Dear Mr. Payne:

I would like to thank you for representing me. It has been a very long four years. Your support and encouragement were crucial in getting me through this nightmare. Both you and Ms. Running have always been very professional yet compassionate and caring throughout this ordeal. It is very obvious that you don't do this just for the money; you genuinely care about the clients you represent. You have always been available to answer my questions and have kept me informed about the progress of my case. When I had difficulty expressing myself due to the brain injury you never once made me feel that I was stupid or talked down to me. You and Ms. Running have always treated me with the greatest respect. Whenever there was an issue with the insurance company, and there were many, you dealt with it promptly and the issue was taken care of. You were very aware of the affect that the numerous insurance requests for assessments had on me and you worked hard to minimize them. It means a lot to me that as this dragged on your faith in me didn't waver and you continued to fight for me until we reached a settlement. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who will be in need of your services.

Thank you.

R. Hardy