thank you so much!!

G. P.
December 2018


Before his motorcycle accident, Matt would go hunting, fishing, and ATVing with his friends. But in the aftermath of his accident, Matt had to undergo a lower leg amputation which left him wondering if he would ever ride again. Bedridden and in chronic pain, it seemed impossible. But by working with David MacDonald, a partner at the law firm of Thomson Rogers, Matt was able to focus on his health because David took care of his claim. And we’re happy to report that Matt is back on his ATV.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact David MacDonald at 416-868-3155 for a free consultation.

Thomson Rogers


When Cesare lost both his legs and his eyesight in an accident, he and his wife knew that he would need a lot of special care and equipment to live the quality of life he deserved. Sloan Mandel, a partner at the law firm of Thomson Rogers helped Cesare and his family navigate the complicated world of insurance and litigation. Thanks to the right kind of care and specialized equipment like prosthetic legs and an elevator in his home, Cesare and his family now have peace of mind and financial security.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Sloan Mandel at 416-868-3123 for a free consultation.

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When Chris was struck by a distracted driver, all he could think about was his wife and kids. With a broken neck, he went from being the kind of dad who never missed a hockey practice to a man too ashamed to let people see him struggle. But, when his wife contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyer Darcy Merkur, things got better. Darcy put together a medical team to help Chris recover, and made sure his financial future was taken care of. Now he’s back at hockey practice with his kids.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Darcy Merkur at 416-868-3176 for a free consultation.

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Don Spruce remembers the sense of panic he felt when someone came to his door and told him that his young son, Levi, had been injured. Levi had fallen off some playground equipment while holding a piece of metal rod, which ended up driven into his head. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Levi had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Today, Levi is doing much better. Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers Stacey Stevens and Craig Brown helped Don and Levi launch litigation to secure Levi’s future. Though it took eight years to conclude, Stacey and Craig stood by Levi and his case because it’s always worth fighting for a child’s future.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Stacey Stevens (416-868-3186) or Craig Brown (416-868-3163) for a free consultation.

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Fere Kamkar is the very definition of courage. When she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, she and her husband found a prosthetic leg called the X3 that would allow Fere to have the best quality of life possible. But when the insurance company told her she wouldn’t qualify for it, Fere’s husband contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers. Leonard Kunka, a partner at the firm, fought the insurance company's denial and successfully argued that Fere is entitled to the latest prosthetic technology, which would help her regain as much independence as possible, and allow her to return to her former occupation and all of the activities in life which she previously enjoyed. Fere now has her new X3 prosthetic leg. Not only can she now swim, hike and ski, but she’s also the only amputee driving a bus for the TTC! Truly inspirational!

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Leonard Kunka at 416-868-3185 for a free consultation.

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Fere Kamkar is the very definition of courage. When she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, she and her husband found a prosthetic leg called the X3 that would allow Fere to have the best quality of life possible. But when the insurance company told her she wouldn’t qualify for it, Fere’s husband contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers. Thomson Rogers fought the insurance company's denial and successfully argued that Fere is entitled to the latest prosthetic technology, which would help her regain as much independence as possible, and allow her to return to her former occupation and all of the activities in life which she previously enjoyed. Fere now has her new X3 prosthetic leg. Not only can she now swim, hike and ski, she’s the only amputee driving a bus for the TTC! Truly inspirational!


Don Spruce remembers the sense of panic he felt when someone came to his door and told him that his young son, Levi, had been injured. Levi had fallen off some playground equipment while holding a piece of metal rod, which ended up driven into his head. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Levi had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Today, Levi is doing much better. Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers helped Don and Levi launch litigation to secure Levi’s future. Though it took eight years to conclude, Thomson Rogers stood by Levi and his case because it’s always worth fighting for a child’s future.


Thank you, Wendy, for all your support over the last 3 years. You came into our lives during one of the most difficult and challenging times when we almost lost our son when he was struck by a vehicle, he had suffered severe injuries and we were in need of help. You took the time to listen to our many concerns and put us at ease with our many questions from the very first day we met.

Your professionalism and integrity are top notch and thanks to your prowess we were able to finalize our case, and our son now has an opportunity to put this experience behind him.

Your determination and drive are more than we had expected and you stayed by our side through it all not only as our lawyer but understood our pain as a parent. When I thought it was too much to handle, you were there for us to give us strength and hope.

It was a long and tedious process, thank you so much for your understanding, for your patience, for your guidance, your dedication to our case and most of all, thank you for being that saviour during those difficult moments. This means a lot to our family and I will be forever grateful to you.

I wanted to also acknowledge Vicki and Rosemarie who took the time to answer any inquiries or requests I had on a whim without any delays.

Thank you so, so much.


Mr. Aleks Mladenovic is my hero! He was retained by my lawyer on a very difficult malpractice case that took us all the way to the Court of Appeals and never gave up fighting for me! It wasn’t easy and the odds were against me winning, but I knew I was right, and with Aleks by my side, we won and I was finally able to have peace of mind.

There is no better feeling than getting justice and compensation, even though it cannot take away years of pain and suffering, I am grateful to know that those who have wronged me were made accountable for their actions. That was all thanks to Aleks being part of the team. So glad I met him!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, sleepless nights, and for reassuring me when I needed support!


We would like to thank Stephen Birman for his support & guidance through our difficult, post-accident experience. Being injured in a motor vehicle accident abroad, we needed an experienced advocate to deal with foreign insurers, multi-jurisdictional claims & co-ordinate multiple doctors & specialist consultants.

Stephen worked with us to ensure we had access to the right group of professionals & kept us informed of our legal options throughout the process. With his assistance, we were able to recover & reach a settlement that we were happy with.

While we hope others do not find themselves in a situation where they require Stephen’s assistance, they would be well served to have him on their side.

M. & J. McNally of Oakville, Ontario

We were referred to Aleks Mladenovic of Thomson Rogers Lawyers by a friend about 5 years ago. We are grateful that we retained him.

Aleks, we would like to thank you for the guidance and support that you accorded us during a difficult time. Losing our child was one of the most devastating life-changing experiences. Aleks, you walked and worked with us during this journey.

Thank you for your knowledge and for being attentive to our concerns/questions/ suggestions. We appreciated the way you conveyed information to enable us during the decision making processes.

We also thank the team that worked with you at your firm.

We would highly recommend Thomson Rogers-specifically Aleks Mladenovic for medical malpractice litigation. He is smart, caring and realistic.

Aleks, you are a great lawyer and we wish you and your team the best in all that you do.

Daniel & Faith of Bowmanville, Ontario

Thanks once again for you being you. You made a really terrible experience a pretty good one because of your personality. You did a really great job. I would highly recommend you. Thanks so much, Carr.

D. S.

Ms. Gilbert,

I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond in your services. I've worked with a number of different lawyers, and your knowledge, timeliness, and effectiveness in achieving results were at the top.

J. S.

When Chris was struck by a distracted driver, all he could think about was his wife and kids. With a broken neck, he went from being the kind of dad who never missed a hockey practice to a man too ashamed to let people see him struggle. But, when his wife contacted Thomson Rogers, things got better. Thomson Rogers put together a medical team to help Chris recover, filed a lawsuit to help pay for it, and made sure his future was taken care of. Now he's back at hockey practice.


Before his motorcycle accident, Matt would go hunting, fishing, and ATVing with his friends. Afterwards, Matt had to undergo a lower leg amputation and he wondered what kind of life he could have. Bedridden and in chronic pain, Matt had a hard time imagining that he'd enjoy things like ATVing again. Thomson Rogers found Matt an operation in Australia that helped bring his activity level back to normal. Matt's family helped him focus on his health because Thomson Rogers took care of winning his case.


When Ceasare lost both his legs and his eyesight in an accident, he and his wife knew that he would need a lot of special care and equipment to live the quality of life he deserved. Thomson Rogers helped Ceasare and his family navigate the complicated world of insurance and bureaucracy. Thanks to the right kind of care and specialized equipment like prosthetic legs and an elevator in his home, Ceasare and his family now have peace of mind.


Dear Aleks,

I am writing to you with a particular honour and respect to express my huge gratitude and most sincere contentment for having been a client of Thomson Rogers and for having chosen you to be my lawyer.

I want to thank you endlessly for helping me in the tough days when I was losing my husband and my 3-year-old daughter her father. Those were the hardest and the saddest years for the two of us.

Thank you cordially for confirming my judgements and reflections and for believing in me.

Ever since our first encounter, I knew that the Law firm of Thomson Rogers was the right choice. You were a great listener, you had a huge understanding, and the devotion and manner of your approach to the problem attracted me at once.

One rarely meets a person who loves his job and whose personality befits his work.

You are a terrific lawyer who possesses a sharp mind and a practical spirit which comes not only from knowledge and experience but also culture and an innate sense of justice.

I want to thank you and your team for enabling me to defend one human life from a great distance, a life is lost, but you supported me to carry on.

I thank Phyllis Bruno for all the information and patience. To me, you and your team are the best.

Thomson Rogers are the best personal injury lawyers and thank you for your guidance during a difficult part of my life.


Extremely lucky to have Robert Ben as my mother's personal injury lawyer. As a lawyer myself, I recognize a good one when I see one and Thomson Rogers are the best personal injury lawyers around. Good practical advice with realistic options so you can make a good decision about settling a personal injury case.

V. Taxali


John “Jay” McKee had worked for over 30 years at Ford in Windsor before retiring in 2006. Though he had a wonderful career at Ford, he was known by friends, family, and the Windsor community as “Medieval Man” as one of the founders of the Essex Medieval Heritage Society. Jay regularly visited elementary schools throughout Essex County in full medieval costume to bring smiles to students' faces and teach them about medieval history.

Tragically, Jay was struck by an unlicensed driver in Michigan in December of 2014. Jay fought for his life for several days before he succumbed to his injuries. His death was felt throughout Windsor but particularly by his wife of 46 years, Cathy, who was in the car when the accident happened and was also injured.

“I did not know where to turn after Jay passed away. Members of my family arranged meetings with many different lawyers. After meeting with Carr Hatch we were confident we had met the right lawyer for us. Carr seemed to see everything many steps ahead and navigated the Ontario and Michigan insurance system. He was involved in the investigation with the police force in Michigan, the Michigan criminal trial, and arranged for a full treatment team to help me after the accident.” –Cathy McKee

The McKee family’s civil case settled in 2017.

“I was very comfortable with Carr as my lawyer. My family and I liked the reputation of Carr and his law firm, and we also liked Carr’s ties to Windsor, having gone to law school there and with his long family history at Hiram Walker in Windsor. I am really thankful we had Carr to help us through our very difficult time.” –Cathy McKee

See the Windsor Star article on Jay McKee: Windsor man dies after crash in Michigan; Charges expected against other driver.

Cathy McKee of Windsor, Ontario

Carr, I just wanted to thank you one more time for everything you have done for my mom and our case. All the best, have a great summer.

K.V. of Kitchener, Ontario

Dear Mr. David MacDonald,

We wanted to extend our most heartfelt appreciation for the care received from you and your associates.

At a most vulnerable and sensitive time, your services provided to us were invaluable. The fragile nature of our circumstances over the past 6 years was seemingly insurmountable. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the challenges brought on by my mother’s traumatic accident. Considering the extent and severity of her injuries, her survival was nothing short of a miracle. As a single mother, and her only child, we have a very deep and strong bond. These devastating life changes left us scattered. We are grateful for your support and guidance in helping us adjust and realign our lives.

Your hard work and diligence, as well as your team’s, including Mr. Ian Furlong and Diane Bregg, eased our emotional strain. Your commitment and attention to our needs softened our grief, and our exhaustion associated with the intricate dealings of the legal system. Your patience and expertise in conveying the details of your efforts on our behalf earned our confidence and trust.
You gave us the opportunity to focus on the gravity of the situation without any distraction.

Though we are glad that these hardships are mostly behind us, we are grateful for your support and partnership during this most difficult time.


Rebecca K. and Family

When I was injured in a very serious and traumatic accident, Stephen Birman helped me make sure I would get the compensation I needed. I am grateful for his professionalism and dedication to aid and guide me through the entire litigation process.

Although I was anxious for my future, Mr. Birman and his whole team truly supported me during our time together. I always had an open line of communication with the team and him, with continuous updates on my case. No matter what the question was, the firm would answer it sincerely. Consultants hired by Mr. Birman gave me various recommendations to improve my health and recovery. I was put at ease knowing my case was in such capable and caring hands. With my stress levels down I was able to focus more on my health. In the end, my case was wrapped up relatively quickly with a fair settlement.

Overall, I thank Stephen Birman and his team, and would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Law Firm.

Minh N.

Thomson Rogers has been noted as one of the best personal injury law firms in Canada by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. We strongly agree with this statement - Stacey Stevens & this law firm has gone above & beyond our expectations!

My son was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident which left him with a serious traumatic brain injury & other complications which is life-changing for my son & our family - my son will never be able to work again.

We had a personal injury lawyer, but after dealing with him for over five years we came to realize that in our opinion he was not working toward my son's best interest & we felt we were being pushed to the back of his agenda. Waiting over five years is simply much too long without any results & little contact with him.

Stacey Stevens was highly recommended to us by a resource person who was assisting Colin during his recovery in aiding him back into independent living.

The quality & service Stacey & her team provided to me and my son was way beyond our expectation. Stacey was able to get more results from the Insurance company in less than 6 months than the other lawyer did in over 5 years! Wow - it was awesome!

Satisfaction is the result - my son is in Ontario and I am in Manitoba. Stacey took the time to continually contact me & keep me up-to-date on everything. She even answered my email when it was noted she was out of the office & she would take the time out of her weekend if she felt it was important - she always felt it was important!

Stacey has helped my son get a very fine financial settlement with the insurance company that will last him for the rest of his life.

Something that was totally unexpected for me is that Stacey also provided me with a very satisfactory financial reimbursement amount. I am a senior living on a pension & I had used my savings on travel to Ontario, hotels, meals, car rental, etc. There were also other financial issues regarding my son that I need not go into but the result was that it cost me my savings - this was just gone & I had accepted that & not asked for or expected anything - but Stacey again went above & beyond to take care of me too, I was so surprised when she told me I would recoup my savings

We very highly recommend Stacey Stevens & the law firm, Thomson Rogers!!!!

D. Wright

Experience intertwined with genuine concern for clients.

David MacDonald was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. After I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a catastrophic brain injury, I didn’t know which end was up. We were dealing with doctors, medical bills, and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing how I would be able to move past this to be the person I could have been; considering, I am a single mother and my son depends on me. David MacDonald walked me through the process and made it easy. He answered my questions, no matter how trivial (even if out of town!), and took time out of his day to come to my family’s home, rather than making me come to him. Now that I know myself and my son will be cared for financially, I can focus on continuing to improve and recover, as well, I can focus on spending more time with my son. Thomson Rogers is a tightly woven network of highly professional attorneys and staff professionals who walked me through a six and a half year-long process, reassuring me every step of the way. Mr. MacDonald was primarily supported in this case by senior law clerk Barbara O'Gorman. Barbara operates way above the level one expects from a law clerk. She is well experienced and assists in guiding clients through life-altering situations. She is diligent, shows great grasp of detail, and has the ability to pinpoint and address the key issues. She was also strong in her genuine concern for humanity.

T. Khan

Having Thomson Rogers represent me made me feel secure and safe, knowing that they would do everything they could to ensure my case was successful. I felt that I had sufficient support and protection throughout the years during my lawsuit. David MacDonald, Ian Furlong and Barbara O'Gorman made sure that my recovery was smooth and they did everything they could to make sure I would have a bright future. I have to thank Mr. MadDonald, Mr. Furlong and Ms. O'Gorman for representing me and helping restore my life to what it was originally, as well as ensuring that I would have support in the years to come.

