On Dec. 6th, 2011, my wife's car was T–Boned by an over-speeding SUV. The Impact was so bad that paramedics had to pull her out unconscious. She suffered many medical complications including loss of hearing and broken collar bone, etc. The professional skilled surgeon at Toronto Western General Hospital Dr. Ramprasad had to insert metal plate and screws to hold her collar bone. Thomson Rogers was highly recommended by very close professional contacts and we are very happy we hired them. From the beginning, Ian Furlong, a very skilled professional, confident and responsive lawyer and his team handled the case with patience and truthfulness until the end. They had to fight off the bully insurance company whose only task was to delay settlement and waste money on tests that were not justified nor needed. Ian Furlong and his team made sure I received the best possible outcome despite the insurance company throwing unnecessary hurdles. Also, Ian Furlong’s analytical, mediation and judgement were very excellent to deal with. We would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Lawyers and Ian Furlong for any Injuries as they are the best of the best. Nobody can beat them from our personal experience.

Alnoor K.

The trauma of having sustained an injury through no fault of your own can be an overwhelming burden on daily life. It is with great fortune that I was referred to Ian Furlong of Thomson Rogers, Personal Injury Lawyers, whom I retained for representation. Mr. Furlong has successfully navigated my claim against the responsible parties for my injury that has resulted in a substantial and rewarding settlement. I couldn’t be happier with the prompt, conscientious, and professional manner in which Ian and his office staff have conducted their efforts in representing my claim. Not only did Mr. Furlong meet the challenges of such a claim, he was able to inject levity with his “personal humour,” empathy for my predicament, and most importantly, respect for all parties to the case. I would highly recommend Ian to any and all victims of innocent personal injury and would expect no other outcome than success. Thank you, Ian!

D. Young

We, unfortunately, needed the services of a personal injury lawyer. My wife was seriously injured in an accident and it has changed our lives forever. This is what brought us to Ian Furlong, David MacDonald and all the wonderful people at Thomson Rogers. Personal injury cases are challenging things to have to go through. Sure, it can be easy and over quickly if you go with what I call "back of the bus lawyers", but you will not get the outcome you deserve. You need a trial lawyer to fight for you and the team at Thomson Rogers did that for us. I'm sorry if you find yourself looking for a personal injury lawyer, but we couldn't be happier with the care and people at Thomson Rogers.

Den Lebeau

Having Thomson Rogers represent me made me feel secure and safe, knowing that they would do everything they could to ensure my case was successful. I felt that I had sufficient support and protection throughout the years during my lawsuit. David MacDonald, Ian Furlong and Barbara O'Gorman made sure that my recovery was smooth and they did everything they could to make sure I would have a bright future. I have to thank Mr. MadDonald, Mr. Furlong and Ms. O'Gorman for representing me and helping restore my life to what it was originally, as well as ensuring that I would have support in the years to come.

C. Lam

My name is Lisa, I was involved in a horrific car accident where I fractured my pelvis and injured my knee. The car accident also affected my memory which changed me and my family's life forever. Thomson Rogers helped me through a very rough time and provided me with the legal knowledge to obtain monies for my family since I was no longer able to work due to the accident. My lawyer Ian Furlong became like family to me. I was able to speak to him whenever I needed to and he always had time to lend a listening ear, always returned my phone calls and was always very supportive. If you have been affected by a car accident or need legal advice, Thomson Rogers is where I suggest seeking legal guidance from.

Lisa F.

For a year and a half following my accident I really wasn’t sure what to do or how to proceed. My injuries were not improving and I was becoming very concerned. I knew I needed advice and help but I didn’t know where to start or who to turn to. Listening to the countless radio commercials promoting personal injury lawyers seemed to make it worse as they all sounded the same to me.

If there is anything positive to come out of the life changing events as the result of my car accident it was having the good fortune of being referred to Ian Furlong.

From our first conversation I felt extremely at ease. I knew I was dealing with a down to earth compassionate professional, someone with integrity, and a sound knowledge of his craft.

Ian understands that the whole legal process could be daunting to the client especially since you are not feeling well. He truly has a gift of taking complicated legal matters and breaking them down into small and simple easy to understand terms. Ian does this with the utmost respect, patience, understanding and empathy.

Ian is always available and ready to listen and offer sound advice and a kind word or two. The team and staff at Thomson Rogers are also extremely thorough, professional and polite.

My experience with Ian from our initial meeting to the present has truly been a blessing to me.

If you are not sure where to turn or who to talk to about your personal injury, call Ian, he will listen.

With complete confidence I would highly recommend Ian Furlong to all my family and friends and I am truly proud to say that he is my lawyer and friend.

D. Trigiani

Dear Mr. Furlong,

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for handling my case with the utmost efficiency, professionalism and care. Your expertise and guidance provided me with a sound support system during such a trying time, ultimately allowing me to feel comfort and confidence throughout the mediation process.

Ian, your knowledge of the law, legal process and the individuality of your clients is clearly impeccable. Your consideration and dedication rendered a more than satisfactory settlement during a difficult time following my accident.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend the services of yourself and the Thomson Rogers firm as you are a very diligent, thoughtful and supportive team. Very many thanks to Dianne Bregg who was always ready with an answer to any question! I can’t thank you both for your kindness and support throughout this process.

Best wishes for 2014!

With much gratitude,

M. Colacicco

I don't know what I would have done without Ian and his team. After my car accident, I was very distraught and wasn't sure how I could provide for my family while I was recovering.

After briefly speaking with Ian on the phone, he came right to my house the next day to talk. He made me feel confident that I could recover without worrying about my bills and other financial commitments.

He got me in touch with some of the best doctors in Toronto to ensure that I was back to 100% as soon as possible. He kept me up to date with everything and always explained it in a clear, honest way. I will forever be grateful to Ian and everyone at Thomson Rogers; my quality of life has improved significantly because of his hard work.

B. Callanan

Cantonese Testimonial translated:

My name is Jenny Lu, a single mother. My son - - David Tan unfortunately was injured as a result of a motor vehicle car accident five years ago which had a huge impact on both his life and growth, and my personal life in every aspect. But, I have still been taking care of him without any regrets and complaints. The most important thing was that I was so fortunate that I met with those great people and was referred to and retained two outstanding lawyers - Mr. David F. MacDonald and Mr. Ian W.K. Furlong. These two great lawyers and all their clerks and staff at Thomson Rogers made every effort to help us and settled our claim for pain and suffering damages to the maximum settlement amount from the insurance company. With this hefty settlement amount, David and I will be financially secure for the rest of our lives.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to extend my greatest appreciation to Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Furlong and all the wonderful clerks and staff at Thomson Rogers. I can't find words to describe my heart-felt thanks to all of you wonderful lawyers, clerks and staff. I wish you all do well in every aspect of your life! In the end, I will surely recommend Thomson Rogers and the two great lawyers named above and all the wonderful clerks and staff to my friends and relatives and my acquaintances in the future.

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jenny Lu

Hi Ian,

I was so excited to hear that they offered a settlement to end this lawsuit . . . that I think I forgot to thank you for all that you and ALL your colleagues including Karen Hampton have done for me over the years. I am extremely thankful to have had such a wonderful experience with your firm, especially after being let down by my previous lawyer. You guys have my best recommendation for sure. Thanks VERY much for everything, Ian.

J. LaBelle