C. Lam


I wanted to send you this note to thank you for representing me in my recent accident claim.

I was very reluctant to pursue legal action in relation to my injury but after our first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. You really made the experience go much smoother than I had anticipated.

Your knowledge and guidance were invaluable. You skilfully guided me through the process of the claim. I am especially grateful for the time and direction you provided. Whenever I had a question, you responded so quickly and no matter how technical, in a manner that was clear and understandable.

The successful outcome of my litigation would not have been possible without you. Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf.


I would like to thank John Paul and Darcy. From day one, we knew that we were in the right hands. They are highly professional and honest. They never ever asked me to exaggerate any pains or fake anything like many other lawyers. They asked me to be as honest as possible. We are very happy with our settlement. We would highly recommend them.

Mamta J.

Mr. MacDonald,

You have truly changed my life in an amazing way by leading an excellent team to help with my recovery from a terrible accident (Nov. 22, 2014) that nearly ended my life . . . I'm very blessed and fortunate to still be living and consciously able to take care of my responsibilities, my home, my children, my medication and my continued integration into society.

My injuries are still bothering me but my children, family and support from those who care still give me the determination to not give up.

From the first day we met you, you have not let me down. Our first meeting in the boardroom at Thomson Rogers and our 2nd meeting at Toronto Western Hospital, both days you took time out of your busy schedule and from those two moments until now, I knew you cared about my future, thank you.

The Very Honorable Mr. David MacDonald, I feel so privileged to be represented by the greatest personal injury lawyer in the world.

Thanks for always helping.

O. Guthrie

If by reading this it helps you choose David MacDonald and Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers as your lawyers then I have done you a favour. I was first recommended to Thomson Rogers by my sister in law after my car accident. She had a friend that had a good experience with Thomson Rogers so I contacted them. They came out to my home to talk to me, do you believe that? My lawyers were more concerned with my well being and how they could help me by setting up a recovery team than talking about money or deposits for legal services. I met some wonderful people on my recovery team. People who truly cared about me and how they could best help rehabilitate me. I believe that if you are injured and need help you could not make a better choice for yourself then choosing Thomson Rogers as your law firm, they have the contacts and the people in place to help you.

Doug P.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. M. Bennett for his expertise in seeing my case to a satisfactory resolution, and also Ms. Clovecko and Ms. Katkouskaya. It was a relief to know that I was represented by such a highly regarded law firm, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.

I thank you for your kind well wishes for the future, and I wish the joys of the upcoming season to all of you and all the best in the New Year.


We thank you so much for all the help and good advice you have offered throughout. Words can never express our gratitude to you.

F.H. & A.A.W.

I was injured in a car accident that left me in need of a lot of rehabilitation. Stephen Birman was instrumental in ensuring I received funding for medical treatments. He also made invaluable recommendations for a supportive allied health team around me, which he helped to coordinate. During the whole process, I felt very supported. Stephen Birman is very personable and professional and his level of expertise is evident. I'm so glad to have had him on my case and I can't thank him and his team enough for the resolution and closure that I received.

Marissa D.

Thank you so much, Darcy! Me, my family and our many close friends became very disillusioned with lawyers and the legal system after our experience with our previous lawyer but your professionalism, passion for the law and integrity showed us right from the beginning that there are good lawyers and you are one of the best!

Mary Ann C.

After suffering significant physical and cognitive injuries and impairments in a motorcycling accident in 2015 and securing a local lawyer I was delivered some disappointing news that I had maximized my non-Catastrophic Benefits and my medical/rehabilitation services would be ending. He further suggested that I would have to wait until the 2-year mark for consideration of my Catastrophic Designation despite being told by professionals and doctors that I would certainly qualify. This information did not sit well with me and I began researching other firms to assist me with my case.

I found Thomson Rogers online and Darcy Merkur was of interest because he had videos demonstrating his passion and commitment to people in my situation. These videos revealed that he is an expert in the field. He was educating his peers and professionals about all the legislation changes and on ways to navigate the system to provide the best care and service to the victim.

I contacted Darcy Merkur and reviewed my situation. He agreed that there were many options for me that should be explored regarding my case and provided me with some advice on how to communicate this with my lawyer.

Although I knew I was ready to hire Darcy Merkur right there and then, Darcy convinced me to try to work things out with my current legal representative and if in two weeks I was still not getting the attention and detail I needed to contact him and he would be pleased to represent me.

I took Darcy’s advice and made several attempts to meet with my lawyer, however, things did not improve and his position about my case did not change; therefore I did hire Darcy Merkur to represent me.

Darcy Merkur and his team worked tirelessly with my existing rehabilitation team and together they negotiated an extension of my non-CAT benefits so that I would not lose any of the gains I had made in my rehabilitation. From there things only got better; Darcy explored all options; he assured that my Catastrophic Designation would be pushed forward and within a few months I had the necessary assessments and documentation to secure the Catastrophic Designation.

Working with Darcy Merkur provided me with a timely, and more-than-fair structured settlement that has allowed me to move forward and live my life.

I am extremely pleased with the handling and outcome of my case by Thomson Rogers and specifically Darcy Merkur.

They were respectful of my time and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend this firm.

Jean B.

My daughter Julia fell from the 4th floor window and sustained multiple severe injuries. My lawyer Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers came to our home and was very caring and easy to understand when he explained how the entire process works.

Darcy and his team are true professionals, they worked tirelessly on the case until the settlement was reached out of court. The settlement will provide financial security for my daughter for years to come.

Darcy's care, compassion and experience made all the difference.


Roman D. (Father)

On the advice of a friend, I contacted Sloan Mandel of Thomson Rogers with two assessments indicating catastrophic impairment. Mr. Mandel accepted my case which resulted in a fair settlement from the insurance company, roughly ten times their previous best offer.

H. Fraser

I suffered a devastating personal injury and had exhausted every avenue possible in attempting to receive any compensation from the company responsible for it. I was literally at my wit’s end and that’s when I found Thomson Rogers and more specifically I found Stephen Birman.

From our initial meeting, his personal demeanour and professionalism were instantly calming. He was also able to concisely give me the facts and options available to me with a firm guarantee that should I choose, he would do everything possible to fight for my rights and ensure that I acquired just and fair indemnity for my personal suffering and loss.

I placed my full trust in him to aid and guide me through the entire litigation process. It was the best decision I have ever made.

His capacity in obtaining competent opinions from surgeons, forensic experts as well as numerous other evidentiary sources was a fine example of his skill and qualification. On a personal level, having him by my side during the face to face meetings gave me a greater confidence by watching his negotiation and arbitration experience and dexterity.

Ultimately, it was his proficiency and expertise that manoeuvred us through a very complicated campaign. It was with his support that I was finally able to obtain equitable reparation and validation for my pain and bereavement.

It is my hope for anyone in a similar situation that they too may have the privilege of having Stephen Birman and Thomson Rogers represent them.


M. Sharpe

After two other law firms said that my elderly cousin did not have a case after a terrible injury, I was referred to Thomson Rogers. Stephen Birman took the case and got us immediate funds to use for therapy. He also was of great assistance in recommending all the right support people and putting the legal case together.

Moreover, he did this with great knowledge and great compassion.

He was a fabulous and timely communicator. He got great results in less than 15 months, Stephen negotiated a very fair settlement for my cousin whose ongoing therapy needs and quality of life are now assured for the rest of his life.

Many, many thanks to Stephen and the firm.

L. Arruda

Thank you Darcy and company for all your assistance to our family during this time. We would have been lost without you and we appreciate everything that you have done.

You provided a service to our family at a stressful time. I shudder to think of what could have been the result had we not called you.


R. Madill and T. Barton

I had a very serious motorcycle accident and spent nearly four months in various hospitals. I interviewed four lawyers and decided on Mr. Mandel to represent me. What a great decision. Both Mr. Mandel and his team have been absolutely outstanding through this very difficult period in my life. I would recommend Mr. Mandel and his team to anyone.

S. Pitt


I can't thank you enough for everything you have done to help me out over the past couple of years. I am very grateful to you and your entire staff at Thomson Rogers in getting my case resolved. You helped me out tremendously and it is nice being able to move forward in my life. I really appreciate that you always provided updates for me, answered all my questions in a professional manner, and most importantly, fought on my behalf when it felt like everyone was ganging up on me.

Thanks again, I wish you all the best in the future!

A. Heighington
This was an incident where client was injured by a falling part (drive shaft) from a commercial tractor/trailer which struck his car on a major highway. He suffered a severe wrist injury while trying to maintain control of the steering wheel after the vehicle was struck by the drive shaft.

Commercial tractor/trailer owners and operators have an obligation at law to maintain the tractor/trailer to a reasonable standard of care. This includes daily inspection and regular maintenance check-ups.

If you are injured because of the negligence of a truck driver or operator, please contact us.

Thank you so much Wendy for all your help. You made navigating this whole crazy mess so much easier. From the moment you walked into my hospital room and first spoke to me I had a good feeling that I had picked the right lawyers. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs a great personal injury lawyer. Please pass on my thanks to Rosemarie and Vicky Lynn who were so great and helpful.

Geri D.

I am writing this letter to express our sincere gratitude to Thomson Rogers and especially Mr. Darcy Merkur for representing our cases arising from injuries from a car accident.

My wife sustained a very complicated brain injury from the accident. The whole journey after the accident was difficult for us and sometimes was extremely painful, both physically and mentally. We changed to Mr. Merkur after the insurance company concluded that my wife's impairment was 0 percent from the car accident, even though different experts assessed her as catastrophically injured, and our previous lawyer tried to persuade us to compromise our claim for a quick ending. Fighting the legal battle with his expertise and wise manoeuvring, Mr. Merkur successfully resolved the cases and forced the insurance companies to settle the cases with the catastrophic-level compensation.

The settlements can't compensate all our losses and suffering we have been experienced, but knowing it is the best results we can possibly achieve without waiting for a lengthy legal process, we are very grateful that we have chosen Thomson Rogers and Mr. Darcy Merkur. It is unfortunate that the car accident happened to us but on the other side we feel really lucky that someone like Mr Merkur stands behind us and protects us from any harm when we went through the prolonged litigation process. He has become the most trusted person for the past few years in our life and addressed a lot of our worries.

We can't find enough words to thank Mr. Merkur and the staff in Thomson Rogers for the excellent work done for us. You give us a new future!

Warmest regards,

Nick and Jun

I am a previous client of Leonard Kunka who was well cared for by him even after the settlement with my insurance company. If you click on my name Seung Beom Sohn you can read about my serious car accident. After the accident, the neurosurgeon could not explain how I survived after performing a new procedure on my brain injury. He said to me later after discharging me from the hospital that someone is watching over me so be well and live in peace.

I met my lawyer Leonard Kunka in the rehabilitation Institute. I appreciated his warm heart. Since then, he did almost everything to help me get what I deserved. It was a very long battle with the insurance company, almost 15 years. Leonard Kunka submitted my claim expenses to the insurance company on time and never had any rejections. I got my second life from God, and my lawyer Leonard Kunka helped me to start my second life in the right direction. Now, I am living a pleasant life and have everything I need to compensate my disabilities. This is the result of his hard work. If you need help then I highly recommend you contact Leonard Kunka.

Seung Beom Sohn

My name is Lisa, I was involved in a horrific car accident where I fractured my pelvis and injured my knee. The car accident also affected my memory which changed me and my family's life forever. Thomson Rogers helped me through a very rough time and provided me with the legal knowledge to obtain monies for my family since I was no longer able to work due to the accident. My lawyer Ian Furlong became like family to me. I was able to speak to him whenever I needed to and he always had time to lend a listening ear, always returned my phone calls and was always very supportive. If you have been affected by a car accident or need legal advice, Thomson Rogers is where I suggest seeking legal guidance from.

Lisa F.

Ms. Mandel,

Just writing to thank you and your team in ‎helping me for the past six and a half years and completing my case with success.

I appreciate and like to thank you for the outstanding services that I received, from the professional advice to the client cares that have been tremendous over these years. It was a great pleasure and experiences for having you representing me in both the WIAST hearing and the Mediation.

All the best and thanks again.


We were very pleased with the timeliness and efficiency of the handling of our case by personal injury lawyer Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers. Our numerous questions were always answered in a prompt, accurate and considered manner. Paralegal services by Robert Marlow were excellent and inspired great confidence in the assiduous management of our affairs. The excellent professional advice and guidance we received from our Thomson Rogers team lead to an expeditious and agreeable settlement.

Timothy & Caroline L.
Bicycle SUV collision - May 21, 2015

I do not remember the exact date that Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers came into our lives. I believe it was in June 2010 . . . We interviewed three different lawyers representing three different firms in Toronto. We felt very comfortable and also comforted by Darcy. He was a dad too. His children were one year younger and one year older than our Zoe. He showed care and compassion. We felt that he truly cared about our family and was the right lawyer to represent our daughter for all the right reasons. Ridiculously smart too, but please do not tell him I said that!

This would be another long, tedious, emotional roller coaster. It will take 'years' to go through this legal battle he stated . . . he was very precise on instructions and how difficult this would be for my entire family.

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With the help of a kind social worker from St. Michael’s Hospital and a family friend my wife came in contact with a lawyer named Leonard Kunka. They gave a binder that talked about this law firm and Mr. Kunka. My wife took a leap of faith and decided to choose Mr. Kunka without understanding a word in that folder. My family needed support; they needed advice, a way to move forward. With no knowledge of this city, its services, the people, or the language, my family had found a gift from God.

Mr. Kunka became that much needed support for my family. He treated my family with respect and showed them that he cared. Mr. Kunka visited me in the hospital and listened to my family’s concerns. He stood up for us in every step of the way until we reached a settlement agreement with the insurance company. It took about a decade and Mr. Kunka did not give up. He gave us the courage to continue the fight and helped us turn our lives around so we could have a new beginning.

After coming to Canada, we struggled through a lot of hardship and faced many difficult times. We were blessed with some wonderful people including Mr. Kunka who fought for us and became a friend during these struggles. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Kunka for what he has done for us.

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M. Miah

Honestly, I do not know how I could have gotten through this ordeal if chance had not brought me to great people and great professionals, Mr. Leonard Kunka and Mr. Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers. St. Michael's Hospital had given me a list of law firms specializing in personal injury and warned me that they are not allowed to recommend any particular firm and so I randomly chose for myself. As it turns out, I made the best choice possible. During the next eight years that Thomson Rogers was helping us, our family never for an instant doubted that we made the right choice by working with this company.

From the beginning, Thomson Rogers provided many useful services to us as their clients. First, Thomson Rogers fought for our financial rights, successfully working to ensure payments of all our bills by the insurance company as well as representing our interests in legal actions which finished in our favor with two structured annuity settlements.

Second, and perhaps more importantly in our situation, with Thomson Rogers' initiative and their help, a special support group was created for my daughter and the whole family. This group, at the center of which was Knorr & Associates Inc., coordinated the whole rehabilitation process.

Today, almost ten years after the tragedy, my daughter, my son, and I all want to thank the excellent team of professionals at Thomson Rogers for all they have done for us.

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My lawyers, Stacey Stevens and Craig Brown together with my case manager, Kim Doogan set me up with the best workers you could ever ask for, Colin (O.T.) and Everett (RSW). Bringing patience and a positive attitude that provided a huge turnaround for me.

Stacey and Craig helped to set up my rehab team and answer many of my questions. Other members of my rehab team, Colin Newman OT, Everett RSW, Julie Manley Physio, Dr. Hamilton, and Kim Doogan all worked together and pushed me hard to try and stay strong and begin working on things like my future goals, keeping positive attitude, developing work skills and interests, and social skills and budgeting all to leading back to a normal life.

Last year, Craig and Stacey were able to get a great settlement of my case. The settlement gives me financial security and peace of mind. Craig, Stacey and their team at Thomson Rogers worked really hard to bring me to where I am today.

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J. Monahan

The last three years have been a roller coaster ride and I have met some great people along the way. The staff at Sunnybrook, my awesome support at West Park Rehab Centre, and last Leonard Kunka and Carmen Spano at Thomson Rogers. They were supportive and the staff was amazing, very professional and kind. I never once felt guilty calling with questions.

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F. Humble

I interviewed several different fine lawyers from several different law firms, but it did not take me more than a few minutes to realize that Len Kunka and his colleague Mike Holden would be those in whom I would put my trust and confidence. From the first day, they treated me with respect and dignity. Their concern for Alan’s health was obvious. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise were immediately evident. As important as those qualifications are, it was their compassion that struck me. Anybody, almost anybody, can have paper qualifications and experience, though not necessarily to the high standards of the legal team at Thomson Rogers ~ the enormous and most important difference, though, is the human side of Len and Mike. They are fine lawyers and fine people, too.

Dealing with insurance companies is traumatic. In my experience, generally, they do not have a heart. They do not come across as being there for you. First and foremost, if it weren’t for Len and Mike, there is no doubt that in short order I, as Alan’s caregiver, would have fallen apart, which would have had a serious, negative impact on Alan’s recovery. He totally depended on me. Len and Mike were always there for us. Because of the severity of Alan’s physical and mental injuries, it was I on whom the preponderance of legal dealings fell. No matter how often I contacted Len or Mike with comments and questions, they always responded expeditiously and always did their best to relieve my anxieties about Alan’s well-being and the trajectory of his legal case.

Over the years, as Alan’s cognitive abilities improved, he was somewhat more involved in his insurance case; subsequently, he was equally impressed with Len and Mike. It was comforting knowing that of all our concerns about Alan and his possible health outcomes, the pending insurance matters were the purview of Thomson Rogers. They were competently navigating the unknown for Alan (and me). The stress reduction was a huge part in my being able to provide 24 hour care for Alan, for several years. And a huge relief for Alan, whose accident resulted in his being anxious and depressed.

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R. Howard

I truly believe I had the best rehab team out there. Starting with Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers. Having Darcy lead my rehab team, he made it possible for me to actually concentrate on rehab being my full time job. He put together the rehab team I worked with for seven years and together we worked day in and day out, on my best interests. This is more than just a pay cheque to Thomson Rogers and the therapists that they work with. They have a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives. Without a doubt, they have all made a difference in mine. I will forever be indebted to my entire rehab team. Even to this day, we keep in contact and they continue to help me reach my goals.

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After my car accident in 2008, and spending 6 months in different hospitals for intensive rehabilitation . . . I had to have a lawyer, and one was referred to us in the second hospital. This legal representative met myself, and my brother. He answered what questions we had at the time. After a year, we found that this legal representative was not a good fit for me. It was suggested that we contact Thomson Rogers and speak to one of their lawyers. I filled out the online contact request form we found on their website, and Darcy Merkur got in contact with me. We set a date to meet and interview Darcy. He was so knowledgeable, and I felt comfortable hiring him. The relief we had, knowing that Thomson Rogers was looking after my case, was immeasurable. My recovery was as important to Darcy & Thomson Rogers as it was to me.

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I wanted to thank you again for all your help and support. We would have had nothing if not for your diligence and knowledge.

K. and R. B.

Dear: David MacDonald,

I cannot thank you and your team enough for all that you have done for my family and I.

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident I was left with a traumatic brain injury. I was promised by the insurance company that I would be provided a rehab team to assist in my recovery. That never happened. It wasn’t until I hired David MacDonald from Thomson Rogers that I received the help I desperately needed. He and his team stuck by my side and reached a settlement that I could support my family on. I honestly don’t know what my life would look like if I hadn’t obtained the services of Thomson Rogers.

Adam V.

Dear David,

I wanted to send you this letter to extend my greatest thanks and appreciation for all the work you and your team have done to help me with both my on-going recovery as well as all the struggles up to now.

There were times when I felt so alone and defeated from battling the insurance company to getting beat up by the constant needs for evaluations and doctors poking around me. Through it all, your team was there watching out for my best interests and needs.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Laura Martin and Barbara O'Gorman as part of your day to day team as well. They both delivered a level of personal support and professionalism the compares to none.

My case was not a special one but it was important to me and you all made me feel a very significant person and important to your every move.

Thanks again David for all your assistance, guidance and direction thru it all. You have achieved and exceeded all my expectations. Don't take this wrong, but I hope to never see or hear from you again. Ha Ha.

Thanks again Thomson Rogers and team.

Roger C.

Thank you David . . . I will absolutely recommend you and Thomson Rogers to friends and family . . . thank you for making this process easy. It's been an emotional few years for me . . . now I can close the door on this chapter. On a personal note . . . you da man.


Dear Stephen and Michele,

Thank you for your help in resolving our claim.

You were there for us knowing just what to do and we couldn't have managed without you.

HP and EP

Dear Darcy,

There are no words to adequately describe the truly outstanding result that Darcy was able to achieve in the litigation of my 2013 motor vehicle accident. My case was exceedingly complex and required much "brain power" and "laser like focus". My medical situation was wrought with a myriad of sinister etiologies that led medical specialists and legal professionals to decline my case. They seemed to have an appetite for "simpler" cases that require less work and more profits for the service provider "skimming the cream so to speak". This spoke to poor integrity and a lack of chops.

To find the right lawyer for our case we checked the local Legal Industry (GTA to Hamilton) by contacting and speaking to people that know what's going on "where the rubber hits the road". (Example: Occupational Therapists (O.T.) that understand which lawyers and organizations had the most "Street Cred"). Paradoxically it was an O.T. from our opponent that gave me Darcy recommendation that helped seal the deal. Also, we spoke to medical and EMT workers representing nightmare stories from very ill patients being abused - misrepresented and they want to tell their stories. It makes for great emergency room filler. The good news is that Darcy Merkur and Thomson Rogers had the best reputation. Ironically, we had never heard of you until we really started to listen.

Darcy, your reputation stood out compared to all others and you did not disappoint. Throughout the entire process it was you that navigated a tremendously tedious, detailed file (that had more medical paper that any 10 cases combined) to a resolution that was acceptable to all involved. From a timeline perspective, you exceeded the expectations of all involved. Thank you for all you brought. You made it happen . . . Consider us your most ardent admirers, the kind of forever clients that will be your lifelong advocates in all legal conversations, I am certain our paths will cross again.

Since we met you and your team (like Merna Daoud and Stacy John), we have always been really proud and keen to advise all that we speak with, that we are being represented by the fastidiously competent Darcy Merkur and he is supported by the prestigious law firm: Thomson Rogers.

Thank you - Darcy and Team. Thank you all - most sincerely.

- Chris & Debbie

p.s. In January 2016, we were experiencing a legal issue that could cause us some financial peril. We contacted Darcy and was so impressed with Mr. Merkur's intelligence and prompt action. He drafted a genius, strategic letter that compelled the "other" company to capitulate. They agreed to full re-payment to us of "every single penny", as Darcy put it and it will be paid to us within the next two weeks. WOW, in the legal business, that is beyond impressive - that's "Heroic", like a modern day Robin Hood. Your words are your arrows - precise and true. The eloquence of your strategies are so fluent that they are just undeniable. Well done fine sir.

Chris & Debbie

K and I both really appreciate your help through our ordeal. Your patience and guidance was very much appreciated during the entire process. Your services will be highly recommended should anybody we know require them in the future.

K. and P. S.

Hi David,

This letter comes at a very difficult time when we are enveloped with chaos as a result of the injuries sustained by our 9 year old daughter from a 2010 motor vehicle accident.

We’ve only met you in late 2014 after transitioning from another law firm but the work you’ve accomplished is outstanding. In a short period of time, you have fought the battle that we almost doubted you will win (as a result of our bad experience from the previous law firm). David, we are forever grateful for fighting and winning for our family and more importantly, for our daughter. The mental, emotional and financial stress to provide the resources needed to support her treatment in her lifetime has been lifted off our shoulders. The team working behind you is spectacular and are always available when a crisis arises. Because of our daughter’s injuries, we never know when we get hit by a storm but we are confident that we will always have your support. For any family out there that is going through a similar experience, connect with David’s team and you are guaranteed they will fight your fight and advocate for your best interests. We are forever indebted to you for everything you have done for our family.

Craig & Ofelia Dugal

Hi Darcy,

I received the settlement last week and wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done for me and my family. There is not the slightest doubt that without you, both my future and the future of my boys would be drastically different. you were incredible despite the fact that at many points along the way I'm sure you had to deal with more than your fair share.

On the first day I met you, you said "we help a lot of kids." Never has a truer statement been said. Alex's future looks much different today than it did then and I could neither be more proud, or more grateful.

Thank you again Darcy for everything.


Darcy, I just want to take this opportunity and thank you on a job well done by both you and your associates. It's trying times when a loved one becomes injured in an accident. You and your associates were both professional and compassionate. I know it can't be easy when you're dealing with a client and a parent. Thanks for all your hard work. I would recommend your firm to anyone.

Rick J.

I hired Len Kunka when my husband was in a near fatal accident. Not only is Len really, REALLY good at his job - excellent, in fact - he is a very fine gentleman. From the moment I hired Len, while my husband was still in a coma in ICU, and throughout the ensuing five years of legal wrangling, I never lost my faith in Len, his paralegal Mike Holden, or their team. Len shepherded us through the labyrinthine legal and insurance worlds, avoiding pit traps and minotaurs at every turn (or slaying the minotaurs when they couldn't be avoided). I could not have made a better choice.

Len and Mike are knowledgeable, compassionate, and approachable. They were always patient and polite, quick to respond to my endless concerns. They gave me as much time with them as I needed, whenever I needed it. Their results in our case, a rather complicated one, speak for themselves. my husband and I feel privileged to have met and "worked with" Len and his team at Thomson Rogers, definitely an exemplary law firm.

Over the past 40 years, I have hired many different lawyers, for many different personal legal matters. I know the difference between poor, good, and superior law firms. Thomson Rogers, as represented by Len Kunka, is an outstanding law firm.

Ruth and Alan

Darcy Merkur is not just good, he is amazing.

He is well diversified. He surrounds himself with the right network of people that look at his clients as a "whole", and he delegates each one of those people to reach optimum comfort for his clients. Everything is done in a timely manner, and there are never any unforeseen surprises, at least not in my case.

He is down to earth, speaks with his clients with a normal tone and an understanding that not all of us have gone through law school.

Darcy is amazing, he fights for what he thinks is right.

Maria P.


I am not very good with words, so I will keep it short. I just want to say that I am deeply grateful for you and Thomson Rogers for taking my case and helping me thoroughly. I am very glad that I met you and had you as my lawyer. I highly doubt the result would have been this satisfying if it wasn't for you.


Attn: David MacDonald

Over a year and a half ago I entered into a boardroom and cast eyes with a humble gentleman, for lack of words. He seemed somewhat unassuming, but, he was the ONLY ONE who showed up from the list of names that was presented to me. I was quite torn, sick, crying, etc, with every sign of broken parts and patches of ALL SORTS. That was convincing enough for me to say . . . without a shadow of a doubt . . . please represent me.

To date I am 100% satisfied that I made that right choice. David you did a "Wonderful Job". I am left without words from my vocab to describe my level of satisfaction. You could not have done a better job. It is remarkable and I would recommend "ANYONE" to trust you and that they would "NOT" regret their decision.

Thank you David from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you and keep up the excellent job you are doing.

Also, you staff has been amazing.


Dear Mr. MacDonald,

Congratulations on your 75th anniversary.

Today is the seventh anniversary of my accident. I reflect often on a most fortunate recovery, particularly as this time of year must weigh heavily on the driver who caused the event & lost her mother. I am sure my survival was due to the quick action of an off duty policeman & the help he was able to summons. I have no recollection of the jaws of life only a face at my window giving encouragement, the helicopter from highway 89 to Sunnybrook is vague as was the signing of a consent to operate & the ten days hooked up to a lung machine & my many shattered bones. My arrival at the wonderful St. Johns, I suspect, was due in part to the very nice case worker who got me there & also retrieved my jewelry. I would like to have properly thanked them both.

I was well looked after - a nice roommate, excellent care as well as continual support from fellow Anglicans plus many other good friends who visited, setting up bridge games & a fun 75th birthday party. Fortunately, this enabled me to truly accept the things I could not change & get on with the rigor of exercises, mental & physical this still took three months mostly in a wheel chair. My kids laughed that “only their mother would take that long to drive from The Blue Mts. to Toronto”. I had three more months of sleeping in my dining room & being monitored by care givers daily, with lots of physiotherapy. Like most happenings in my life I felt totally responsible for my well being & accepted the challenge, our fine health care system can do just so much.

I am truly grateful for these past seven years particularly as I was able to get back to driving, which is one of my main volunteer functions to-day.

This past May I broke my hip (my 12th fracture) while convening a coffee hour at church, once again I was lucky with immediate surgery, home within the week & managed to enjoy my already planned Holland American trip to The Yukon & Alaska in August.

So thank you for all your efforts on my behalf have not forgotten Barbara & Michael & do appreciate the opportunity you provided to express my gratitude.

Sincere best wishes for 2012 & future success.


Dear David,

Mere words cannot convey the thanks for all the work you have done on my behalf during this long, hard year and a half. But I do offer my heartfelt thanks for all your help in obtaining this settlement for me.


Mr. David Tenszen,

We thank you, very much, for the great job you have done for us.

S. Family

Dear Mr. Tenszen,

We just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for doing such a great job on obtaining a generous and timely settlement. We managed to pay off some bills and invest in our future thanks to your efforts. We will recommend you to anyone needing your services without hesitation.

I think we were a little surprised at the settlement...we were grinning from ear-to-ear when we got outside.

R.L. and S.L.

I just want to thank you for all you have done, and for your ease with corresponding over the last few years handling my case over the distance.

It is a great comfort to have these matters settled.

I will not hesitate to contact you should I need any help in the future.

W. H.

A few words to say again a million thanks for the settlement that you were able to obtain after hard negotiations with the defense parties.

J-P. T.

Just a small token of my immense appreciation for making an unpleasant ordeal bearable.

Your professionalism and your gentlemanly manner throughout gave me great comfort.

I would recommend you, without reservation, to anyone I might come across in need of your services.

M. A. G.

Words can not express how grateful I am to have had you by my side through such a difficult time of my life. I truly appreciate your guidance, support and professionalism throughout the process.

And mostly, I can't thank you enough for believing and understanding me when I felt that not many people did!!


I'm very grateful to you and your staff and want to thank you all for your kindness and the support you have given me over the years. If asked, I would certainly recommend your services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

D. M. S.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work and wisdom you have put into the kids’ and my case.

David, do know that I am thankful and happy, that – through your work and diligence – things have worked out so well. Thank you!

A. W


Just a note to say thank-you for everything that you did for me. We always felt that you had my best interest at heart. We are very happy with the settlement that you got for us.

W. & J. K.

In recognition and appreciation of your outstanding support for our Association and for those we serve, and in acknowledgment of your tremendous sense of community spirit!

Brain Injury Association of Niagara

Hi David,

Just thought I would send you a short note thanking you for the final outcome of my case.

You were the calming effect I needed in a very stressful environment. The voice of reason.

It has taken us a couple of days to get over the experience and start putting this behind us and move on with our lives.

Thank you from both of us.

J. & K. H.

Dear Mr. Tenszen and Staff,

My family and I would like to thank you very much for all your support and understanding. Your compassion and gentle approach reassured us that we were in good hands.

All the best.

AR & Family

D and I will always be grateful to you. You had a difficult case in front of you and you pulled it off. We were always very confident in your abilities.

Thanks also to Wendy and Andrea who tried to keep our spirits up.

Thanks again.

D & M C


I would like to express our thanks for the satisfactory resolution of both my parents' and my daughter's cases with the insurance companies. The calm, professional advice and guidance provided by you and your team were greatly appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation.

Thank you.


Adam Tanel was top notch and I felt that I was in very capable hands with him. His professionalism, competence, and personal approach to things during what could have been a very stressful mediation meeting, put my fears to rest. His willingness and patience to answer all my questions was so appreciated. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the meeting and can’t thank Adam enough for believing in me. I would highly recommend Adam to represent anyone out there seeking Justice.


I just wanted to thank you personally for representing me in the mediation with the insurance company. I was already feeling confident in your capabilities due to the fact that David Payne had made the recommendation. However, you went above and beyond my expectations with your abilities and knowledge of the case. Also, with your continued dedication after the settlement had been reached, I was able to get the funds as quickly as possible. I would especially like to thank you for your aptitude for communication throughout the entire process. In such a stressful situation, I felt that my case was a priority and that you were doing all that you could to bring about a fair resolution and closure to this chapter in my life.

Sandy W.

Dear Stacey,

We needed you and you were there.

We are so grateful for your donation in support of our programs and services, such as Peer Support, Rehabilitation Counselling and Information Services.

A spinal cord injury can happen to anyone at any time and it is one of the most traumatic events to occur in an individual's life. There are 350-400 new spinal cord injuries every year in Ontario - that is almost one Ontarian sustaining an injury every day.

Last year, we served more than 1,300 clients with 97,471 hours of service. With your support, you are helping us obtain our goal of reaching 100% of people living with a spinal cord injury.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our work.

William Adair
Executive Director, Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario

After dealing with several lawyers at Thomson Rogers each an expert in their own field, I had the opportunity to work with Stacey Stevens. It soon became apparent that Stacey is a bit of a "pit bull", once she gets hold of a case, she is thorough, smart, detailed and on top of things. Yet at all times she is human in the way she handles the matter, understanding and always grounded. Any individual who gets to work with Stacey should indeed consider himself or herself fortunate.

N.A. Berenkey

Dear Stacey Stevens,

I am writing to thank you for all the hard work and personal attention that you and your team at Thomson Rogers provided for the settlement of my Accident Claim.

From the first meeting to the very end I was shown patience, empathy, care and understanding. You helped me see the situation clearly and maintain focus and a positive perspective on my future. My fiancé and I are finally able to put the past behind us and begin our lives together with a clean slate and we owe it all to you.

J. Bardyn

I would like to thank Thomson Rogers for being such a professional law firm, and especially Stacey Stevens for being so thorough and well prepared. She was very committed in achieving our goals. I felt very comfortable with Stacey and her very efficient team. She is very personable and compassionate and I always felt like I was in good hands. I was treated with full respect. It was a pleasure dealing with her and I am very happy that she was representing me in a tough time. I would definitely recommend Thomson Rogers and Stacey Stevens.

L. Hartnett

We would like to thank Stacey for her time and effort in bringing our case to completion.

Throughout the process Stacey showed us kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. She carefully explained each stage of the legal process and her support was very much appreciated. Should we become aware of anyone requiring legal services, we would confidently recommend Stacey.

J. Geissler and H. Brady

Dear Stacey,

Now that the case has concluded, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks especially to you for your hard work to represent me in this case. You have exhibited extreme professionalism throughout the whole process. I am not knowledgeable in legal matters, your guidance made me feel comfortable in the presence of the defendants. I highly commend you and hope for your continued success.

N. Bragado

Dear Ms. Stevens:

Practical Guide to Expert Opinion Under the New Rues – Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On behalf of the Ontario Bar Association, a very sincere thank you for your generous contribution of time, energy and above all, expertise for presenting at this great program. We could not have done it without you.

A. Buahene
Director, Continuing Legal Education, Ontario Bar Association

We were really impressed by the care & commitment you demonstrated to help provide further medical evaluations/treatments for our daughter's injury. Even though the duration of the case was very long, your professionalism & skills to negotiate exceed our expectation. We would also like to thank you for providing options to maximize our daughter funds and accommodating our request with the Courts.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Stacy and we would definitely recommend her to any prospective client.

B. & J. Shivnauth

My story starts back to April 30 2006. A few close friends and I decided to have a night out seeing that it has been a while since we all have gotten together. We decided to go to a place called crystal vibes night club, as we arrived there around 10:30pm everything was going well with everyone. We had a few drinks and danced with each other, everything was still going smoothly as more people arrived too the club. It was about 12:30am when a random guy came up to my older brother's wife and asked her to dance, she said no to him. The same person came back 2 more times to ask her to dance, that’s when my brother and I told him that she is married and that she does not want to dance with him. We thought that was the end with him, but later that night, about 1:30 am, we were getting ready to leave. We made our way to the exit door (we were parked next to the exit door) there was a group of 25 guys outside. As we started to get everyone in to the car (7 of us) my brother and I were attacked by the group of 25 guys.

I remembered waking up a few day later at Sunnybrook Hospital in the intensive care unit not knowing what had happened to me. I later found out that I had been shot in the head by one of the guys at the club. After getting released from the hospital, I was referred to Toronto Rehab. I had to re-learn everything (walking, talking, memory and reading). At this point my disability insurance was giving me a hard time with my claim and I had nowhere to go for legal help. I was referred to Thomson Rogers lawyers where Stacey Stevens took on my case. Thomson Rogers guided me through all the legal processes, taking the time to explain everything in detail. They dealt with my disability insurance company and got results fast. They also represented me with the Criminal Injury Compensation Board and also got great results. Thomson Rogers was by my side for 3 years helping and guiding me through this hard time in my life. I have recommended them to my family, friends and any one that needs help. I will always use Thomson Rogers for any future legal issues. Since my accident I have returned to my career as an electrician and living life to the fullest. I truly believe that if it was not for the help of Sunnybrook hospital, Toronto Rehab and Thomson Rogers, I would not have been able to be where I am today. I am now 27 years old, married and loving every minute of it.

T. Nandkumar

Dear Stacey,

Several months ago you were so kind to meet with my husband Tony and I to offer great advice and help towards three Statements of Claim my son and I had received – totaling three million dollars against a car accident. Your advice really helped us understand so much and we felt better able to handle the upcoming discovery.

Today we heard that three claims were being dismissed! What an incredible relief! It was hard to comprehend how knowing there is no wrong doing and yet you feel totally at the mercy of the incident.

Stacey – Tony and I thank you so much for giving us your time and for educating us on the legal issues surrounding the case.

P.S. I can’t thank Reggie enough for pointing us your way

Yvonne & Tony F.

Dear Stacey,

Just a few lines to say thank you and your team for a job well done on my lawsuit.

I wish you much success for the future and I know who to call if I need a good lawyer in the future.

All the best.


Elaine K

Dear Stacey,

Debbie and I are grateful to you and all of the members of Thomson Rogers who worked diligently on Debbie's behalf for your hard work, compassion and patience.

We would like to thank you, Joe Pileggi, Carmen Spano, Craig Brown, Shelley Zachodniak, Jennifer McIntyre, and the many others who helped us get through this difficult time.

I know it was a difficult and complicated case as Debbie, my sister, was disabled with MS at the time of the accident and only became more so afterwards. You showed our family a great deal of understanding while we were trying to pick up the pieces of our lives.

So, now because of your tireless work we are financially able to help Debbie with the ongoing needs for her life which are many.

Stacey, above all, you were professional, caring, and kind to our family when you had to field many phone calls from all of us and worked very hard to handle so many details on Debbie's behalf.

We will definitely recommend you and Thomson Rogers to others who may need your services.

Thank you so much!

Cheryl K.

Stacey and her team were attentive to every aspect of my case from acute care to my future care and success. Her expertise is immeasurable and went beyond the legalities of the matter with great attention to my pre-accident lifestyle and current needs (some of which she was aware of before I was). I always felt looked after but there was also a greater feeling of being cared about. Stacey was incredibly responsive to any concerns and questions from myself and my family. Without her representation and support I would not have the quality of life I do today. Thank you for your guidance during this difficult part of my journey.

LeeAnn C

Hi Stacey,

I feel like I’ll never be able to thank you enough, so please allow me to thank you as long as I can, even if you get tired of it. I knew it was hard to believe what was going on with me was true, I find it hard to believe myself sometimes, until finally, I just accepted it. This is who I am now. But you believed in me and that is why I had faith in you. That you will do everything to get what is right for me, whatever that is. I hope you continue to help people, people like me. We need more of you in this world. Thank you forever Stacey.


New Years Eve 2000-2001 was almost my final year on this earth. It took one risky turn and before I knew it I was in a Chrysler Malibu and Oldsmobile Aurora sandwich. Sitting in the passenger seat of the Malibu as the Aurora drove broadside into me, and left me with eight fractures to my pelvis, three broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw, shattered teeth, bi-lateral nerve damage to my arms, many torn muscles and countless bruises. It took forty five minutes to be cut out of the car, seventy two hours survive, two months of bed rest, three jaw surgeries, two nerve surgeries, dental reconstruction, Post Traumatic Disorder, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and eight years of legal battles. Amazing the difference seconds can make in a life.

When it happened my family had no idea what to do, we didn't even know we should be seeking legal advice, the sheer shock and fear of the situation left us confused and my entire family in shambles. Finally we realized that legal action was necessary. Unfortunately we found a shark, and around the ocean he swam us for three years, slowly eating away at our innocence and fear. Running out of money, help and patience I was quickly, day by day deteriorating, both mentally and physically. The shark hadn't worked to help me, thus I wasn't being taken care of by doctors or the insurance company. Within inches of a complete break down I was lead to David Payne by a close family friend.

David turned the lights on. He made things move. He showed me that my life wasn't over and that there were caring people out there who wanted to help me. Not everyone was out to get me and take advantage of my disadvantage. He got me the doctors I needed, the financial help I needed and more importantly he treated me as a human being, he listened to everything I had to say and never wasted his time or mine to try and tack it onto the bill.

My case was a horrible mess, the insurance company didn't know who I was. They did not want to know who I was and they tried everything to make my case as difficult as possible, but David never gave up on me. Finally, after eight years of fighting, a settlement was reached and my future was secured. Also, because of the help David had gotten me, via therapists and doctors who cared for my injuries, I was able to reconnect with myself and regain as normal a life as I can after such an ordeal.

David did what a good lawyer is supposed to do and he did it with empathy, ethics and kindness. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards him and his staff.

H. Hargraves

The very first time I met Laura Parent, I understood what the difference was between our lawyer and David Payne. Laura was the very first person to believe in me and my pain. She told me that David was on our side and that he was going to take care of us. No doubt, he absolutely did.

In 2007, at the age of 12 years old, I was in 2 car accidents 5 weeks apart from each other. The first accident, I was riding my bicycle and I was hit by a woman backing out of her driveway. I had broken my elbow and my growth plates had separated. I was in a cast for 4 weeks. A week after the cast was taken off, we were in another car accident. This time, a car was turning into a parking lot and turned right in front of us. I braced myself but my Mom couldn’t stop and we crashed into their vehicle. Since that moment, I have had constant pain. Three weeks later, I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy a.k.a. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1. All I knew was that I was in constant 10/10 pain all the time, with no medical professional understanding my injury. Then we met David Payne and our world changed. He was like our guardian angel sent to help us. He believed in my pain and rare condition. He helped us find doctors that understood RSD who could help treat my pain.

With RSD, comes many expensive treatments to help manage chronic pain. On a daily basis, we would be going to either a doctor’s appointment, physiotherapy or any other type of alternative therapy to help manage and keep my mobility. I was considered to be faking, dramatizing and over exaggerating my condition. David always believed in me, and supported every alternative and medical therapy I tired. Without his support, belief and “magic wand” I don’t know where I’d be. I know I would not be nearly as mobile as I am today. He has made sure that I can manage my treatments for a lifetime and I am not going to be a financial burden on my family. I’ve realized how much my Mom has fought for me and she could not have done what she did without David being right beside her. David was our voice to the insurance companies fighting every step of the way for my treatments. Even though I was 12 years old and didn’t necessarily understand his legal conversations with my Mom, who is my litigation guardian, David always took time to translate and help me understand how he was representing me. He always kept me in the loop.

Over the last 5 years, I have the highest utmost respect for you, David. I know that you have always had my best interest at heart and I am so thankful and appreciative for what you have done. I may have to deal with RSD for the rest of my life, but you have made it a lot more manageable.

I know that if someone ever came to me with a personal injury, and needed legal advice, the very first person I would recommend is David Payne.

Thank you David!!!

Carley Ouellette and Family

They say “among all grey clouds there is a silver lining”….. My grey clouds came in the day my daughter, Carley Ouellette, who was 12 years old at the time, was hit by a vehicle and broke her arm while riding her bike. Just five weeks after that accident we were in another car accident that left my daughter unable to move her left arm. She complained of extreme pain to the point I could not even touch her. After bringing her to several doctors I was then told she had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy a.k.a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1. caused by the last accident we were in. I was completely at a loss as to how to get treatment for my daughter because the Insurance Company was not validating her injury or the treatments being prescribed to treat her illness. Just six months after the accidents the Insurance Company was denying to pay for treatment plans for my daughter and forcing me to pay for the treatment plans.

I remember the day I was first told about David Payne and yes, it was from another satisfied client. This past client of David’s recognized my frustrations and stress of trying to get care for my daughter. He told me, “if this illness is as bad as you are telling me, you need David Payne representing you and your daughter because he would never allow her treatment to stop. He is a Pit Bull, but if he believes you have a case he will never let you down. Go home, look him up on the internet and tell him I told you to call him.” That night I came straight home, Googled the name David Payne and called him right away. I just so happened to catch him just as he was leaving the office, but he took my call and I explained to him what was going on with my daughter. I remember him saying to me “I’ll be honest I don’t know much about RSD, but no child should be denied and have to live in pain so, yes, I will represent you”.

From the day he took us on as his clients, this was the silver lining in our clouds, almost heaven sent…David. He has always had my daughter’s and family’s’ best interest at heart. When the Insurance Company was denying us treatment, it was as though David had a magic wand, he would wave it and her treatments were suddenly approved. David took away all the stress of dealing with the Insurance Company. This allowed me, as Carley’s Mother, to focus on taking care of my child medically, knowing I was in good hands with David legally.

Although, we still have to deal with Carley’s RSD daily, if it were not for David’s compassion, empathy and belief to fight for an otherwise unheard of disorder like Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy a.k.a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1. I know I would have gone bankrupt trying to manage the necessary daily treatments for Carley. His knowledge and expertise combined with his compassion, empathy and passion to fight for ‘what is right’ is what sets him apart from other personal injury lawyers. I know if I had stayed with the lawyer representing Carley in the very beginning, we would never have seen the type of settlement David was able to win for Carley. David made sure that my daughter will be taken care of financially for life so that she will never have to worry about the financial burden of treatment to manage her pain. David protected my daughter as though she was his own and I am eternally grateful for all that he has done for her.

Yes, being permanently injured in an accident is one of the most horrible and stressful things that can happen to a person, but like I tell my daughter, look at all of the amazing people it has brought into our lives that we otherwise, never would have met such as David Payne.

Thank You David, for being not just a Lawyer, but an Amazing Lawyer!

Kimberly Nelson
Mother of Carley Ouellette

It sounds cliché, but my family was living a fairy tale — four beautiful, healthy children; married to my soul mate, all while enjoying a fit healthy life as a Conditioning Specialist. On July 2, 2009 a man drove right through our dreams and thrust my entire family into a world of uncertainty and turmoil. A truck had hit me and I never imagined it would shrink my world with pain, PTSD, depression and anxiety.

A neighbor suggested my husband call a lawyer “in case” I needed therapy in the future. I literally spent the entire summer in bed and my husband called a local lawyer he saw on the back of our phone book. Almost 12 wasted months later I was getting worse and my entire family was sinking with me. A person who cared about me said I needed to contact Mr. David Payne immediately...she knew I was in so much pain and in such distress she made a call to his office and Mr. Payne was at my home virtually the next day. Suddenly I was receiving treatments and benefits I had never had access to with my previous law firm. My husband and children were provided for and cared for in a way that proved to me Mr. Payne and Thomson Rogers truly understood that this accident had injured all six of us profoundly.

Mr. Payne and his team are remarkable people. I always said my husband was my knight in shining armor, but even he says that it was Mr. David Payne that gave us back our happy ending.

With gratitude beyond words,

Shawn, James, Avery, Sofie, Angus and Ellie

Dear Mr. Payne:

I would like to thank you for representing me. It has been a very long four years. Your support and encouragement were crucial in getting me through this nightmare. Both you and Ms. Running have always been very professional yet compassionate and caring throughout this ordeal. It is very obvious that you don't do this just for the money; you genuinely care about the clients you represent. You have always been available to answer my questions and have kept me informed about the progress of my case. When I had difficulty expressing myself due to the brain injury you never once made me feel that I was stupid or talked down to me. You and Ms. Running have always treated me with the greatest respect. Whenever there was an issue with the insurance company, and there were many, you dealt with it promptly and the issue was taken care of. You were very aware of the affect that the numerous insurance requests for assessments had on me and you worked hard to minimize them. It means a lot to me that as this dragged on your faith in me didn't waver and you continued to fight for me until we reached a settlement. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who will be in need of your services.

Thank you.

R. Hardy

David Payne was a super lawyer for Tracy, and I. Before he took over, the lawyer in Windsor would have left Tracy with only $200,000.00, but David got her almost 3 million. You can just imagine the difference that has made for our family. To know that Tracy will be set for the rest of her life is a big burden off my shoulders. When I can no longer take care of her, she will be able to afford the help she will surely need in the years to come. It is also a big relief to her sisters, as they are all very close to each other.

You are tops in our books David, and I will make sure that anyone I meet, that could do with an excellent lawyer, knows you are the first and only choice.

Margaret & Tracy Collins

Mr. Payne, please note that we are very grateful for all of your efforts on this case. Prior to establishing the relationship with you, we nearly gave up on the possibility of legal action. We had been frustrated for over two years consulting with so many legal firms and obtaining copious legal advice. The result of most of our consultations was that we were told that we had no case and that the legal firm would not accept our case. Those legal firms that did decide to accept the case and proceed made a very brief effort and literally no progress while spending money and wasting our time. We felt that we were simply spinning our wheels and that we were not getting anywhere.

At around the time that we were almost prepared to give up on our legal efforts, we were very fortunate to have contacted your office. We must admit that we were very skeptical at first as we had heard it all before. However, there was a slight reason for increased optimism within some members of the family. Right from the beginning, some of us felt that this last effort was somehow different. An indication of this difference was your initiative to travel to Windsor to see first-hand the condition of this man. No other legal firm or their legal team had previously taken this step. You appeared to be stirred up emotionally about Milan’s condition and appeared eager to proceed. As they say, the rest is history now.

Mr. Payne, to say that we are very thankful and appreciative for all of your efforts in this case is a serious understatement. We will always feel indebted to you for the contribution that you have made to this family. Without your efforts it is very likely that Milan would not be alive today. You have saved this man’s life and for that we are grateful. You have also spared the family of the tremendous financial burden that would have otherwise been their responsibility. We wish to formally acknowledge our gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done for this family, and in the process, saving the family from financial ruin and devastation.

Sava Puskaric and Family

My family and myself are extremely thankful for having met David A. Payne and his team. My case was complicated and needed the expertise of an experienced lawyer. I researched and felt excited when I came across Mr. Payne's profile. He had the experience I felt I needed. I really felt I finally had someone in my corner. Mr. Payne was never anything but courteous and kind. He always had my family's best interest at heart. The result of my case was ten times more than the other lawyer's efforts and now I'm secure knowing for the rest of my life when I need physio or massage or medication there will be a fund to pay for the cost.

Continue to help others who have a similar situation as mine. You will be in my heart as long I am alive. God bless Thomson Rogers. God bless Mr. Payne's team.

Thanks again.

R. Wamara

Dearest David,

Thank you very much for your advice, and assistance in the past years. Our family truly appreciates your time & thoughts. May God bless you and your family.

G. K.

Dear David,

I don't know what most people feel when something like this ends, but for us it is a mixture of relief but also a finality of the injuries and permanence of all that goes with it.

Much of what you have done went behind the scenes making it difficult to realize just what you have done for us.

I believe that all the people we worked with were sent to us for a reason. Out of all the lawyers that could have been assigned to us, you were the one chosen.

I thank you for your work, patience and time. In this day and age people forget to say thanks thinking instead that people are paid for what they do, and that somehow replaces the courtesy of saying how much their work has meant.

I hope this card is some small acknowledgement of our appreciation for your work and the chance to get to know you over the past 7 years.

No matter who is at fault when someone is injured, especially a child, to the people who love them it only matters that someone cares enough to fight for them.

Thanks for being one of those people

Lorente Family

Dear Counsel:

The above captioned lawsuit was recently the subject of a private mediation. When the session ended, this litigation was resolved. Minutes of settlement were executed by both parties, reflecting the state of affairs. I have complete confidence that this will come to pass.

I cannot leave this case, without re-iterating, that this was the most professionally negotiated mediation that I have been privileged to conduct. I have the highest esteem for good lawyers. I respect those lawyers who are not afraid to talk to each other, and who are not afraid to tell each other what they think the case is about. I congratulate everyone.

I thank you for giving me the privilege of mediating this case with you and I certainly look forward to mediating with you again in the near future.

P. Iacono, Q.C.

To Mr. Neill & Staff,

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you to you Mr. Neill, Ms. Shelley Cull and the rest of the staff who were there for us in the past 4.5 years, and for all the help and support which was given, all patience you have shown, the time which was given to us in answering all the questions we needed answers to. Thank you again for everything.


To Mr. Neill,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all you have done for me and my family.


Mr. Neill,

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for representing me and I am grateful for all your support and help!

A huge thank you to all of you!


To Mr. David R. Neill & Shelley Cull,

I am very thankfull for the hard work you did, and help to get me well after the terrifying accident. All your support and guidence along the way was is very appreciated.

S. S.

Dear David,

We felt we had to write to you just one more time, to express our most sincere thanks for the invaluable help you have given us over the past two years, and of course for a successful outcome.

What could have been an arduous experience turned out to be an altogether pleasurable one. Those reassuring words of yours – “Just leave it to me.”.

The process came to an end so abruptly…we had hoped that we might meet with you once again.

I & B

Hey Darcy,

This is S. Rajapakse whose motorcycle accident case you recently settled. I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your work in this case. I was more than happy with the outcome and am glad to put the matter behind me. I am also pleased at how smoothly everything went...

S. Rajapakse

Dear Mr. Merkur,

I am very much pleased with the speed and result of the settlement and I thank you all for the support.

R. Geroche

Dear Len and Darcy,

We want you both to know how fortunate we are to have such a fine team representing us.

The accident certainly changed my lifestyle in a hurry! However it was so much easier to deal with knowing that your firm was so involved in looking after our interests.

We thank you for
- your professional and common sense approach
- your knowledgeable and sound advice
- your excellent communication
- achieving a fair and just settlement

Thanks again for doing such a fine job and caring so much.

E. Chatten and R. Chatten

Mr. Merkur,

Thank you for the excellent service that you provided in handling my case against the insurance company. We want you to know that before we were referred to you, we had seen 3 other lawyers that also specialized in car accidents and they all said that I would receive a very minimum amount in settlement. You, however, were able to settle for 6 TIMES the amount that the other lawyers were predicting.

C. Perruccio

Dear Darcy,

Thank you for all the help you provided me with during my recovery from my motorcycle accident. If it were not for you and your staff I would have been no wiser as to my legal rights and consequently financial support.

You and your staff handled my requests expeditiously and for that I'm very grateful. You were always available for informative help.

Thanks for obtaining me a final settlement with the insurance company which was far beyond what I expected.

G. Yates

Dear Mr. Merkur,

I am very happy with the settlement you recieved for me. My daughters also thank you for the contribution they received as part of the settlement. I am following up with you, to let you know how pleased I am at the outcome. I really am grateful and hope that you know how happy I am to be telling you so!

E. Messier

Dear Darcy,

Thank you for the job well done!! It was very much appreciated.

You guys are the best, God bless you.

P. Metatawabin

Dear Mr. Merkur,

Your letter arrived this week, a few days after we had received two cheques, each for 50% of our investments, from KPMG, and we both wanted to thank you so very much for all the help given to us by you.

Without the feeling of trust we had in you we would, perhaps, not have been courageous enough to have participated in the class action suit, and thereby lost a large sum of money.

Our best wishes for your continued success in the future.

Yours very truly,

J. & O. Sears

Dear Darcy R. Merkur,

It is with the greatest appreciation that I write this.

The monies we invested with FMFS were extremely important to our future. We cannot thank you enough for your exemplary work in conducting your investigation and litigation.

We won't hesitate to recommend you and your firm, should we hear of someone that can use your assistance.

C. & G. Richardson

Dear Darcy,

Doug and I would like to express our thanks to you for the work you did on our behalf to compensate us for our loss through Factor Corp. This has made a huge difference in our lives since we were at retirement age when this took place. You can imagine our concern at the thought of losing everything we had put into this plan and now we can rest a little easier, thanks to your abilities.

Your expertise has made a difference in our lives and we want you to know how much we appreciate this. We don’t have the abilities that you have to enter into a legal discussion of this nature – and yes, we will definitely call you should the need arise, heaven forbid!

P. & D. Wettlaufer

Dear Darcy,

I would like to thank you for your professionalism and support! I couldn’t even dream to resolve my case so fast!

I appreciate your help and am very glad that I have chosen you to represent my case!

With great appreciation,

Ksenia O.

Switching lawyers to Darcy Merkur was one of the best decisions I have taken in the past 3 years!

Ksenia O. thanking her referring treatment provider.

Dear Darcy,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the incredible assistance you and your team gave me and my family. The accident altered our lives, and you helped make the alterations bearable.

It was so comforting having a knowledgeable professional like you on my team.

You always made me feel safe and confident in my legal journey. I am able to look forward to my revised life positively.

I would also like to thank the staff of Thomson Rogers. They were extremely supportive.

Thank You Darcy!

Tammy K.

Dear Darcy,

I am writing to thank you and Thomson Rogers for all you did for my sister and I, in the speedy resolution of Tammy’s case.

I don’t think anyone can prepare for the overwhelming situation that arises following an accident. I spent months trying to read and comprehend everything.

Then we called Thomson Rogers and you came to help. You explained everything clearly. Any questions we had, you quickly handled. Everyone at Thomson Rogers was courteous and understanding and made us feel like we were important.

So, on behalf of my family, my sister, and myself, I thank you Darcy and your firm for a great job! I wish only the best for you all.

M. F. Derochie


A sincere "Thank-you" for putting quick closure on a most difficult time in my life. Throughout the process you’ve been diligent, trustworthy & ethical.

You listened to my urgency for prompt resolution & as a result you pleasantly surprised me with a settlement that was beyond anything I was expecting.

I "thank you" for your hard work and decent nature.

With grateful regards,

Marge P.

In the fall of 2009, I was hit by a car while crossing the street in my wheelchair. My chair was thrown about 25 feet and made about 3 rotations. After hitting the ground it was unfixable to say the least, and my body did not fair any better.

Two weeks after the accident I was having major difficulties talking, sleeping and generally a great amount of pain everywhere in my body. My doctor told me to sue the driver, which I had not even considered. My problem was finding a law firm which I could trust in my state of mind, or rather, lack of mind. Wheels kept spinning and I still did not know where to go.

A friend told me about a law firm that had helped out many in similar circumstances. The firm was Thomson Rogers, and I was lucky enough to get Darcy Merkur as my lawyer. This guy actually cared about his clients and after grueling questions by him he agreed to take me on as a client. Luckiest day of my life.

Darcy has turned out to be not just a great lawyer, but a caring man as well. Who has ever heard of a lawyer who comes to the hospital to visit you and see how you are doing? Mine did on several occasions. His law clerk Elena has also turned out to be a gem that I can count on anytime. Between Darcy and Elena I feel confident that no matter how this suit finally turns out, I know that it will be the best that anyone could expect.

Thank you all for taking care of me and making me always feel comfortable that you are always acting in my best interest.

Gratefully yours,

Robin S.

Following our accident we sought advice from a lawyer referred to us by a lawyer friend of ours. After more than a year our medical doctor mentioned that he had never been contacted by our lawyer and he found that quite surprising. That was when we knew we had an issue with our first lawyer and that we needed help.

Darcy, in a week, took us further than the 1st lawyer had in more than a year. The end result/settlement was greater than we had anticipated; particularly after the process had been delayed. Darcy communicated effectively; he provided ongoing counsel and never created any false expectations. We did go to discovery and Darcy's coaching was helpful during that stressful time. We are very happy we went to Thomson Rogers and to Darcy in particular.

Jane and Paul Beck

Dear Darcy,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My son now has the possibility for a future, thanks to your endless work on my behalf.

On the day of mediation I was very worried that I was going to get very little money from the stingy folks at our favourite insurance company.

You may not have noticed but I was far from my best that day, I should have been in hospital. You picked up my slack and “held my hand” during this very stressful procedure.

I thought that I would take anything that the insurance company offered, but you wouldn’t let me. You kept maneuvering around those guys like they were puppets, there to do your bidding. After five grueling hours I had a settlement that was larger than my wildest dreams. I don’t hand out compliments very often, but the dedication, hard work and patience on your part came through. I saw my files at one point and could not believe what you and Elena had put together on my behalf. Elena answered my never ending questions for well over a year, and was always kind, efficient and honest.

I got more money then you promised and I truly believe what I told you in the settlement process during a break. I was blessed the day that I found you for my lawyer, and grateful for being treated like a human being.

You may not feel the same way but you and Elena feel more like friends than someone who I was lucky enough to hire.

Liam and I thank you both from the bottom of our hearts, and you will always be remembered as the lawyer with a heart and soul, who truly stands behind their clients.

Thanks again.

R. Saunders and son Liam

I would like to personally thank you for the professionalism and respect that was shared between you and I as well as the entire team during the handling of this claim to ensure that our mutual goal of helping D and his family was accomplished. Your trust and our mutual respect allowed me to interact and develop a working relationship between D and his family as well as all his health care practitioners, that was not only appreciated, but in my opinion, was another reason for the successful handling and result of D’s claim. It was a complete and utter pleasure to work with you and the team and I look forward to working with you and/or Thomson Rogers again.

Letter from senior accident benefit insurance adjuster upon the successful resolution of a child’s catastrophic impairment accident benefit claim (May, 2012)

Just want to say again, how grateful I am for the work you did in pursuing my claim for my accident this May.

Thomson and Rogers came highly recommended but I didn't expect the level of service I received.

I truly felt like you took a personal interest in my case and were always courteous, thorough and attentive. I always received an immediate response to all my queries. I also appreciated that you took the time to explain each step in the process to me.

Most of I am impressed with the amount I was awarded, which speaks to your ability as a negotiator.

I would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

With much gratitude.

Barbara B.

Hello Darcy, you’ve never met me but I’m Ryan’s mother. I just want to let you know that I got a text from my son with a picture of a cheque that came to him today and boy is he happy and so excited. You have done an amazing job for him and I love my boy with all my heart and my daughter. I just wanted to tell you that to see his life made a little more bearable is really really special and you have enabled that to happen. It’s terrible what happened to my daughter this year concerning their children and our whole family has been up and down on a roller coaster ride non-stop and it’s so nice to know that there are people in the world like you that really help when it’s needed. All I can say Darcy is that I hope to meet you some day and I’ll make you a great home-made lemon pound cake from scratch with lemon drizzle on top and you’ll love it, as a thank you from Ryan’s mother. You’ve done an awesome job.
Thank you so much Darcy.

Mother of Ryan S.

In 2006 my mom was involved in a collision, resulting in a permanent injury to her knees and back. For a few years following the incident, life became terrible for her as well as us, her family. Multiple surgeries, countless painkillers, hours of therapy, a relationship breakdown, and the loss of her ability to work did more damage to her mind and heart than the collision itself did. We could never get her the right support she needed to heal properly without fear for her future.

After a difficult experience with another firm, she received a referral for Thomson Rogers. After a little research, it became clear that Thomson Rogers would be the best place for a situation like hers, given the depth of their experience with personal injury cases.

I remember mom being nervous about the first meeting. As we sat in the lobby, she stared at the floor, barely holding herself together. She worried what she would do if nobody took her on. When Stacey and Darcy sat down with her, I think that hopelessness came through as she told them about her case. We later drove home with the same relief that comes when you pass something heavy to someone else to hold when your arms are about to give out.

Over the following months, information and discussions with the other parties flew back and forth. We never knew exactly what was happening day to day, but it was clear that things were moving forward. Some days I would come home from work and mom would be on the phone with Stacey, who had called to see how she was doing. Some clients need to have frequent contact and Stacey recognized that.

Less than two years after that first meeting, a resolution was reached with a better-than-expected outcome. This end was fair and final, which is all mom wanted from the beginning.

If she had not asked Stacey and Darcy for help, there is no telling where she would be now. I don’t even want to think about that. Rather, I’m thankful I get to see her new reality where she no longer worries about getting by, her spirit is restored, and her body in a manageable state. I am grateful that I get to see her get married next year and have the life she always wanted for herself. Thanks to Stacey, Darcy and the team at Thomson Rogers, I get to see that happy endings really do exist.

Holly C.

In September 2011 our world changed. Our 19 year old son, fresh into college, was walking home from a friends a few blocks from our home when he was struck down by a car. He was alone, there were no witnesses and the driver left the scene where he lay unconscious on the road. The driver was never identified.

Weeks later when he left the trauma unit to enter rehab, it was suggested we find a lawyer. We were provided with information on a number of firms. It was then we met Darcy Merkur with Thomson and Rogers. We met someone who was supportive, professional and committed. Up to this point we had little knowledge of our rights or the supports available to us. We felt rescued and hopeful.

Darcy worked with us for the next two and a half years. The case was complex and working with my son was challenging because of how the catastrophic brain injury affected his personality. It was a very difficult time. Darcy was persistent and creatively found ways to work with him.

My son will need support for the rest of his life. His life goals have completely shifted and although his dreams may not have changed, the challenges he faces to make them come true are mountainous.

Darcy Merkur was successful. Not only because of his diligence and determination to contend with the details of the case and close with an appreciative settlement, Darcy was able to establish a solid, trusting relationship with our son which was the most important quality of all.

Pat C.

Here I sit, the afternoon of Christmas Eve, feeling ever so grateful to be alive and well, our lives once more on a forward course. A little over two years ago, my husband and I were visiting family in Ottawa. We were getting a little tour of Lars from Rodney's aunt Jean when she pulled onto a highway, having not seen the car coming down towards us at highway speed. The car was T-boned, Aunt Jean was killed, and Rodney, in the passenger seat, and I, right behind him were taken to the Ottawa General. I had a cracked sternum and severe bruising across my chest, where the seat belt had held me in, and bruising on my knee, which is fading, oh so slowly. Rodney sustained a much more direct impact - but his injuries were slower to be detected and develop.

Back in Nova Scotia, it was clear that Rodney would not be able to return to work, due to injuries to his back. We talked to Rodney's cousin, a lawyer who practices in Nova Scotia, who advised us to find a lawyer in Ontario, and proceed from there. She recommended Darcy Merkur of Thomson Rogers, in Toronto. We felt we were in good hands from the first phone call forward. He and his clerk were professional, understanding and clear in their advice. They were available any time we tried to reach them and supportive as we made our way through the unfamiliar steps of seeking compensation.

The case was settled painlessly and very much to our satisfaction. We are able to put this accident behind us and resume our lives. We know we were most fortunate to have injuries we recovered from, though Rodney will always have to watch his back, so to speak! We certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darcy Merkur to anyone who is looking for a lawyer specializing in personal injury.

Janet R.

Dear Sloan,

We do not know where we would be if we did not have Sloan Mandel’s help through this most difficult period of our lives.

There were many occasions when we had only to pick up the telephone and talk to Sloan personally, to alleviate our fears, for guidance or direction, reassurance or answers to our questions and each time feel some level of comfort. Sloan worked on our case taking on tasks and dealing with issues and situations, some of them complicated and difficult, so we would not have to and so we could focus on immediate care needs. We knew, every day, throughout the past five years, we were in good hands and that we were not alone in our fight for what we needed then, now and into the future.

Throughout the past five years, we always felt like Sloan knew exactly what we needed and when - often even before we knew it ourselves. Sometimes we wondered how he knew. It was like he was right there with us. He was - every day!

We will be forever thankful for all the time, hard work, trust and compassion Sloan Mandel and his team extended to our family and, most of all, for ensuring our daughter would be able to live the best life she can despite her tragedy.

Thank you Sloan.

D. & M. Webb

I met Sloan during a very tough time in my life, a point where I didn't know what to do and if I even had a case. I knew I was hurt and knew I was wronged, I just didn't know if I could find someone who would believe in me and be willing to take my case. I had initially met with a few lawyers who didn't think I had a case or didn't really take the time to hear me out. The first thing that was obvious about Sloan was that he really cares about his clients. During our first meeting, he took the time to sit down and hear my story, ask the tough questions, but did so with understanding and sympathy.

Sloan worked tirelessly on my case. He did his homework on my specific situation, researched, talked to experts, and challenged what I was being told "You don't have a case" when I knew in my heart I did.

All of Sloan's hard work resulted in me winning my case and sincerely words can't express my appreciation for what he has done for me and my family.

D. T.

It was a beautiful late summer day and we were on our way to a restaurant to celebrate my 64th birthday when the accident happened. We parked in the parking lot of the restaurant and started to walk toward the entrance. My immediate attention was taken to the bizarre actions of a car in the parking lot ahead of me. I quickly stepped in between a parked truck and car; out of the direct path of the rampaging car. But that was not a safe place. The out of control car hit the truck on my right side and pinned me in between it and the car on my left. Five men did the impossible. They lifted the truck by the rear bumper and moved it sideways, freeing me to slip to the ground.

The x rays showed six fractures of my pelvis. Yes, I could wiggle my toes. Therapists, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and a very worried family, are all a blur now. I am a woman of serious Faith in Jesus Christ. I personally know His attention and Love throughout this ordeal. My wonderful husband literally laid down his life for me. During a hospital visit a friend suggested that we might be wise to talk to a lawyer. The thought had not crossed our minds. We were so involved in finding out if I would ever walk again.

Into our lives came Sloan Mandel from Thomson Rogers Lawyers; a kind, soft spoken, gentle, brilliant man who knew what to do and how to help me to the very best of his ability. He arranged for an Occupational Therapist to visit me and set the wheels in motion for layers upon layers of much needed help for my recovery. Mr. Mandel spoke with our Auto Insurance people, who then co-operated to the fullest in paying for all the bills. Every call to him was answered immediately and with his best attention. The time came for us to decide on settlement issues. Mr. Mandel advised me to go to mediation. This was also a very scary time for me. The process was completely foreign to me. But I trusted my lawyer. Mr. Mandel assured me that the end result was very much in my favour and I should agree to the terms. The accident caused such great physical and emotional pain which I cannot describe on paper, but Sloan Mandel took care of me so that all I was left to do was to heal. Of course his intervention on my behalf was a great deal more than what I have shared here. And healing has come. I have some reoccurring pain and handicap from this accident. My doctors and health care attendants were great. But because of the work of my brilliant lawyer, my future physical and financial needs are covered and I am seriously grateful to him.

B. Huffman

Dear Wendy,

I am writing to you to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given Dylan and my family more than just some money for his future…you gave me a chance to finally put this behind us once and for all.

I have been angry for quite some time for what happened to Dylan – even though he healed and believe me I was thankful for that; but, I was not able to get over the feelings of no accountability for the trials we had to overcome.

Now, with your help, I can put this awful ordeal away. I am truly grateful for what you have done. You have done what most lawyers did not care to do; you got restitution for his injury.

Thank you.

D. Myers

Dear Wendy,

I had another lawyer who wasn't getting the job done and so I called you at Thomson Rogers.

You got me the help I needed.

I was very well taken care off and I am so very pleased with the way I was treated, like a King.

I am very happy with the final outcome and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours truly,

D. King

Hi Wendy,

We would like to send you our special thanks for all your help in our son's case. When the accident happened we were all lost and didn't know which way to turn. You helped us get all the support we needed in order for him to have a great recovery and peace of mind for the rest of his life.

We will never forget all your wonderful support.

Thank you from all our hearts,

Florentina and family

Dear David MacDonald and the staff at Thomson Rogers,

It has been a great support to Dave and myself to have You, and the team at Thomson Rogers represent us, in Dave’s recovery, and the claim for insurance. With his brain injury, he needed so much support and daily therapy. You quickly put a team of great therapists together to meet his needs. Your involvement managed a successful settlement, of the benefits he was entitled to. It gave me the time to attend to his needs, without worrying about the legal and financial end of things. This has allowed Dave to come so much further than was ever expected. When you brought him to the Acquired Brain Injury Art show, you brought back his will to draw. You are so aware of the needs of people with brain injury, you were able to put all the right tools for his recovery in place. From unpaid wages to housing you took care of it all. You were able to prove Dave’s needs for re-education. You put us in decent housing after being placed in housing that could not meet my son's needs. You made sure all his needs were met and then some. I could not have managed all the issues that came up throughout my son's recovery without you and the staff and clerks at Thomson Rogers. You are a special team of people.

Thank-you for all your help.

F. Rose – Dave’s Mom

Dear Mr. MacDonald:

We sincerely thank you for the work you did for us after our daughter’s car accident.

Your knowledge of law, compassion for our situation, and prompt attention to detail helped guide us through a shocking and devastating experience. As you know, Karen is now home and continues to improve.

We chose you as our lawyer on the recommendation of a neighbour. We felt even more confident in our decision when the social worker at Sunnybrook Hospital told us we had made a good choice.

Again, we are grateful for your work on Karen’s behalf. Based on our experience, we highly recommend you.

L. and J. Mackay

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

I am writing to let you know how pleased Jeff and I have been with the way you handled representing Jeff’s settlement with our insurance company.

We found you and your staff to be very approachable. Your explanations, suggestions and genuine concern for Jeff’s current and future well being were conclusive and set out in terms which were easily understood.

Both you and your law clerk Diane Bregg answered our calls and emails promptly. You both were very thorough in arranging a satisfactory settlement. No doubt your expertise in dealing with brain injury victims played an important factor as you dealt with our insuring company.

We thank you sincerely for taking our case and dealing with it so well. We certainly would recommend you and your firm to others facing the issues we did.

P. and J. Barry

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

I would like to express to you my sincerest gratitude for the way you handled our case. You were extremely supportive, kind and professional. You were extremely helpful in answering our questions and reassuring us about our decision to pursue legal action. You treated us with respect and dignity and never stopped believing that Mark would recover. We are all very grateful for the clarity with which you explained complicated legal details to us and your foresight in recommending that Mark remain at his school.

You were able to help Mark regain much needed confidence about his ability and future prospects while at the same time obtaining compensation for the ordeals he went through. We really appreciate the way you and the staff at Thomson Rogers supported us through this trial and the prompt and clear resolution to which you brought our case. We are very satisfied with the results that you’ve achieved and we are extremely appreciative of the great care and effort you put into your work. You safeguarded our son’s future. For this, we are forever in your debt.

T. Broussenko and the Broussenko Family.

Dear Mr. MacDonald:

I am writing to let you know how appreciative I am with the way you handled, represented and supported my husband and our family, especially with respect to obtaining accident benefits from our insurance company.

I found you and your law clerk Diane Bregg very approachable. Both of you answered my calls and emails promptly. The language and culture barriers and so many uncertainties were addressed by your clear explanations, thoughtful suggestions and your expertise in dealing with insurance companies.

I understand my husband has a long way to go but I am very pleased to have been able to help him by retaining you, the very best lawyer, as his legal representative! No doubt your talent in dealing with brain injury victims and your determination to pursue the case will lead to a satisfactory settlement.

A. Huang and J. Xu

Dear David MacDonald,

I would hereby once again like to express my gratitude to you for having taken me on as a client and for fighting my "case" to such a successful completion.

Mr. Dabor was absolutely right in his praise of you - when he referred me to you.

You have a very efficient, loyal, kind, professional team of people surrounding you, all the more to your credit!

As an acknowledgement of your professional services rendered to me, I have donated $1,500.00 to the Tribute Program at the Sick Kids Foundation in your Honour, requesting that the money go towards the Trauma Program.

Fortunately for me, my accident wasn't as tragic as I am sure many of your other client cases are. But, nevertheless, it has altered my life in so many ways, as you are so well aware of as you fought steadfast on my behalf. For that, I am forever grateful.

A. Szonda

Dear Dave,

Mario and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and the entire team for all you have done.

From the initial meeting at our home, we were confident that you had the knowledge, resources and compassion necessary to represent us. You always made yourself readily available and your advice, encouragement and support helped to guide us through our difficult and emotional journey. By your genuine interest, not only to our file but our lives, you’ve made us feel more like friends than clients.

While there were many people behind the scenes working on the file, Diane Bregg was incredible! Her proficiency and empathy made many a day easier! She was a pleasure to work with.

As we move forward, we appreciate your willingness to allow us to seek your counsel if necessary, and once again, we thank you for bringing our case to a successful conclusion.

A. and M. Tiberia

Dear Mr. MacDonald,
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thank you for your remarkable work and tremendous support during the period you were representing us! We truly appreciate all your efforts. We would also like to extend our gratitude to your Law Clerk, Ms. Barbara O’Gorman for her kind and compassionate support during the course of our case. The expertise and professionalism that you and your colleagues demonstrated were absolutely impressive.

Your support helped our son to take the right steps and get the right treatments for recovery, and safeguard his future. For that, we will be indebted to you forever.

In the mean time, we wish you and your family much success, and a very happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead! May God bless you and your family always.

The Jalali Family

I pondered many times as to what I could say and I decided for Curtis and myself you folks also should be mentioned. You were instrumental in keeping Curtis' dignity intact while working on his case. You kept him in the loop on the progress of his case to the degree that he could understand, never once talking as though he wasn't in the room. Curtis was always a real person with feelings to you folks. You always put things in layman's terms for us and were by our side every inch of the way. I was a legal secretary myself and I have never seen a law firm like yours with so much compassion for your clients. Your lawyers are brilliant in negotiations and outstanding in your empathy for others.

L. Couvillon

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

We would like to thank you sincerely for all your efforts in helping my husband and family in the most time of need. From the first moment we met you, we felt confident and trusted you.

We thank you for fighting for our rights and giving us the strength to live day by day. Your compassion meant the world to us because knowing you were representing us, gave us a piece of mind so that I could focus on my husband's recovery. You provided my husband with the best rehabilitation team who gave him hope in having a future.

We also gratefully thank your senior law clerk, Barbara O'Gorman for truly being an amazing person. She gave me the strength to pull through. I can genuinely say that Barbara has always treated me as a friend rather than just a client. It was a relief to know that her assistance was available to me and my family whenever in need.

We would truly recommend you to anyone who has been involved in a car accident and requires excellent representation.

We are forever grateful.

L. & H. Hackembruch

Dear Leonard,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional work on my case for over 7 years.

Your honest and humble attitude not only makes you a trusted lawyer, but also an effective negotiator. If someone I know is in a similar situation, I will send them straight to Leonard Kunka.

Thank you and your staff for the hard work on my case.

L. Pelkey

You are the best lawyer in town!! We have appreciated you for all these years.

R. Pavlovic and T. Pavlovic

I would like to tell my story from the perspective of the man who loves the one who was injured. First i want to say that unless you have gone through the experience of seeing a loved one sustain a serious brain injury then it may be difficult to understand what both of us went through and still experience every day.

Louisa was driving back to university in Windsor on a Sunday afternoon when her car slid on an icy patch of roadway and spun around hitting a utility pole. The impact crumpled in the passenger side of her car up to her seat.

I got the phone call from the OPP at our home and rushed to the hospital. She remained in a coma for 3 weeks and although she would look at me from her bed she doesn't remember any part of that time. During that period i was encouraged by hospital staff to give as much thought stimulation to her as possible. I brought in family pictures and let her look at her favourite recipe cards to try to jog her memory.

Her accident occurred on Jan 23rd and she came out of the coma on Valentines Day Feb 14th exactly as some doctors had predicted. I was delighted every time she showed some glimmer of attention and single words until on Feb 14th just as I was about to leave the hospital for home she started to talk to me in earnest. The words were mostly unconnected like gibberish but I was excited and only left for home after she got tired that day. After that landmark day her speech and mobility gradually improved. Finally the day came when she could leave the hospital. We came home and I stayed with her until her mother arrived to care for her while I went back to work.

In January the next year she returned to her studies and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. She was an honours student before and her grades dropped but she still made it through. After that she went to several job interviews without success and tried one year of nursing training until she decided to stay at home.

Today she lives as normal a life as she can cook and garden in the summer. Because of the severity of her injury she has many characteristics that others would find not normal. She has trouble with balance, is quick to anger and often untrusting of others. As her husband I have gotten used to her little excesses that would not be easy for others to understand.

Through it all she received excellent care and attention from so many involved. The staff at Hamilton General hospital took good care of her and there were excellent people to help her after her release from the hospital.

In the beginning, without knowing who to contact I was advised to contact Thomson Rogers about her case and Leonard Kunka became her lawyer. Not only did he work very hard on her behalf all the way but he guided me to the best rehabilitation team she could have hoped for. The whole team including her physiotherapist, occupational therapist and neuropsych and were excellent both when she was still at home and then in Windsor. Through the whole process we couldn't have gotten a better case manager than in Kim Doogan. She worked tirelessly day after day until her final settlement was achieved.

How often Louisa and I have commented since, about the good fortune we had in getting these people to help her. But as much as these people were so good Leonard Kunka was I feel the best lawyer we could have had. He patiently listened to my concerns about Louisa in many meetings and always had a kind word and encouragement. When the final settlement for her was completed it was evident the long hours and effort he had made for us. For this I will be always grateful.

If my story sounds overly grateful then so be it. What was important to me was to have so many skilful people working so hard on Louisa's behalf. I had never experienced a loved one being injured and changed forever like that and I hope those reading don't in future ever have to experience the same.

M. Pelkey

Dear Richard,

Where do I begin to thank you for everything you've done for my family? You have spent the better part of seven years helping us through a very difficult time and tirelessly fighting for our cause. You persevered, even when we were ready to give up and more importantly, you negotiated a settlement larger than any of us anticipated or even thought possible. Because of this money, the quality of our daughter's life will be changed forever. She will now get exactly what she needs when she needs it. You made yourself readily available to us day or night and kindly helped us out with unrelated matters long after the agreement was signed. Richard, you are a man of ethics and principles and you truly care about your clients. You've single-handedly changed the course of our lives and you will never know just how much we value your expertise and professionalism. We feel very fortunate to have been represented by the best lawyer in town!! We thank you and the entire team at Thomson Rogers for working your magic.

With sincere gratitude,

A. Kanellos


Words cannot express our appreciation for your outstanding work on our behalf in the settlement of our recent action.

Your exceptional expertise and professionalism combined with your ardent passion are clearly evident in your pursuit of justice for your clients!

It was indeed a pleasure working with you throughout the past 4 years.

Thank you!

Mitri Family

Our family wishes to thank you, Richard, and your firm, for taking care of our case. We appreciate your professionalism, promptness, and also the kindness & love we felt from all staff at Thomson Rogers. Yesterday was two months since Wally went to the Lord. The circumstances will always hurt, but the settlement will help others because our family committed to donating 10% of the money to our favourite charities and helping others less fortunate. Today we will be donating to Colon Cancer Research since “Bayer” drugs is matching the donation.

Best Wishes,

The Zomer Family

I'd like to thank you for all of your efforts on my mom's behalf. We'd never had the need to make a claim before, so there was a lot to learn in the process of gathering the necessary information and the process of negotiation. Your guidance and patience throughout the process and explanations to all of our many questions certainly was a benefit to our understanding. Your persistence in making sure that the final closing was accomplished in a timely manner and to mom's benefit is much appreciated. I'd certainly recommend your services to others.

L. Davidson

This is to confirm that I obtained the services of Deanna Gilbert approximately two years ago. It was obvious to me at the outset that she was not only personable, but extremely organized, knowledgeable and eager to help.

From start to finish I never once felt the need to follow-up as I knew she was totally competent which proved to be true as my case ended better for me financially and sooner that I expected. All along she was open and very clear about my options and her recommendations. It was refreshing to deal with her in general.

I was indeed very satisfied with her services and would definitely hire her in the future should I require her assistance.

D. Welbourn

On behalf of our members, staff and Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Niagara please accept our thanks and appreciation for taking the time from your busy schedule to present at our annual conference. Also, please convey our sincere thanks to Thomson Rogers for the ongoing support of our association, and in acknowledgment of your corporate premium contribution of $8,000 that maximized our efforts to make this conference inclusive for individuals with brain injury and their families and caregivers at a subsidized rate, and sponsorship for our two featured keynotes: Dr. Abe Snaiderman and Lois McElravy, along with ensuring the overall quality of the conference.

Once again, thank you for your co-presentation that incorporated valuable insights with respect to the overview of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule with respect to the Accident Benefit Changes post September 1, 2010, and Guardianship Rights.

We consider it an honour and a privilege to have been able to include each of you in our stellar cast of presenters, and in acknowledgement of your dynamic joint presentation. Thanks to your combined efforts, in conjunction with Thomson Rogers, our conference was a tremendous success. Thanks again for your ongoing support of our association.

P. Dracup
Brain Injury Association of Niagara (BIAN)

Deanna, I would like to thank you at this time for all your legal advice and assistance pertaining to my car accident. Your legal knowledge in this field and persistence in dealing with my insurance company and the convicted driver was greatly appreciated.

You were able to pursue and obtain valuable information which lead to a successful conclusion of claims against both parties.

Once again your legal expertise and forcefulness ended with a timely and successful conclusion on my behalf.

Thank you for all your assistance.

C. Burger

Dear Deanna:

SUBJECT: BIAN Conference: “Making the Invisible . . . more Visible” – October 18, 2012

On behalf of our members, staff and Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Niagara, please accept our thanks and appreciation for taking the time from your busy schedule to once again present at our annual conference.

Deanna, thanks for your valued and informative contribution in association with the legal presentation with David Payne. Based on the data compiled from the evaluations, your joint presentation with David Payne was rated as excellent by an overwhelming 74% of the delegates who responded, while the remaining 26% respondents rated your session as very good. Some of the respondents comments with respect to the evaluation survey noted the following:

- found your workshop session very informative and current;
- were most appreciative of the legal handouts;
- found the classification on catastrophic injury on insured drivers to be the most valuable aspect of the conference.

Once again, thank you for your joint presentation that incorporated valuable insights with respect to Making the Invisible Catastrophic Brain Injury a Visible Catastrophic Designation. We consider it an honour and a privilege to have been able to include each of you in our stellar cast of presenters, and in acknowledgement of your dynamic and knowledgeable joint presentation. Thanks to your combined efforts, in conjunction with Thomson Rogers, our conference was a tremendous success. Thanks again for your ongoing support of our association.

We are in the process of reconstructing our website and appropriate acknowledgement will be forthcoming in the near future. Please convey our sincere gratitude to the partners at Thomson Rogers for their ongoing support of our association.

P. Dracup
Brain Injury Association of Niagara

Dear Deanna,

I would like to express my sincere appreciate and gratitude for your experience and hard work towards obtaining my settlement. Your guidance thru out always helped me to realize that this was the proper route to take.


I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the handling of my recent litigation case. At first, I must admit that the entire process regarding litigation felt very intimidating and overwhelming, but you and your assistant Jennifer, from the very beginning, made sure that I and my husband understood the process, informed us of the importance of the process and explained every step in the process. The one element that was most important to us was, when we did have a question, all we had to do was call. Any questions were responded to in a timely manor, by yourself or your assistant, Jennifer. In this day and age, it is nice to see that client service is forefront with you, your team and Thomson Rogers.

In conclusion, I was very pleased with the level of service provided by you. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family if your services were require by anyone I know.


For a year and a half following my accident I really wasn’t sure what to do or how to proceed. My injuries were not improving and I was becoming very concerned. I knew I needed advice and help but I didn’t know where to start or who to turn to. Listening to the countless radio commercials promoting personal injury lawyers seemed to make it worse as they all sounded the same to me.

If there is anything positive to come out of the life changing events as the result of my car accident it was having the good fortune of being referred to Ian Furlong.

From our first conversation I felt extremely at ease. I knew I was dealing with a down to earth compassionate professional, someone with integrity, and a sound knowledge of his craft.

Ian understands that the whole legal process could be daunting to the client especially since you are not feeling well. He truly has a gift of taking complicated legal matters and breaking them down into small and simple easy to understand terms. Ian does this with the utmost respect, patience, understanding and empathy.

Ian is always available and ready to listen and offer sound advice and a kind word or two. The team and staff at Thomson Rogers are also extremely thorough, professional and polite.

My experience with Ian from our initial meeting to the present has truly been a blessing to me.

If you are not sure where to turn or who to talk to about your personal injury, call Ian, he will listen.

With complete confidence I would highly recommend Ian Furlong to all my family and friends and I am truly proud to say that he is my lawyer and friend.

D. Trigiani

Dear Mr. Furlong,

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for handling my case with the utmost efficiency, professionalism and care. Your expertise and guidance provided me with a sound support system during such a trying time, ultimately allowing me to feel comfort and confidence throughout the mediation process.

Ian, your knowledge of the law, legal process and the individuality of your clients is clearly impeccable. Your consideration and dedication rendered a more than satisfactory settlement during a difficult time following my accident.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend the services of yourself and the Thomson Rogers firm as you are a very diligent, thoughtful and supportive team. Very many thanks to Dianne Bregg who was always ready with an answer to any question! I can’t thank you both for your kindness and support throughout this process.

Best wishes for 2014!

With much gratitude,

M. Colacicco

I don't know what I would have done without Ian and his team. After my car accident, I was very distraught and wasn't sure how I could provide for my family while I was recovering.

After briefly speaking with Ian on the phone, he came right to my house the next day to talk. He made me feel confident that I could recover without worrying about my bills and other financial commitments.

He got me in touch with some of the best doctors in Toronto to ensure that I was back to 100% as soon as possible. He kept me up to date with everything and always explained it in a clear, honest way. I will forever be grateful to Ian and everyone at Thomson Rogers; my quality of life has improved significantly because of his hard work.

B. Callanan

Cantonese Testimonial translated:

My name is Jenny Lu, a single mother. My son - - David Tan unfortunately was injured as a result of a motor vehicle car accident five years ago which had a huge impact on both his life and growth, and my personal life in every aspect. But, I have still been taking care of him without any regrets and complaints. The most important thing was that I was so fortunate that I met with those great people and was referred to and retained two outstanding lawyers - Mr. David F. MacDonald and Mr. Ian W.K. Furlong. These two great lawyers and all their clerks and staff at Thomson Rogers made every effort to help us and settled our claim for pain and suffering damages to the maximum settlement amount from the insurance company. With this hefty settlement amount, David and I will be financially secure for the rest of our lives.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to extend my greatest appreciation to Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Furlong and all the wonderful clerks and staff at Thomson Rogers. I can't find words to describe my heart-felt thanks to all of you wonderful lawyers, clerks and staff. I wish you all do well in every aspect of your life! In the end, I will surely recommend Thomson Rogers and the two great lawyers named above and all the wonderful clerks and staff to my friends and relatives and my acquaintances in the future.

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jenny Lu

Craig Brown and Stacey L. Stevens from Thomson Rogers from the initial meeting till the end of the full duration of the case were extremely supportive and helpful. It is the first time we have ever encountered such an event in our lifetime and the whole ordeal at first felt surreal, nerve racking, and set our minds in a state of panic and confusion. As we have never dealt with taking legal action against another party. Having Craig Brown represent us was the best thing that happened as his knowledge, experience and professionalism helped us understand the direction that we needed to take for the case. As a client of Craig Brown and Stacey Stevens we felt at ease as their care for their clients is reflected in their work by the constant follow-ups, feedbacks and suggestions.

It is our greatest gratitude that Thomson Rogers represented us on our dog attack case. Not only did we receive the professionalism, knowledge and experience the fee structure offered was very reasonable for the care in detail they put into my case. The doctors recommended were friendly, helpful and understanding which assisted in our road to recovery.

Craig Brown and Stacey Stevens, patience and professionalism made what could have been a very difficult and emotional experience for us much easier to approach. We would gladly recommend Thomson Rogers to anybody looking for exceptional legal services.

M. and S. Wong

Na- Me- Res would like to say CHI-MIIGWETCH! - (Thank you in Ojibway)

To Thomson Rogers:

(Alan Farrer, Craig Brown, Darcy Merkur, Marcia Schmitt)

Through your generous donation at this time of year, Na- Me- Res is able to provide much needed items to over 222 clients we serve through our Programs and Services offered at our Men’s shelter—14 Vaughan Road; our Youth Shelter- 26 Vaughan Road, as well as the clients in our Outreach Services Department assisted on the streets. Your donation goes along way in providing Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.

Glad Tidings and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!!!!!

Na- Me- Res


I went down on Sept 20th, 2007, and applied for my residential school compensation for common experience for the five years I spent in the St Philips Residential School in Keeseekoose Saskatchewan.

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work yourself, Darcy Merkur, Alan Farrer and others in your firm put into ending one of Canada's most tragic legacies. I truly believe, (as a person who was on hand to see the day to day dealing with the federal government), that without your firm's relentless pursuit to end this legal and often painful experience, that it may not have been settled. You and your firm should take a bow and pat yourselves on the back for a great job well done.

So again, I want to thank you and your firm for all you have done on behalf of us survivors. Many don't realize the work your company put into settling this issue.

B. J. Quewezance
Residential School Survivor 1965-1969 St Philips Residential School

Dear Craig,

I am writing to thank you for doing a great job representing me in my personal injury suit. You and your associates (Carmen Spano and Stacey Stevens) were always professional, understanding and pro-active in moving my claim forward towards a settlement.

I was never disappointed with my decision to have you represent me. You achieved a settlement I am very happy with. The best part is, I did not have to go to court.

I would highly recommend Thomson Rogers to anyone wanting professional help in settling a personal injury claim.

M. Betz

Craig, Stacey, Carmen & Staff,

Your professionalism, empathy and friendly approach have made a devastating experience much easier to bear.

R. & J. McCardell

Dear Craig,

You have my heartfelt appreciation for taking on my case so many years ago, and for standing by me, standing up for me, and ultimately standing victorious!

M. Pedersen

Dear Craig and the TR Team,

What a relief!...The Battle is over! (but the war on spinal cord injuries continues!!).

We have been blessed to have such dogmatic people fight for us.

There is nothing we can say or give to you all that would be great enough to express our deep appreciation for all your efforts over the years.

K. Whelan and Family

Dear Craig,

I know that my file is not completely closed - Carmen is still working on a few outstanding issues. But I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance.

Were it not for you, I would never have been able to have undertaken this action & seen it through to completion. Your quiet & supportive conviction that I did have a case and your continuing encouragement gave me the confidence to move ahead.

I also can't say enough about your staff, Carmen & Shelley were (& are) just outstanding!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Summer.

M. Barr

I wish to congratulate you and your staff for your diligent efforts in finally achieving closure regarding the Farm Mutual Financial Services Inc. claim. I am very grateful for your involvement, it could not have come at a more opportune time for me. Cudos to you all.

I most certainly will keep your name on file should I ever be faced with a similar situation.

E. J. Eaton

Dear Craig:

I wanted to thank you for your work on the ___ file.

As you are aware, the case had a lengthy history and we were very pleased to see it finally resolved. I don't believe we would have been able to obtain the results that we did without the benefit of your knowledge, experience, and excellent work on this case. Please also extend my sincere thanks to the other members of your team and in particular, to Shelly Zachodniak, for her work and professionalism.

It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you on this case and I hope we have the opportunity to do so again.

Yours truly,

Ramani Nadarajah

On behalf of myself, Tracy, and my family I want to thank you, Carmen, Shelley, Michelle, and the rest of the team involved in my case for the effort and support over the years. We are extremely pleased with the results of the settlement and are grateful to have had such wonderful representation.

S. Flatt

Debbie and I are grateful to you and all of the members of Thomson Rogers who worked diligently on Debbie's behalf for your hard work, compassion and patience.

We would like to thank you, Stacey Stevens, Joe Pileggi, Carmen Spano, Shelley Zachodniak, Jennifer McIntyre, and the many others who helped us get through this difficult time.

I know it was a difficult and complicated case as Debbie, my sister, was disabled with MS at the time of the accident and only became more so afterwards. You showed our family a great deal of understanding while we were trying to pick up the pieces of our lives.

So, now because of your tireless work we are financially able to help Debbie with the ongoing needs for her life which are many.

Above all, you were professional, caring, and kind to our family when you had to field many phone calls from all of us and worked very hard to handle so many details on Debbie's behalf.

We will definitely recommend you and Thomson Rogers to others who may need your services.

Thank you so much!

Cheryl K.

Hi Stacey/Craig

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your support and hard work in making a tough situation better.

The last 6+ years have been very difficult for me and my family. I met with three law firms before meeting with yours but realized after our first meeting that I didn't need to look any farther. We were recommended to your firm through one of my wife's friends. You helped us through a difficult time and I don't believe I could have asked for a better outcome. Your team is top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know needing superior counsel in future. They say don't hate the players hate the game. The game (the legal process) I hate. Thankfully I secured the best team. Time for me to move forward but we will never forget the support you have provided us to make that possible. Please thank your team on our behalf.

With sincere thanks,

M. Tompsett

I wanted to write you a note and tell you how grateful my family is for your services.

On behalf of my family we just really want to say a huge Thank you to you for everything that you have done for us. You may see my Uncle’s case as minimal work but it was so much more than that for us. I hope that you realize that you are a huge part in the healing process for many survivors. Your kindness, understanding and patience and many other qualities is what makes it easy for the survivors to be able to open up to you. Some may say that you have a gift at what you do and maybe that’s just who you are as a person, but in any manner it’s what makes this process special.

Again, Thank You, Stephen. I can almost say with certainty that we will never forget you and what you’ve done for us.

Yours truly,

Allison B. & Family

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did. Words cannot express the deep appreciation for the work you have done, you are the best and God bless.

Peter and Nimfa

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your help and assistance in resolving my case!

You were super fast and always on top of everything!

Wishing you further success!

Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,

Ksenia O.

My late husband John was involved in the class action against the makers of Permax. I wanted to let you know that I received the settlement cheque today and am very grateful for everything that you did to make this happen. I just wish that my husband could have lived to see this. He was very happy when Stephen talked to him just before he died to let him know that the money would be forthcoming.Stephen was very kind to us, and I would like to thank him as well for everything that he did for us. It was a pleasure working with him, Darcy and all those at Thomson Rogers.


Dear Stephan Birman,

Congratulations and thank you very much for a job well done. I'm very grateful to you and your staff. I'll pray for you and your health.

Thank you so much and god bless you.


Dear Stephen Birman,

A mere Thank You seems so inadequate after the countless hours you and your staff have spent ensuring someone such as myself got a fair shake.

For this I will be forever grateful.

Thank you so very much.

Mona T.

Dear Stephen,

Just want to say again, how grateful I am for the work you did in pursuing my claim for my accident this May.

Thomson and Rogers came highly recommended but I didn't expect the level of service I received.

I truly felt like you took a personal interest in my case and were always courteous, thorough and attentive. I always received an immediate response to all my queries. I also appreciated that you took the time to explain each step in the process to me.

Most of all I am impressed with the amount I was awarded, which speaks to your ability as a negotiator.

I would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

With much gratitude,

Barbara B.

Having had the misfortune of suffering personal injuries for reasons beyond my control on two separate occasions over the last few years, I had the good fortune of retaining the law firm Thomson Rogers to look after my interests.

The gentlemen who handled my cases, Mr. Darcy Merkur in the first instance, Mr. Stephen Birman in the second, were exemplary in their support and professionalism, and obtained results beyond my expectations. I could not have been in better hands!

H.H. Bremer, PhD

Dear Stephen Birman,

Thank you for your help with my claim settlement. It was much appreciated.

You were good to deal with and kept me well informed.

I highly recommend you to future clients.

Irene M.

Dear Mr.Birman and Colleagues,

I really don`t know how to thank you for all your hard work and all the challenges you had in order to resolve this claim.

ALL I KNOW IS, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for hanging in there with me for the past 10 years. It has been a long, long road for me and many, many hardships, but I always had faith in you and your law firm.

Thanks to you and your firm, I can close this awful chapter in my life and move on. My children and siblings thank you as well. If my brother-in-law Chief Justice Donald Krueger of Saskatchewan was still alive( deceased May 2007) he would say, Well Done.

I have requested a copy of my file only for my benefit, I do not want to appeal or anything. I just want the so needed Validation of the terrible effects this drug had on my life and my dignity.

Once again, thank you. I will be forever grateful. (As it will be my 70th birthday on May 14,2015, I could not have asked for a better present.)

Marlene K.

Dear Michael Bennett,

On behalf of the Physical Therapy class of 2010 at the University of Toronto, I would like to thank you for taking the time to present your lecture about Business and Practice Management on September 1, 2009. This content will be very important to us during our clinical placements and subsequent career in Physical Therapy because legal matters play a crucial role in many injuries and accidents. We enjoyed your enthusiasm for the topic and your presentation of the information was interesting and engaging. We appreciate your expertise which helped us grasp the content with ease.

T. Hunter

Dear Mr. Bennett,

On behalf of the Physical Therapy Department and the students we would like to thank you for participating in Unit 5, the Neurological Physical Therapy component of the professional master's curriculum. Your lecture on Business & Resource Management: Legal Issues was extremely interesting and well-received by the students. The students appreciated the presentation, commenting on the relevance of the content, especially as they embark on their journey into clinical practice.

We recognize the time and effort involved in preparing and delivering such lectures and would like to add that your contribution was a valuable part of the learning experience in Unit 5. It is the participation of dedicated and highly skilled professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds that makes the Unit a success.

Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

A. Tang and K. Moody

Today is the seventh anniversary of my accident. I reflect often on a most fortunate recovery, particularly as this time of year must weigh heavily on the driver who caused the event & lost her mother. I am sure my survival was due to the quick action of an off duty policeman & the help he was able to summons. I have no recollection of the jaws of life only a face at my window giving encouragement, the helicopter from highway 89 to Sunnybrook is vague as was the signing of a consent to operate & the ten days hooked up to a lung machine & my many shattered bones. My arrival at the wonderful St. Johns, I suspect, was due in part to the very nice case worker who got me there & also retrieved my jewelry. I would like to have properly thanked them both.

I was well looked after - a nice roommate, excellent care as well as continual support from fellow Anglicans plus many other good friends who visited, setting up bridge games & a fun 75th birthday party. Fortunately, this enabled me to truly accept the things I could not change & get on with the rigor of exercises, mental & physical this still took three months mostly in a wheel chair. My kids laughed that “only their mother would take that long to drive from The Blue Mts. to Toronto”. I had three more months of sleeping in my dining room & being monitored by care givers daily, with lots of physiotherapy. Like most happenings in my life I felt totally responsible for my well being & accepted the challenge, our fine health care system can do just so much.

I am truly grateful for these past seven years particularly as I was able to get back to driving, which is one of my main volunteer functions to-day.

This past May I broke my hip (my 12th fracture) while convening a coffee hour at church, once again I was lucky with immediate surgery, home within the week & managed to enjoy my already planned Holland American trip to The Yukon & Alaska in August.

So thank you for all your efforts on my behalf have not forgotten Barbara & Michael & do appreciate the opportunity you provided to express my gratitude.

Sincere best wishes for 2012 & future success.

E. Ross

I was seriously injured in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident in 2008. I was hospitalized for approximately two months. I had crushed leg, bowel and pelvic and I was in very much pain with bandage changes. Upon my return home I had nursing care every day.

During my trip to Hamilton General I was provided with the name of Thomson Rogers which I contacted. Michael Bennett returned my call and met me at my home. He took my case and what an amazing lawyer he is. Barbara O’Gorman at Thomson Rogers took care of most of my case, and she was a life saver.

I was considered non-catastrophic when Thomson Rogers took over my case. At the end of 2 years, after going to be assessed by the medical experts that Thomson Rogers organized, with my lawyer’s help, I was eventually declared catastrophic.

Barbara O’Gorman arranged for an amazing rehabilitation team to work with me and to ensure that I was getting the best physiotherapy, occupational, case management, medical, psychological, rehabilitation support worker, and attendant care.

Michael Bennett was able to get me an excellent settlement in less than 3 years. Now I own my own home, and, I have structured settlement cheques coming in every month.

I still struggle with pain and bowl problems but I do feel without Thomson Rogers, I would not be where I am today.

They were a ‘godsend’. Thank you, Thomson Rogers and especially Michael Bennett and Barbara O’Gorman.

J. Harner

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you, and the entire team for the exemplary services you have provided me. Your services are very commendable and are sincerely appreciated.

Thanks again and all the best.

V. Cayabyab

Hi Ian,

I was so excited to hear that they offered a settlement to end this lawsuit . . . that I think I forgot to thank you for all that you and ALL your colleagues including Karen Hampton have done for me over the years. I am extremely thankful to have had such a wonderful experience with your firm, especially after being let down by my previous lawyer. You guys have my best recommendation for sure. Thanks VERY much for everything, Ian.

J. LaBelle

We want you to know how fortunate we are to have such a fine team representing us.

The accident certainly changed my lifestyle in a hurry! However it was so much easier to deal with knowing that your firm was so involved in looking after our interests.

Thanks again for doing such a fine job and caring so much.

E. Chatten and R. Chatten

Brain Injury Association of Niagara Conference 2016: "Demystifying Brain Injury" | October 27, 2016

On behalf of our members, staff and Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Niagara, please accept our thanks and appreciation for taking the time from your busy schedule to one again present at our biennial conference, on the topic of "Catastrophic SABS Amendments: How Catastrophic Are They?" Also, please convey our sincere thanks to Thomson Rogers for their many years of support, and to acknowledge and confirm receipt of Thomson Rogers' corporate premium sponsorship of $9,000. Thomson Rogers' premier sponsorship maximized our efforts to ensure the high calibre of presenters, including Thomson Rogers' sponsorship of our keynote speaker, Dr. Abraham Snaiderman. Additionally, your corporate sponsorship afforded us the opportunity to continue to ensure that this conference was inclusive for individuals with brain injury and their families and caregivers at a subsidized rate, and also, sponsorship for our luncheon buffet. Thomson Rogers' Platinum Sponsorship also afforded us the privilege of ensuring the overall quality of the conference.

David, thanks for your valued contribution and for coordinating your legal presentation with Adam Tanel. Based on the data compiled from the evaluations, your co-presentation was rated as excellent by an overwhelming 76% of the delegates who responded, while the remaining 24 percentile of respondents rate your session as very good. Some of the respondents' comments with respect to the evaluation survey noted the following: found your workshop session the most informative/helpful aspect of overall presentations, found your presentation on the SAB changes to be the most valuable element of the conference; and respondents were very appreciative of the individual booklets distributed respective to the SABS keynote.

Once again, thank you for your superb, detailed and insightful co-presentation with Adam Tanel that incorporated valuable measures and demystifying aspects with respect to the SABS amendments, and highlighting the 3 major changes relevant to brain injury victims, and related ramifications for both victims and treatment providers.

Also, David, please know that we consider it an honour and a privilege to have been able to include you, and Adam Tanel, as one of our most dynamic and knowledgeable presenters.

Thanks to your effort, in conjunction with Thomson Rogers, our conference was a tremendous success. Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for the many years BIAN has benefitted from your support of our association. Please convey our sincere gratitude to the partners at Thomson Rogers for their valued support of our association over the course of many years. Once again, congratulations also to Thomson Rogers in acknowledgement of your 80th anniversary!

Yours truly,

Pat Dracup
Brain Injury Association of Niagara (BIAN)

Hi Darcy,

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you, Len, and the entire team for the exemplary services you have provided me. Your services are very commendable and are sincerely appreciated.

V. Cayabyab